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Father's side of the family
Mother's side of the family

Grave has been locatedflag photo of ancestor  Carl "Charles" Theodore BLESSING
9 November 1861 - 26 March 1927)

Grave has been locatedflag photo of ancestor  Frances Mary (Fannie) MESICK
(August 1860 - May 1931)

immigrant flag photo of ancestor  Friedrich Christoph BLESSING (BLEßING)
(15 April 1824 - bet. 1884-1886)

Ancestor is complete!Grave has been locatedimmigrant flag photo of ancestor  Caroline Henrietta THEUNERT
(15 June 1834 - 18 June 1903)


flag male ancestor Johann Karl Gottlieb THEUNERT
(29 September 1792 -
19 May 1838)

Grave has been locatedimmigrant flag photo of ancestor  Johanna Rosalie MÄNNIG
(abt. 1795 -
9 May 1863)

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