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List of Ancestors whose Last Name (Surname) (Family Name) begins with Rec

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  Araghio RECA (1877, - 9 February 1901, Barrington, Rhode Island, USA)

  Lewis RECE (1819, Cardingan, Wales - 16 January 1872, Canfield, Ohio, USA)

  Frederick Wilhelm RECHENBERG (, Lauban, Silesia, Prussia, Germany (Lubań, Schlesien, Preußen) - , , Australia)
  Marie Agnes Elizabeth RECHENBERG (28th September 1868, , Australia - 1947, , Australia)
(Frederick Wilhelm RECHENBERG & Johanne Eleonore HERMANN)

  Susan RECKLEY (1848, Nassau, Bahamas - 25 February 1914, Key West, Florida, USA)

  Florence E. RECOR (11 July 1870, Cottrellville Township, St Clair, Michigan, USA - 13 March 1906, Marine City, Michigan, USA)
(William RECOR & Elizabeth M. COUNTES)
  William RECOR (31 May 1835, Marine City, Michigan, USA - 4 February 1923, Marine City, Michigan, USA)

  Lyman RECT (1799, - 17 October 1872, Leverett, Massachusetts, USA)

  Benjamin (Bartley) Franklin RECTOR (14 March 1832, , Tennessee, USA - 22 September 1891, Los Angeles, California, USA)
(William Alexander RECTOR & Mary Ann POTTER)
  John Josiah RECTOR (1778, Bedford, Virginia, USA - January 1856, Polk, Missouri, USA)
  Mary Jane RECTOR (2 October 1861, Napa, California, USA - 30 December 1946, Bakersfield, California, USA)
(Benjamin (Bartley) Franklin RECTOR & James Ann CROW)
  William Alexander RECTOR (15 December 1809, Anderson, Tennessee, USA - 3 November 1879, Old Creek, San Luis Obispo, California, USA)
(John Josiah RECTOR & Mary Ann "Polly" BOTELER)

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