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List of Ancestors whose Last Name (Surname) (Family Name) begins with Lit

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American Revolutionary War Soldier flag  Eleazer LITCHFIELD (26 August 1757,Canterbury, Connecticut, USA - 24 March 1840,Woodstock, Connecticut, USA) gravestone
  John LITCHFIELD (1791, - 3 December 1880,Woodstock, Connecticut, USA)
flag  Joseph LITCHFIELD (14 January 1751,Scituate, Massachusetts, USA - 28 January 1828,Kittery, Maine, USA)
  Joseph LITCHFIELD (1823, - 19 December 1851,Woodstock, Connecticut, USA)
flag  Nichols LITCHFIELD (1806,Scituate, Massachusetts, USA - 23 April 1879,Holliston, Massachusetts, USA (Metcalf))

  Carl Frank LITIGER (1859, - 13 December 1904,Barrington, Rhode Island, USA)

flag  Exeline LITNO (1859,Northampton, Massachusetts, USA - 1895,Salem, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Peter Hopkins LITNO (LETOURNEAU) & Edwidge GERARD)

flag  Peter Hopkins LITNO (LETOURNEAU) (8 March 1836,Addison, Vermont, USA - 5 May 1912,Swanton, Vermont, USA)

flag  Anthony LITTELL (1721,Essex, New Jersey, USA - 7 May 1798,Westfield, Essex, New Jersey, USA)
flag  Esther LITTELL (16 December 1760,Somerset, Somerset, New Jersey, USA - 29 March 1834,, Ohio, USA) gravestone
(Anthony LITTELL & Temperance STOCKLEY (STOKELY))
flag  Julia LITTELL (1850,, United States (USA) (American Colonies) - 18 December 1900,Summit, New Jersey, USA)

flag  Anthony LITTELL (LITTLE) (1685,Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA - 5 January 1733,Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA) gravestone
flag  John LITTELL (LITTLE) (abt. 1646,, New Jersey, USA - 13 April 1713,Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA)

flag  A Olivia LITTLE (June 1844,, New York, USA - bef. 1930?,)
  Abby LITTLE (1814, - 15 September 1876,Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA (Bliss Corner) (Smith Mills))
  Abner LITTLE (1796, - 25 July 1848,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA )
  Albert LITTLE (14 August 1800, - 6 December 1852,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA ) gravestone
flag  Amos Howes LITTLE (30 May 1813,Middlefield, Massachusetts, USA - 23 August 1835,Peru, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
flag  Anna LITTLE (23 August 1673,Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA - 16 October 1706,Little Compton, Rhode Island, USA (Adamsville)) gravestone
  Bennie LITTLE (1899, - 25 November 1936,Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, USA)
  Catherine LITTLE (7 April 1883, - 1945,)
flag  Daniel LITTLE (25 March 1818,Campton, New Hampshire, USA - 26 May 1883,) gravestone
  David LITTLE (1823, - 16 June 1852,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA )
flag  Ephraim LITTLE (17 May 1650,Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA (North Plymouth) (White Island Shores) - 24 November 1717,Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA (North Plymouth) (White Island Shores)) gravestone
(Thomas LITTLE & Anna WARREN)
flag  Frank LITTLE (1835,, Canada - ,)
flag  Henry LITTLE (12 April 1790,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA - 4 July 1848,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA ) gravestone
  Isaac LITTLE (1784, - 1 October 1874,Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA (Bliss Corner) (Smith Mills))
  James LITTLE (1798, - 13 November 1852,, Connecticut, USA)
  James LITTLE (1833, - 17 February 1851,Lynn, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  James LITTLE (12 March 1877,Edison, New Jersey, USA (Raritan) - ,)
  Noah LITTLE (1773, - 22 May 1852,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA )
flag  Ralph LITTLE (1785,Colchester, Connecticut, USA - 21 January 1856,Sheffield, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Rose Maude LITTLE (1878,North Adams, Massachusetts, USA - 8 February 1935,Millis, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Frank LITTLE & Philomene CARDINAL? COUNTU?)
flag  Samuel Edwin LITTLE (14 March 1811,Middlefield, Massachusetts, USA - 20 April 1837,Peru, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
flag  Silas LITTLE (4 March 1754,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA - 6 October 1845,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA ) gravestone
  Sophia LITTLE (1829, - 28 October 1877,Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA (Bliss Corner) (Smith Mills))
immigrant flag  Thomas LITTLE (1609,, England (United Kingdom) - 12 March 1672,Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA ) gravestone
  Thomas LITTLE (1856, - 7 December 1875,Windsor Locks, Connecticut, USA)
  Woodridge LITTLE (1741, - 21 June 1813,Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA (Coltsville))

  Alpreda LITTLEFIELD (1862, - 15 August 1918,Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable))
immigrant flag  Anne LITTLEFIELD (abt. 1617,, England (United Kingdom) - 3 April 1703,Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Beulah LITTLEFIELD (31 October 1731,Holliston, Massachusetts, USA (Metcalf) - 7 August 1812,Holliston, Massachusetts, USA (Metcalf)) gravestone
(Ebenezer LITTLEFIELD & Abial MORSE)
flag  Charles W. LITTLEFIELD (1843,Somerville, Massachusetts, USA - 8 August 1864,Somerville, Massachusetts, USA)
  David LITTLEFIELD (1784, - 28 October 1850,Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Ebenezer LITTLEFIELD (13 October 1669,, Massachusetts, USA - 9 April 1728,Newton, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Ebenezer LITTLEFIELD (2 May 1701,Newton, Massachusetts, USA - 20 January 1754,Holliston, Massachusetts, USA (Metcalf)) gravestone
flag  Elizabeth LITTLEFIELD (1678,Wells, Maine, USA - 1747,York, Maine, USA)
immigrant flag  Francis LITTLEFIELD (17 June 1617,Titchfield, Hampshire, England - 15 January 1712,Wells, Maine, USA)
flag  Hannah LITTLEFIELD (5 January 1652,Wells, Maine, USA - 24 January 1692,York, Maine, USA) gravestone
flag  Harriet LITTLEFIELD (1810,Petersham, Massachusetts, USA - 2 June 1895,Ware, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Ida S. LITTLEFIELD (1834,Kennebunkport, Maine, USA - 3 January 1886,Melrose, Massachusetts, USA)
  Isaac LITTLEFIELD (1812, - 13 November 1867,Braintree, Massachusetts, USA)
  James Henry LITTLEFIELD (1856, - 28 November 1875,Johnston, Rhode Island, USA) gravestone
flag  Jeremiah LITTLEFIELD (1803,, Maine, USA - 6 June 1853,Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant flag  John LITTLEFIELD (1 November 1624,Titchfield, Hampshire, England - 2 February 1697,Wells, Maine, USA)
flag  Marie LITTLEFIELD (abt. 1724,, Québec Province, Canada (Quebec) - ,)
(Pierre Augustin LITTLEFIELD & Marie-Geneviève BRUNEL)
flag  Moses LITTLEFIELD (abt. 1657,Wells, Maine, USA - ,)
  Nathaniel LITTLEFIELD (1784, - 16 July 1862,Newport, Rhode Island, USA)
  Otis LITTLEFIELD (1811, - 3 November 1834,Chelsea, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Phoebe LITTLEFIELD (1668,Wells, Maine, USA - 4 July 1697,Eliot, Maine, USA)
(Francis LITTLEFIELD & Rebecca RUST)
flag  Pierre Augustin LITTLEFIELD (20 October 1694,Wells, Maine, USA - ,)
  Polly LITTLEFIELD (1795, - 10 March 1845,Blackstone, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Samuel LITTLEFIELD (1802,Randolph, Massachusetts, USA - 9 April 1886,Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA)
  William LITTLEFIELD (26 March 1792, - 12 April 1866,Newport, Rhode Island, USA) gravestone

  James LITTLEJOHN (1810, - 24 September 1864,Leverett, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Thomazine LITTLEJOHN (,, England (United Kingdom) - ,)

flag  Comfort LITTLETON (1698,Accomack County Virginia, USA - 1767,Accomack County Virginia, USA)
  Comfort Crowson LITTLETON (Bef 1698,Accomack County VA USA - Aft 1767,Accomack County Virginia USA)
flag  Margaret LITTLETON (1745,Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA - ,)
  Patrick LITTLETON (1833, - 2 July 1853,Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)

immigrant flag  Frederick C. LITZY (1793,, Germany (German States) (German Empire) - 17 February 1874,Canfield, Ohio, USA)

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