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List of Ancestors whose Last Name (Surname) (Family Name) begins with Ria

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immigrant flag  Albert-Alphonse RIANG (17 May 1881,Hegenheim, Haut-Rhin, Alsace, France (Hégenheim) - aft. 1953,, United States (USA) (American Colonies))
(Johann RIANG & Marie-Anna FRANTZ)
flag  Catherine Mary RIANG (1908,, Rhode Island, USA - 27 July 1909,Providence, Rhode Island, USA)
(Albert-Alphonse RIANG & Catherine Veronica MURPHY)
flag  Helen Catherine RIANG (18 July 1909,, Rhode Island, USA - 3 December 1993,Palm Beach, Florida, USA)
(Albert-Alphonse RIANG & Catherine Veronica MURPHY)
flag  Johann RIANG (? August ?,Hegenheim, Haut-Rhin, Alsace, France (Hégenheim) - ,)
flag  Marie Louise RIANG (1907,, Rhode Island, USA - 20 April 1915,Bristol, Rhode Island, USA)
(Albert-Alphonse RIANG & Catherine Veronica MURPHY)
flag  Unknown RIANG (26 August 1918,Providence, Rhode Island, USA - 26 August 1918,Providence, Rhode Island, USA)
(Albert-Alphonse RIANG & Catherine Veronica MURPHY)

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