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List of Ancestors whose Last Name (Surname) (Family Name) begins with Sai

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flag  Jonathan SAIISBURY (31 December 1727,Glocester, Rhode Island, USA (West Glocester) (Chepachet) (Harmony) - bet. 1755-1757,Scituate, Rhode Island, USA)
(Jonathan SALISBURY & Sarah WHIPPLE)

flag  Benedick SAILE (21 March 1799,, Germany (German States) (German Empire) - 14 May 1876,Columbus, Ohio, USA)

flag  Françoise SAINDON (abt. 1739,, Acadia, Canada (Acadie) - ,)
(Michel SAINDON & Marie Yvette GODIN)
flag  Jean-Baptiste SAINDON (7 April 1776,Kamouraska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Louis) (Saint-Alexandre) (Sainte-Hélène) - 29 August 1848,Cacouna, Quebec, Canada)
(Pierre SAINDON & Marguerite OUELLET)
flag  Judith SAINDON (16 October 1778,Kamouraska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Louis) (Saint-Alexandre) (Sainte-Hélène) - 20 January 1847,Cacouna, Quebec, Canada)
(Pierre SAINDON & Marguerite OUELLET)
flag  Lucie SAINDON (10 June 1774,Kamouraska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Louis) (Saint-Alexandre) (Sainte-Hélène) - 14 February 1854,Cacouna, Quebec, Canada)
(Pierre SAINDON & Marguerite OUELLET)
flag  Marie-Anne SAINDON (14 February 1790,L'Isle-Verte, Québec, Canada (Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-l'Isle-Verte) - 8 June 1868,Cacouna, Quebec, Canada)
(Pierre SAINDON & Marguerite OUELLET)
immigrant flag  Michel SAINDON (2 December 1715,Bretagne, France (Brittany) - 23 October 1780,Kamouraska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Louis) (Saint-Alexandre) (Sainte-Hélène))
flag  Modeste SAINDON (20 August 1782,L'Isle-Verte, Québec, Canada (Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-l'Isle-Verte) - 8 February 1811,L'Isle-Verte, Québec, Canada (Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-l'Isle-Verte))
(Pierre SAINDON & Marguerite OUELLET)
Acadian Exile - Grand Derangement flag  Pierre SAINDON (abt. 1748,, Acadia, Canada (Acadie) - 5 June 1799,L'Isle-Verte, Québec, Canada (Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-l'Isle-Verte))
(Michel SAINDON & Marie Yvette GODIN)
flag  Pierre SAINDON (7 December 1772,Kamouraska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Louis) (Saint-Alexandre) (Sainte-Hélène) - 27 September 1841,Cacouna, Quebec, Canada)
(Pierre SAINDON & Marguerite OUELLET)

flag  Catherine SAINTARD (21 December 1653,, France - ,)

Sainte-Marie dit Marsil
flag  Marie-Louise SAINTE-MARIE dite MARSIL (10 November 1769,La Prairie, Québec, Canada (St-Philippe) (St-Jean-François-Régis) - ,)

flag  Hector-Denis SAINT-PIERRE (24 December 1906,Coaticook, Québec, Canada - 14 April 1988,Magog, Quebec, Canada) gravestone

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