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List of Ancestors whose Last Name (Surname) (Family Name) begins with Hor

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immigrant flag  Cecilia HORAES (20 April 1839,, Germany (German States) (German Empire) - 10 January 1911,Prescott, Arizona, USA)

  John HORAN (1836, - 22 March 1879,Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA)
  Timothy HORAN (1828, - 22 September 1878,Johnston, Rhode Island, USA)

flag  Nathan B. HORD (1881,, Michigan, USA - 20 July 1926,Hollywood, Florida, USA)

Hordouille (Hourdouille) (Ourdouil)
immigrant flag  Marie HORDOUILLE (HOURDOUILLE) (OURDOUIL) (abt. 1621,Paris, France - 24 November 1703,Charlesbourg, Québec, Québec, Canada (Bourg Royal))

  James O HOREN (1780, - 23 February 1857,Adams, Massachusetts, USA)

immigrant flag  Cornelius HORGAN (1801,, Ireland - 13 February 1871,Medford, Massachusetts, USA)

  John HORIBIN (1825, - 2 June 1872,Cranston, Rhode Island, USA (Pawtuxet) (Fiskeville)) gravestone

  Betsy HORID (1809, - 26 August 1869,Somerset, Massachusetts, USA)

  Alonzo L. HORN (1824, - 8 June 1865,Watertown, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Felix HORN (1882,, Florida, USA - 19 October 1918,West Palm Beach, Florida, USA)
  George F. HORN (1840, - 23 September 1862,West Gardiner, Maine, USA)
  George W. HORN (1815, - 6 November 1869,Watertown, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Henry Kaiser HORN (11 January 1904,Adams, Massachusetts, USA - 12 January 1904,Adams, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Walter Thomas HORN & Sadie M KAISER)
  Irena HORN (1783, - 17 September 1861,Westfield, Massachusetts, USA (Wyben))
  James HORN (1836, - 2 April 1864,Adams, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Jean Hamilton HORN (20 June 1929,Adams, Massachusetts, USA - 26 January 1989,Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA (Coltsville)) gravestone
(Robert Howard HORN & Mabel ALDERMAN)
flag  John James HORN (,Adams, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
 flag  June Lois HORN (29 June 1930,Adams, Massachusetts, USA - 1 May 2007,Cheshire, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Robert Howard HORN & Mabel ALDERMAN)
flag  Maria R. HORN (1827,Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA - 23 August 1863,Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant flag  Mary HORN (December 1865,, Germany (German States) (German Empire) - 1909,, New Jersey, USA) gravestone
 flag  Paige Campbell HORN (1 November 1911,Adams, Massachusetts, USA - 26 October 1993,North Adams, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Walter Thomas HORN & Sadie M KAISER)
flag  Pauline Miller HORN (05 March 1923,Adams, Massachusetts, USA - 7 October 1972,Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA (Coltsville))
(Walter Thomas HORN & Sadie M KAISER)
flag  Peter HORN (25 June 1888,Adams, Massachusetts, USA - March 1963,North Adams, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(John James HORN & Harriet "Hattie" MURRAY)
immigrant flag  Robert HORN (1822,, England (United Kingdom) - 10 October 1879,Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA)
flag  Robert Howard HORN (26 March 1905,Adams, Massachusetts, USA - 11 August 1962,Adams, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Walter Thomas HORN & Sadie M KAISER)
 flag  Robert Leonard HORN (26 July 1927,Adams, Massachusetts, USA - 29 April 2016,Delmar, Bethlehem, Albany, New York, USA) gravestone
(Robert Howard HORN & Mabel ALDERMAN)
  Samuel C. HORN (1846, - 11 August 1868,Watertown, Massachusetts, USA)
  Unknown HORN (, - ,)
flag  Walter Thomas HORN (1 March 1882,Colrain, Massachusetts, USA (Colerain) - 9 November 1948,Cheshire, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
  William HORN (1784, - 30 September 1855,Watertown, Massachusetts, USA)
  William HORN (1806, - 4 March 1862,Watertown, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  William Howard HORN (4/15/1918,North Adams, Massachusetts, USA - 3 August 2016,Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA) gravestone
(Peter HORN & Mabel Irene BOYINGTON)

flag  Eli HORNBEAK (25 January 1788,Granger, Tennessee, USA - 17 June 1839,Jasper, Marion, Tennessee, USA)
(John Elijah HORNBECK & Jane UNKNOWN)
flag  Pleasant Miller HORNBEAK (11 July 1807,, North Carolina, USA - 15 October 1866,Centerville, Hickman, Tennessee, USA) gravestone
(Eli HORNBEAK & Sarah "Sallie" COMBS)
flag  Sarah Elizabeth HORNBEAK (30 April 1835,Centerville, Hickman, Tennessee, USA - 3 April 1917,Dallas, Texas, USA) gravestone
(Pleasant Miller HORNBEAK & Elizabeth "Betsy" Rebecca NUNNELLY)

flag  Blandina HORNBECK (5 May 1800,Port Jervis, New York, USA - 8 May 1832,)
(Saffrein HORNBECK & Hannah DECKER)
flag  Evert HORNBECK (15 May 1698,Kingston, New York, USA - abt. 1754,, New Jersey, USA)
flag  John Elijah HORNBECK (1750,, Anson County, North Carolina, USA - 1806,Knoxville, Tennessee, USA)
(Jonathan HORNBECK & Sarah VERNOOY)
flag  Jojannes "John" HORNBECK (20 Apri 1685,Hurley, New York, USA - August 1767,Hampshire, West Virginia, USA)
(Waarner HORNBECK & Annekan "Anna" DEHOOGES)
flag  Jonathan HORNBECK (1 February 1730,Kingston, New York, USA - 2 February 1758,Hampshire, West Virginia, USA)
(Jojannes "John" HORNBECK & Orseltjen WESTBROOK)
flag  Joseph HORNBECK (18 June 1734,Kingston, New York, USA - ,)
(Evert HORNBECK & Eleanor CODEBEC)
flag  Saffrein HORNBECK (1780,, New Jersey, USA - July 1806,Montague, Sussex, New Jersey, USA)
(Joseph HORNBECK & Blandina WESTBROOK)
immigrant flag  Waarner HORNBECK (1645,, Netherlands (Holland) (Dutch East Indies) - 1715,Rochester, New York, USA)

  Converse F. HORNE (1820, - 21 October 1878,Watertown, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Moses W. HORNE (1747,, Massachusetts, USA - 27 December 1813,Cheboygan, Michigan, USA)

Horné (Desharnais) dit Laneuville
immigrant flag  Jacques-Philippe HORNÉ (DESHARNAIS) dit LANEUVILLE (abt. 1664,Dieppe, France - 7 March 1730,Sainte-Croix, Lotbinière, Québec, Canada)

  Dorothea Philippine Magdalene HORNEMANN (1804, - 26 April 1859,Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany (Hannover))

  Thomas HORNSBY (1766, - 15 September 1857,Newport, Rhode Island, USA) gravestone

flag  Calvin HORR (29 May 1814,Pelham, Massachusetts, USA - 14 December 1863,Dana, Massachusetts, USA*) gravestone
  Charles HORR (1832, - 14 November 1859,Freetown, Massachusetts, USA (Assonet) (East Freetown)) gravestone
flag  Chester HORR (1815,Shutesbury, Massachusetts, USA - 27 May 1852,Ware, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Clarissa HORR (1798,Hardwick, Massachusetts, USA - 23 September 1869,Ware, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Elizabeth B HORR (1813,Pelham, Massachusetts, USA - 6 August 1875,Dana, Massachusetts, USA*)
  George HORR (1775, - 19 May 1860,Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Harmon P. HORR (1800,Pelham, Massachusetts, USA - 10 January 1860,Pelham, Massachusetts, USA)
  Jacob C. HORR (1814, - 29 April 1868,Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA (Esmond) (Georgiaville)) gravestone
flag  Sarah F. HORR (1795,Pelham, Massachusetts, USA - 14 August 1860,Pelham, Massachusetts, USA)

immigrant flag  Joshua HORSEFALL (1810,, Yorkshire County, England - 12 April 1869,Lee, Massachusetts, USA)

  Ralph HORSEY (1772, - August 1792,Derby, Connecticut, USA)
  Samuel William HORSEY (1778, - August 1804,Derby, Connecticut, USA)
  Thomas HORSEY (1743, - June 1789,Derby, Connecticut, USA)
  Thomas W. HORSEY (1784, - April 1836,Derby, Connecticut, USA)

Horsey (Horsje)
  Lysbeth HORSEY (HORSJE) (abt. 1639, - abt. 1672,, New York, USA)

immigrant flag  Mary HORSHAN (1825,, Ireland - 8 February 1851,Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA)

  Frederick HORSJE (abt. 1640, - 1 September 1689,Marbletown, New York, USA)

Horson dit Piscine
immigrant flag  Simon-Hector HORSON dit PISCINE (abt. 1677,, France - 21 February 1716,La-Pérade, Québec, Canada (Sainte-Anne-de-la-Perade))

  Edwin HORTEN (1813,Birmingham, England - 8 January 1863,Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA)

  Aaron HORTON (1779, - 3 December 1854,Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA)
  Aaron S. HORTON (1800, - 22 August 1878,Swansea, Massachusetts, USA (Ocean Grove))
  Abby Ann HORTON (1819, - 2 February 1878,East Providence, Rhode Island, USA)
flag  Abigail HORTON (abt. 1655,Southold, New York, USA (Mattituck) - 16 December 1729,, New York, USA)
flag  Achsah HORTON (29 March 1792,Chester, Vermont, USA - 13 May 1859,Chester, Vermont, USA) gravestone
(Adonijah HORTON & Olive RUGG)
flag  Adonijah HORTON (19 December 1755,Bolton, Massachusetts, USA - 24 February 1852,Chester, Vermont, USA) gravestone
(Joseph HORTON & Alice KNIGHT)
  Alfred HORTON (1806, - 4 February 1862,Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA)
  Alfred W. HORTON (1824, - 24 June 1849,Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
  Alvah HORTON (1827, - 15 February 1863,Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA)
  Ambrose HORTON (1772, - 20 December 1859,Cumberland, Rhode Island, USA (Valley Falls) (Ashton) (Cumberland Hill))
  Andrew HORTON (1807, - 20 July 1860,Glocester, Rhode Island, USA (West Glocester) (Chepachet) (Harmony)) gravestone
  Anson HORTON (1805, - 28 April 1869,Dighton, Massachusetts, USA)
  Anson W. HORTON (1835, - 26 December 1877,Dighton, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Arthur HORTON (3/9/1924,, Louisiana, USA - ,, Louisiana, USA)
flag  Asa A. HORTON (1841,, New York, USA - 4 August 1880,Lansing, Michigan, USA)
  Aziel B. HORTON (1787, - 27 March 1852,Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA)
  Baylies HORTON (1791, - 31 July 1860,Dighton, Massachusetts, USA)
  Benjamin H. HORTON (1817, - 6 June 1880,Coventry, Rhode Island, USA)
  Charles HORTON (1802, - 28 June 1868,Warren, Rhode Island, USA)
  Charles H. HORTON (1852, - 8 February 1879,Lincoln, Rhode Island, USA (Albion) (Manville) (Fairlawn))
flag  Cromwell HORTON (23 February 1777,Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA - 24 February 1861,Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
  Darius HORTON (1809, - 23 December 1872,Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  David HORTON (14 October 1679,Milton, Massachusetts, USA - 7 January 1752,Milton, Massachusetts, USA)
  Edwin R. M. HORTON (1840, - 17 January 1862,Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA)
  Elisha HORTON (1820, - 27 February 1868,Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
  Elisha HORTON (1824, - 11 January 1846,Monson, Massachusetts, USA)

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