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List of Ancestors whose Last Name (Surname) (Family Name) begins with Dun

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flag  John L DUNAWAY (1774,, Maryland, USA - 1850,, Maryland, USA)
flag  Mary Jane Fraizer DUNAWAY (1794,, Virginia, USA - 1880,Cannon, Tennessee, USA)

flag  Anna Laura DUNBAR (7 October 1874,Dunbar, Ohio, USA - 15 September 1938,Willits, Mendocino, California, USA) gravestone
(David DUNBAR & Matilda Ann HULL)
  Charles DUNBAR (1800, - 3 June 1864,Medway, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Charles T. DUNBAR (1815,Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA - 12 August 1874,Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA)
  Curtis S. DUNBAR (1811, - 4 September 1857,Tiverton, Rhode Island, USA)
  Daniel DUNBAR (7 July 1770, - 29 June 1847,Lenox, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
  Daniel DUNBAR (1785, - 10 September 1870,West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Daniel DUNBAR (1803,Windsor, Vermont, USA - 19 December 1861,Ware, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Daniel Ii DUNBAR (1806,Ware, Massachusetts, USA - 11 February 1851,Ware, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  David DUNBAR (21 October 1824,, Ohio, USA - 11 November 1900,, Ohio, USA) gravestone
(Thomas DUNBAR & Hester OWENS)
  Dwight DUNBAR (1805, - 21 March 1877,Pelham, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Eliza M DUNBAR (abt. 1805,, Maine, USA - 15 March 1900,Malden, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Samuel DUNBAR & Abigail NOYES)
flag  Elizabeth E. DUNBAR (2 May 1782,Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA - 8 March 1860,Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
flag  Francis Spaulding DUNBAR (19 April 1905,Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA - 14 April 1991,Chatham, Massachusetts, USA)
  Frederick H. DUNBAR (1796, - 30 September 1845,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA (North Amherst) (South Amherst))
US Civil War Soldiers   George DUNBAR (1844, - 8 January 1867,Monson, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
  Herbert DUNBAR (1840, - 7 March 1867,Lenox, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
  Hosea DUNBAR (1750, - 19 April 1828,Worthington, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  James H. DUNBAR (1816,Scituate, Massachusetts, USA - 14 March 1862,Somerville, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Jane DUNBAR (1841,Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada - 20 February 1870,Somerville, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Janet DUNBAR (1390,Cockburn, Scotland - 1434,Dirleton, Scotland)
flag  John DUNBAR (13 June 1776,Palmer, Massachusetts, USA (Bondsville) (Three Rivers) - 13 October 1858,Ware, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
  John B. DUNBAR (1843, - 6 November 1861,West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  John D DUNBAR (1829,Palmer, Massachusetts, USA (Bondsville) (Three Rivers) - 18 November 1852,Ware, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
flag  Joshua DUNBAR (6 October 1670,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA - 26 October 1736,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA)
(Robert DUNBAR & Rose UNKNOWN)
flag  Lizzie Eda DUNBAR (16 June 1862,Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable) - 26 December 1928,Lindsay, Tulare County, California, USA) gravestone
flag  Lucretia S DUNBAR (1815,West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA - 3 February 1890,Ware, Massachusetts, USA)
  Mark W. DUNBAR (1838, - 8 August 1865,West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Mary Susan DUNBAR (1750,, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Robert DUNBAR & Sarah SMITH)
  Olive DUNBAR (1777, - 16 October 1853,Medway, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Peter DUNBAR (6 September 1668,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA - 23 April 1719,Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)
(Robert DUNBAR & Rose UNKNOWN)
flag  Peter DUNBAR (16 November 1701,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA - 16 March 1750,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Peter DUNBAR & Sarah THAXTER)
flag  Peter DUNBAR (9 August 1729,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA - 13 July 1774,Casco, Maine, USA)
(Peter DUNBAR & Hannah DAMON)
  Rebecca DUNBAR (1760, - 18 August 1849,Lenox, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant flag  Robert DUNBAR (1630,, Scotland (United Kingdom) - 19 September 1693,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Robert DUNBAR (16 January 1705,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA - 28 October 1757,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA)
(Joshua DUNBAR & Hannah HATCH (HATCHE))
flag  Robert DUNBAR (1790,, New York, USA - December 1850,Sheffield, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Samuel DUNBAR (abt. 1785,, Maine, USA - 12 May 1813,Falmouth, Maine, USA)
(Peter DUNBAR & Elizabeth BLACKSTONE)
flag  Sarah D DUNBAR (1816,Palmer, Massachusetts, USA (Bondsville) (Three Rivers) - 6 December 1878,Ware, Massachusetts, USA)
  Silas DUNBAR (1817, - 2 July 1864,West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)
  Simeon DUNBAR (1808, - 22 June 1873,West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Sophia DUNBAR (1798,Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA - 1 June 1874,Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Thomas DUNBAR (16 October 1790,, Virginia, USA - 15 November 1852,, Ohio, USA) gravestone
(William DUNBAR & Polly SHELTON)
immigrant flag  William DUNBAR (1698,, Ireland - 23 August 1765,Somerset, Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA)
flag  William DUNBAR (1743,, Virginia, USA - 18 April 1852,Wesley, Washington, Ohio, USA)
(William DUNBAR & Catherine Sarah UNKNOWN)
  William DUNBAR (1786, - 5 February 1847,West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  Lucy C. DUNBER (1811,Ware, Massachusetts, USA - 15 November 1874,Ware, Massachusetts, USA)

  Alexander DUNCAN (1824, - 5 January 1879,Easthampton, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Andrew DUNCAN (3 February 1852,, Tennessee, USA - 4 May 1934,Benton, Illinois, USA) gravestone
(John T DUNCAN & Sarah DYKE)
flag  Arethusa DUNCAN (8 February 1784,Dummerston, Vermont, USA - 27 December 1832,Townshend, Vermont, USA)
flag  Carl Humphrey DUNCAN (5 May 1889,Poquonock, Connecticut, USA - ,)
flag  Cora May DUNCAN (10 December 1875,, Illinois, USA - 19 September 1957,Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA) gravestone
(Andrew DUNCAN & Rosella CAMPBELL)
flag  John DUNCAN (23 August 1730,, Virginia, USA - 29 September 1774,Moore's Fort, Washington, Virginia, USA)
(William DUNCAN & Ruth RAWLEY)
flag  John DUNCAN (abt. 1767,Granville Co., North Carolina, USA - October 1839,DeKalb Co., Tennessee, USA)
(John DUNCAN & Nancy COWARD)
  John DUNCAN (1811, - 27 September 1834,Chelsea, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  John T DUNCAN (abt. 1821,, North Carolina, USA - 30 July 1893,Benton, Franklin, Illinois, USA) gravestone
(John DUNCAN & Susannah "Lucy" CLARDY)
flag  Perry DUNCAN (1831,, Ohio, USA - 30 May 1867,Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA)
flag  Samuel N. DUNCAN (11 May 1879,Pana, Illinois, USA - 5 January 1906,Tucson, Arizona, USA)
immigrant flag  William DUNCAN (19 April 1690,Dumfriesshire, Scotland - 24 February 1781,Culpeper, Virginia, USA (Fairfax))

flag  Harriet DUNCKLEE (1804,Boston, Massachusetts, USA - 28 August 1868,Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA)

  Mark Fisher DUNCKLER (1825, - 4 October 1878,Braintree, Massachusetts, USA)

immigrant flag  Johannah DUNDON (abt. 1821,, Ireland - 5 October 1917,Atchison, Atchison, Kansas, USA)
flag  John Joseph DUNDON (17 April 1902,, New York, USA - February 1976,Albany, New York, USA (Fort Orange))
 World War II Soldier flag  John Joseph DUNDON (9 March 1925,Binghamton, New York, USA - 8 April 1945,, Italy) gravestone
(John Joseph DUNDON & Alice Katharine BOURGARDE)

flag  Mary DUNDOR (1835,Dalton, Massachusetts, USA - 7 September 1875,Dalton, Massachusetts, USA)

  John S. DUNFORD (1821, - 21 January 1878,Vernon, Connecticut, USA)

immigrant flag  Frances DUNGAN (12 November 1630,London, England - 23 August 1692,Warwick, Rhode Island, USA (Hillsgrove) (Pontiac))
flag  William DUNGAN (1664,Newport, Rhode Island, USA - 1713,Bristol, Pennsylvania, USA) gravestone

immigrant flag  Abigail DUNHAM (abt. 1626,Leiden, Netherlands (Holland) (Leyden) - aft. 1668,Eastham, Massachusetts, USA )
  Anna DUNHAM (1774, - 14 August 1850,West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Arvilla A DUNHAM (1837,Royalton, Vermont, USA - 28 August 1858,Montague, Massachusetts, USA (Millers Falls) (Turners Falls))
  Daniel DUNHAM (1807, - 1 January 1852,Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA)
  Ebenezer DUNHAM (1719, - 18 September 1775,, Connecticut, USA)
  Elizabeth DUNHAM (1825, - 31 May 1852,Blackstone, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
  Eunice DUNHAM (1830, - 21 January 1849,Blackstone, Massachusetts, USA)
  Guy F. DUNHAM (1806, - 12 November 1826,West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Harvey DUNHAM (1791,Canaan, Connecticut, USA - 13 February 1872,Sheffield, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  James DUNHAM (1788,Canaan, Connecticut, USA - 30 December 1873,Sheffield, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant flag  John DUNHAM (1614,, England (United Kingdom) - 1692,Cape Cod, New England, USA)
immigrant flag  John DUNHAM (abt. 1620,Leiden, Netherlands (Holland) (Leyden) - 6 April 1682,Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA)
  Joseph DUNHAM (1739, - 20 April 1823,Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
  Joseph DUNHAM (1761, - 2 August 1831,Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Joseph DUNHAM (1806,Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA - 25 August 1853,Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA)
  Judah DUNHAM (1751, - 20 June 1772,, Connecticut, USA)
flag  Lovina E. DUNHAM (1847,Templeton, Massachusetts, USA (Baldwinville) (East Templeton) (Otter River) - 18 July 1880,Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Lydia DUNHAM (1664,Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA - 2 January 1718,Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA (North Plymouth) (White Island Shores))
(John DUNHAM & Dorothy DAY)
US Civil War Soldiers flag  Marcus M DUNHAM (10 October 1841,, New York, USA - 19 June 1864,Alexandria, Virginia, USA) gravestone
flag  Mary DUNHAM (March 8, 1644,Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA (North Plymouth) (White Island Shores) - December 19, 1718,Coggins Pond, Massachusetts, USA)
(John DUNHAM & Dorothy DAY)
  Philip DUNHAM (1779, - 5 February 1866,Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA (Bliss Corner) (Smith Mills))

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