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List of Ancestors whose Last Name (Surname) (Family Name) begins with Ew

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  Frank EWAN (July 15 1896,Little Rapids Ontario Canada - Dec 1970,Barrie, Ontario, Canada)
  Laura EWAN (,Byning Inlet Ontario - June 01 1967,Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

  Thomas EWENS (1770, - 22 September 1854,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA )

  Danforth EWERS (1777, - 4 December 1840,Wendell, Massachusetts, USA)
  Henry EWERS (1752, - 9 March 1834,Wendell, Massachusetts, USA)
  Henry A. EWERS (1803, - 8 September 1867,Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA)
  John EWERS (1834, - 24 March 1858,Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Ruth A. EWERS (1847,Canton, New York, USA - 26 October 1873,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield))

  Alexander EWING (1799, - 7 February 1871,Canfield, Ohio, USA)
flag  Asa H EWING (1785,Somers, Connecticut, USA - 19 December 1868,Agawam, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
flag  Emily E EWING (1829,East Windsor, Connecticut, USA - 27 June 1874,Agawam, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Francis EWING (1856,, Tennessee, USA - 29 December 1874,Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
  George EWING (1822, - 26 October 1859,Waterford, Connecticut, USA)
flag  George Clinton EWING (15 January 1843,Littleton, New Hampshire, USA (Chiswick) - 31 January 1900,Enfield, Massachusetts, USA*) gravestone
  James EWING (1795, - 28 November 1868,Enfield, Connecticut, USA (Thompsonville))
flag  Percy EWING (1786,Hartford, Connecticut, USA - 17 July 1856,Westfield, Massachusetts, USA (Wyben))
flag  Roscoe C EWING (29 August 1886,Falls Church, Virginia, USA - ,)

flag  Gilpha A EWINGS (1846,Boston, Massachusetts, USA - 28 August 1874,Boxborough, Massachusetts, USA (Boxboro))
  Walter EWINGS (1811, - 5 April 1858,Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)

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