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List of Ancestors whose Last Name (Surname) (Family Name) begins with Hel

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flag    Theodore R HELB (17 October 1851,York, Pennsylvania, USA (Yorktown) - 4 February 1929,Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA) gravestone

   Maxine R HELDAN (15 May 1917, - 23 April 1998,) gravestone

flag   Lydia HELDEW (1795,Lee, Massachusetts, USA - 1 September 1851,Lee, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   Pearl HELEY (17 July 1883,Germitt, Kansas, USA - 10 January 1911,Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

flag   G. B. A. HELFIELD (1804,, Nova Scotia, Canada - 9 August 1876,Saginaw, Michigan, USA)

   Arthur W HELIE (1895, - 14 January 1916,West Warwick, Rhode Island, USA)

flag   Mary Catherine HELLEN (10 September 1806,Washington, DC, USA - 31 August 1870,Washington, DC, USA)

   Antone T. HELLER (1869, - 1 December 1887,Clarksburg, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant flag   Augusta HELLER (1828,, Germany (German States) (German Empire) - 26 December 1869,Dearborn, Michigan, USA)

immigrant flag   Hendrick Theunis HELLING (1643,Leiden, Netherlands (Holland) (Leyden) - 1700,Hackensack, New Jersey, USA)

   Charles HELM (1838, - 24 February 1876,Adams, Massachusetts, USA)
   David G. HELM (1858, - 24 April 1901,Westerly, Rhode Island, USA (Watch Hill))

immigrant flag   Christopher HELME (abt. 1590,, England (United Kingdom) - 19 March 1650,Warwick, Rhode Island, USA (Hillsgrove) (Pontiac))
   Powell HELME (1814, - 20 October 1861,South Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA (Kingston) (West Kingston) (Matunuck))
flag   Rouse HELME (1644,Warwick, Rhode Island, USA (Hillsgrove) (Pontiac) - 17 May 1712,South Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA (Kingston) (West Kingston) (Matunuck))
(Christopher HELME & Margaret ROUSE)
flag   Samuel HELME (1675,South Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA (Kingston) (West Kingston) (Matunuck) - 1728,South Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA (Kingston) (West Kingston) (Matunuck))
(Rouse HELME & Mary ELDRED)

   Johann Heinrich HELMKE (1817, - 12 September 1862,Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany (Hannover))

flag   Albert Otto HELMS (13 June 1796,Richfield, Oswego, New York, USA - 28 February 1889,East Randolph, Cattaraugus, New York, USA) gravestone
(Robert H HELMS (HELMES) & Elizabeth "Betsey" WHEELER)
flag   Christopher HELMS (1747,, Connecticut, USA - 1821,East Randolph, Cattaragugus, New York, USA)
(Christopher HELMS (HELMES) & Sarah FISH)
flag   Cornelia Ann "Hattie" HELMS (31 August 1848,East Randolph, Cattaraugus, New York, USA - 7 April 1933,Randolph, Cattaraugus, New York, USA) gravestone
(Albert Otto HELMS & Hetty "Ann" LONGSTREET)

Helms (Helme)
flag   Christopher HELMS (HELME) (30 March 1702,South Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA (Kingston) (West Kingston) (Matunuck) - 1 September 1732,, Rhode Island, USA)
(Samuel HELME & Dorcas UNKNOWN)

flag   Christopher HELMS (HELMES) (31 January 1725,South Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA (Kingston) (West Kingston) (Matunuck) - 1794,Lebanon, Connecticut, USA)
(Christopher HELMS (HELME) & Mary DYER)
flag   Robert H HELMS (HELMES) (1771,Lebanon, Connecticut, USA - 8 August 1844,Cattaraugus, New York, USA)
(Christopher HELMS &  UNKNOWN)

flag   Edna Mabel HELSHER (14 April 1889,Concord, Massachusetts, USA - 1965,Stow, Massachusetts, USA)

immigrant flag   John Herbert HELTZEN (1 October 1852,Stockholden, Sweden - 1 November 1922,Winter Park, Florida, USA) gravestone

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