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List of Ancestors whose Last Name (Surname) (Family Name) begins with Pu

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flag  Abigail PUDNEY (14 August 1683,Salem, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(John PUDNEY & Judith COOKE)
flag  Elizabeth PUDNEY (October 1676,Salem, Massachusetts, USA - October 1676,Salem, Massachusetts, USA)
(John PUDNEY & Judith COOKE)
flag  Elizabeth PUDNEY (7 January 1689,Salem, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(John PUDNEY & Judith COOKE)
flag  Johanna PUDNEY (29 June 1668,Salem, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(John PUDNEY & Judith COOKE)
  John PUDNEY (abt. 1642, - ,)
flag  John PUDNEY (28 September 1663,Salem, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(John PUDNEY & Judith COOKE)
flag  Jonathan PUDNEY (18 March 1677,Salem, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(John PUDNEY & Judith COOKE)
flag  Joseph PUDNEY (25 August 1673,Salem, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(John PUDNEY & Judith COOKE)
flag  Judith PUDNEY (24 November 1665,Salem, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(John PUDNEY & Judith COOKE)
flag  Samuel PUDNEY (13 October 1670,Salem, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(John PUDNEY & Judith COOKE)

flag  Abby PUFFER (1830,Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA - 17 October 1868,East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, USA)
  Cheney PUFFER (1804, - 6 March 1877,Shelburne, Massachusetts, USA (Shelburne Falls))
flag  Hepsibel PUFFER (1798,Monson, Massachusetts, USA - 5 November 1855,Ware, Massachusetts, USA)
  Jonathan PUFFER (1778, - 9 July 1852,Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Oliver PUFFER (1800,Berlin, Massachusetts, USA - 2 May 1880,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA (North Amherst) (South Amherst))
flag  Persis PUFFER (1829,Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA - 14 July 1854,Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA)
  Samuel PUFFER (1766, - 5 August 1842,Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA)
  Sophia PUFFER (1780, - 5 August 1878,Northborough, Massachusetts, USA (Northboro))
flag  Stephen PUFFER (1785,Berlin, Massachusetts, USA - 4 February 1859,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA (North Amherst) (South Amherst))
flag  Thankful PUFFER (1769,Westminster, Massachusetts, USA - 18 April 1857,Westfield, Massachusetts, USA (Wyben))
  Timothy PUFFER (1769, - 18 June 1839,Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA)
  William Henry PUFFER (1824, - 26 March 1861,Monson, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  E.A. PUGH (1844,, Ohio, USA - 23 April 1869,Lansing, Michigan, USA)

flag  Richard PULARD (1803,West Milford, New Jersey, USA - 22 April 1878,West Milford, New Jersey, USA)

  Andrew J. PULER (1840, - 19 May 1865,Leverett, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  James PULIS (1798,, Bergen County, New Jersey, USA - 16 April 1865,West Milford, New Jersey, USA)
  William A. PULIS (1790, - 12 July 1860,West Milford, New Jersey, USA)

flag  Charles PULLEN (22 September 1842,Hallowell, Maine, USA - 29 September 1922,, California, USA) gravestone
flag  Elizabeth Marvell PULLEN (6 June 1906,Chester, Pennsylvania, USA - 15 September 1993,Glendale, Maricopa, Arizona, USA)
(William Dean PULLEN & Lellia Mathews VALENTINE)
 flag  Jesse B PULLEN (25 May 1854,Chester, Pennsylvania, USA - 25 November 1939,Huntington, New York, USA) gravestone
(Samuel Montgomery PULLEN & Martha Jane TALBERT MARVEL)
flag  Martha J PULLEN (,, Pennsylvania, USA - ,)
(Samuel Montgomery PULLEN & Martha Jane TALBERT MARVEL)
flag  Mary E PULLEN (abt. 1845,, Pennsylvania, USA - ,)
(Samuel Montgomery PULLEN & Martha Jane TALBERT MARVEL)
US Civil War Soldiers flag  Samuel L PULLEN (March 1844,, Pennsylvania, USA - ,)
(Samuel Montgomery PULLEN & Martha Jane TALBERT MARVEL)
flag  Samuel Montgomery PULLEN (abt. 1811,Lancaster County, Virginia, USA - 10 August 1881,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) gravestone
(William PULLEN & Molly LUCKHAM)
flag  Sarah PULLEN (abt. 1841,, Pennsylvania, USA - ,)
(Samuel Montgomery PULLEN & Martha Jane TALBERT MARVEL)
flag  Susannah PULLEN (July 1850,, Pennsylvania, USA - ,)
(Samuel Montgomery PULLEN & Martha Jane TALBERT MARVEL)
flag  Theodore PULLEN (abt. 1839,, Pennsylvania, USA - ,)
(Samuel Montgomery PULLEN & Martha Jane TALBERT MARVEL)
  William PULLEN (, - abt. 1814,Lancaster County, Virginia, USA)
 US Civil War Soldiers flag  William Dean PULLEN (26 December 1836,Chester, Pennsylvania, USA - 28 June 1906,Chester, Pennsylvania, USA) gravestone
(Samuel Montgomery PULLEN & Martha Jane TALBERT MARVEL)
 flag  William Dean PULLEN (February 1868,Chester, Pennsylvania, USA - December 1953,Bethel Park, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA) gravestone
(William Dean PULLEN & Arabella I TALLEY)

  William Oliver PULLEY (16 January 1870, - 23 October 1925,Bradenton, Florida, USA)

World War I Soldier flag  Alden William PULSIFER (4 December 1893,East Poland, Maine, USA - 3 November 1978,Winthrop, Maine, USA) gravestone
immigrant flag  Benedict PULSIFER (abt. 1635,, England (United Kingdom) - 4 October 1695,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  David PULSIFER (May 22, 1929,, Maine, USA - July 4, 1969,Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA (Attleborough) (South Attleboro))
  Edmond PULSIFER (1729, - May 1804,Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA (Annisquam))
flag  Elizabeth PULSIFER (4 December 1669,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA - 30 May 1755,Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, USA)
(Benedict PULSIFER & Susannah WATERS)
flag  Franklin PULSIFER (1824,Westfield, Massachusetts, USA (Wyben) - 12 December 1850,Westfield, Massachusetts, USA (Wyben))
flag  George Bishop PULSIFER (April 6, 1901,, Maine, USA - August 1968,, Maine, USA)
  John PULSIFER (1789, - November 1814,Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA (Annisquam))

flag  Daniel PULTZ (27 February 1829,Ghent, New York, USA - 8 August 1877,Lee, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
flag  George H. PULTZ (1811,Ghent, New York, USA - 21 May 1869,Hillsdale, New York, USA (Nobletown))

  Willard PUMLEY (1812, - 30 April 1834,Hadley, Massachusetts, USA)

  John M. PUNCHARD (1804, - 25 February 1823,Salem, Massachusetts, USA)

  Edward PUNDERSON (1816, - 17 September 1854,Derby, Connecticut, USA)
  Thomas PUNDERSON (1783, - 1 August 1848,Derby, Connecticut, USA)

flag  Menda PUNSEY (1793,Simsbury, Connecticut, USA - 6 July 1860,Lee, Massachusetts, USA)

immigrant flag  Michael PURCELL (1799,, Ireland - 16 May 1869,Lee, Massachusetts, USA)

  Anna PURCHASE (1780, - 1858,Granville, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Chauncey PURCHASE (8 April 1782,West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA - 26 November 1858,Agawam, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
  Elijah PURCHASE (1791, - 26 April 1817,West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant flag  Joan PURCHASE (25 March 1578,Dorchester, Dorset, England (Fordington) - 26 March 1653,Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA)
(Oliver PURCHASE & Thomasine HARRIS)
  Jonathan PURCHASE (1778, - 1858,Granville, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Jonathan S. PURCHASE (1805,Tolland, Connecticut, USA - 17 September 1871,Granville, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant flag  Oliver PURCHASE (1552,, England (United Kingdom) - 1633,Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  Adalade PURDY (1830,, New York, USA - 11 May 1880,Lansing, Michigan, USA)
  Horace PURDY (1815, - 1855,Danbury, Connecticut, USA)
flag  James PURDY (1823,, New York, USA - 28 March 1876,Lansing, Michigan, USA)

flag  John. Calvin PUREFOY (1857,Craven Co., North Carolina, USA - 18 February 1937,New Bern, North Carolina, USA)

 flag  Olive PURINGTON (13 September 1904,Jay, Maine, USA - 14 December 2003,Kennebunkport, Maine, USA) gravestone
  Thomas PURINGTON (1826, - 18 April 1879,Colrain, Massachusetts, USA (Colerain))
flag  Woodbury S PURINGTON (13 November 1836,Harpswell, Maine, USA - 04 January 1912,Chelsea, Maine, USA (Togus))

  Emma R. PURINTON (1846, - 27 December 1869,Somerset, Massachusetts, USA)
  George PURINTON (1780, - 17 December 1858,Somerset, Massachusetts, USA)
  Samuel PURINTON (1792, - 2 July 1858,Somerset, Massachusetts, USA)

  Dexter H. PURMTON (1811, - 9 November 1880,Somerset, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  William PURMULEE (1780,Sheffield, Massachusetts, USA - 14 February 1857,Sheffield, Massachusetts, USA)

immigrant flag  Mary PURRIER (1628,, England (United Kingdom) - 13 May 1696,Southold, New York, USA (Mattituck))

  Mary PURRINGTON (1775, - 26 March 1816,Rochester, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

  Mary PURSILL (1800, - September 1850,Blackstone, Massachusetts, USA)

Pursley (Percy)
flag  Miriam PURSLEY (PERCY) (12 December 1760,Kittery, Maine, USA - 22 July 1826,North Berwick, York, Maine, USA) gravestone

flag  James M. PUSHEE (1815,Westford, Massachusetts, USA - 3 April 1874,Bedford, Massachusetts, USA)

  David PUSHOR (1783, - 15 April 1880,Pittsfield, Maine, USA)

  Elias PUSSNER (1822, - 14 May 1862,Washington, DC, USA)

  Henry Dwight PUTANAM (1829, - 23 December 1850,Hinsdale, Massachusetts, USA)

  Elisha PUTMAN (1786, - 24 December 1859,Shelburne, Massachusetts, USA (Shelburne Falls))

flag  Albert H. PUTNAM (1858,, Ohio, USA - 10 July 1879,Comstock, Michigan, USA (Comstock Charter Township) (Galesburg))
  Amos PUTNAM (1789, - 31 January 1871,Ludlow, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
flag  Ann PUTNAM (23 June 1645,Salem, Massachusetts, USA - 14 November 1676,Salem, Massachusetts, USA)
  Archilaus PUTNAM (1745, - 14 January 1809,Rutland, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Asaph PUTNAM (11 September 1724,Essex, Massachusetts, USA - 6 August 1796,Pittstown, Rensselaer, New York, USA) gravestone
(Isaac PUTNAM & Anna FULLER)
flag  Asaph PUTNAM (18 June 1749,Sutton, Massachusetts, USA - 1820,Moreau, Saratoga, New York, USA)
(Asaph PUTNAM & Sarah PARK)
flag  Asaph PUTNAM (abt. 1776,Plattsburgh, New York, USA - 15 March 1852,Mooers, New York, USA)
(Asaph PUTNAM & Rhoda BROWN)
flag  Douna Maggie PUTNAM (3 October 1887,, Missouri, USA - 5 September 1912,Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
flag  Edward PUTNAM (4 July 1654,Salem, Massachusetts, USA - 10 March 1747,Middleton, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
flag  Isaac PUTNAM (14 March 1698,Salem, Massachusetts, USA - 1757,Sutton, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Edward PUTNAM & Mary HALE)
flag  Isaac PUTNAM (1795,, New York, USA - 17 September 1874,Comstock, Michigan, USA (Comstock Charter Township) (Galesburg))
immigrant flag  John PUTNAM (1627,Aston Abbotts, Buckinghamshire, England - 7 April 1710,Salem, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
  John PUTNAM (1777, - 16 June 1826,Topsfield, Massachusetts, USA)

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