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List of Ancestors whose Last Name (Surname) (Family Name) begins with Gut

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flag  Christina GUTEKERNST (1858,, Michigan, USA - 25 June 1879,Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA)

flag  Anne GUTHRIE (1765,, Virginia, USA - 1816,, Virginia, USA)
(Henry GUTHRIE & Penelope JOHNSON)
flag  Arthur Allen GUTHRIE (23 March 1949,Washington, DC, USA - 28 February 2001,Falls Church, Virginia, USA) gravestone
(Lamar Etsen GUTHRIE & Anna Deubre ALLEN)
flag  Henry GUTHRIE (1727,, Virginia, USA - 1786,Bedford, Virginia, USA)
flag  John GUTHRIE (28 June 1689,, Virginia, USA - 24 September 1733,, Virginia, USA)
flag  Lamar Etsen GUTHRIE (23 December 1911,Morganton, Georgia, USA - 12 September 2002,Falls Church, Virginia, USA) gravestone

  James W. GUTIEREZ (1788,South Wales - April 1871,Battle Creek, Michigan, USA)

flag  Francis(Frances) GUTTER (1550,, Essex County, England - 2/23/1615,, Essex County, England)
(Richard GUTTER & Jane MYLES)
flag  Richard GUTTER (1540,, England (United Kingdom) - ,)

flag  Alburn Morton GUTTERSON (19 September 1877,Milford, New Hampshire, USA - 20 April 1946,Manhattan, New York, USA (New York City) (New Amsterdam)) gravestone
(Marcus Ulman GUTTERSON & Emma F WILKINS)
flag  Alburn Morton GUTTERSON (5 January 1901,North Adams, Massachusetts, USA - 2 July 1971,North Hempstead, New York, USA (Great Neck) (Manhasset)) gravestone
(Alburn Morton GUTTERSON & Lillian Maude FEIGE)
flag  Marcus Ulman GUTTERSON (4 November 1854,Milford, New Hampshire, USA - 13 January 1906,Milford, New Hampshire, USA) gravestone

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