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This page is a loving tribute to my grandmother, the person who got me started on my family history journey. I wish this information had been accessible to her, but she was born too early (and died too early).

Genealogy: My interest in family history has its roots in my early childhood. My grandmother ("Gram") often mentioned to me that I am "German, English, Slavic, Irish and French." It seemed important to her that I know that. The German side of her family came from a mysterious place called "Prussia." Prussia might as well have been Atlantis because there is nothing more fascinating than coming from a place that no longer exists. For years, I wondered about Prussia. I never knew much about it, and I never forgot it.

Sad Day - In 1981, I was taking a college class, Finance 101. Dad came into the classroom. I knew that meant something horrible had happened. Gram was in intensive care. We went to the hospital. I watched while she appeared to be sleeping, struggling with each breath. Her breathing sounded so very wrong to me. I knew she was not going to recover. I held her hand as she managed to whisper a few words to me. She told me that when she got out of the hospital she was going to show me how the hospital served cottage cheese with fruit and that I would really like that. I guess that was her way of saying goodbye. She died a few hours later. I never did try the cottage cheese/fruit combination.

There was no traditional funeral, no gravestone to visit. She was cremated and her ashes were scattered, the location a secret. That was what she wanted. Her body was donated to science. I often wondered if I would ever encounter someone wearing her eyes.

Gram passed away at the age of 69, after many years of suffering with a heart condition, kidney condition, and a wide assortment of other ailments related to it. She left behind many people with holes in their hearts, and she took with her all the "secrets" of the family passed on before her. Some of these secrets, she had been more than willing to share (if we were willing to listen); others, were far too difficult to ever mention.

Years passed and I married and began raising a family of my own. In the back of my mind, I never forgot what Gram had said about Prussia. There was always a curiosity about it. So it began, in the year 2000 - the search for my family history!

Experts say to begin with what you know and work backward through time. I feel fortunate to have known all four of my grandparents and two of my great-grandparents. Unfortunately, it was too late to ask them all the questions that now came to mind. I didn't know much about genealogy, but I knew quite a bit about computers. I didn't want to get hooked into a monthly subscription to a genealogy web site, feeling strongly that history should be free because it belongs to all of us. I tried using software packages, but felt restricted by them. So, I created my own web site to publish my family history. I began tracing Gram's line, starting with her Dad, in hopes of finding those Prussians I had heard about long ago.

NOTE: I am NOT a doctor and this is NOT medical advice. This is my story! Please consult your doctor and do your own research in deciding what is best for you.

Around 2010, along came my own health issues, starting with the high blood pressure that I watched my grandmother suffer with for so many years. There are many ways in which I would like to be just like my grandmother, but this is not one of them. My doctor told me that I would have to take pills for the rest of my life. Relunctantly, I began my treatment because I felt I had no choice; but, it never seemed like a solution to me.

YES! - In 2015, I stumbled upon the idea of diet and lifestyle changes and my entire world began to change. I do NOT miss having high blood pressure. I do NOT miss asthma. I do NOT miss having seasonal allergies. I feel better today than I did 10 years ago! I owe it all to the information I found listed below. Most of my family has now adopted a healthier diet and lifestyle and they are with me on this incredible journey. Here we go! Please join us, if you're interested. Add your family to our site. Enjoy genealogy. Enjoy life. Don't end up as an ancestor on this site!

The videos, information, and products listed below are a start. I hope to describe each of them in more detail SOON! NOTE: Like me, this is a work in progress...

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