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List of Ancestors whose Last Name (Surname) (Family Name) begins with Cle

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flag  Daniel CLEARY (1845,, Ireland - 12 April 1905,Tucson, Arizona, USA)
flag  Mary CLEARY (1830,, Ireland - 11 July 1897,Feeding Hills, Massachusetts, USA)
  Michael CLEARY (1841, - 31 August 1876,Blackstone, Massachusetts, USA)

  Albro CLEAVELAND (1795, - 11 August 1863,West Greenwich, Rhode Island, USA (Nooseneck))
flag  Anthony H. CLEAVELAND (11 April 1799,Medfield, Massachusetts, USA - 1 October 1879,Medfield, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
  Freeman CLEAVELAND (1804, - 13 October 1830,Union, Connecticut, USA)
  Israel A CLEAVELAND (1841, - 12 November 1864,West Greenwich, Rhode Island, USA (Nooseneck))
flag  Jesse A. CLEAVELAND (1841,Cairo, New York, USA - 23 February 1862,Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA)
  John CLEAVELAND (1806, - 17 December 1825,Union, Connecticut, USA)
  Pain CLEAVELAND (1770, - 6 February 1851,Union, Connecticut, USA)
  Reuben CLEAVELAND (1780, - 28 December 1858,Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA)
  Solomon CLEAVELAND (1812, - 17 October 1878,Union, Connecticut, USA)
flag  Waldo CLEAVELAND (1790,Williamsburg, Massachusetts, USA (Haydenville) - 16 September 1859,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield))

flag  Charles CLEAVES (1810,Amherst, New Hampshire, USA - 25 May 1878,Medford, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Martha CLEAVES (24 July 1681,Beverly, Massachusetts, USA - 15 February 1725,Concord, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(William CLEAVES & Martha EDWARDS)
  Sarah M. CLEAVES (1808, - 15 January 1878,Medfield, Massachusetts, USA)
  William CLEAVES (abt. 1650, - 27 January 1715,Beverly, Massachusetts, USA )

  Benjman CLEAVLAND (1799, - 8 February 1867,Somerset, Massachusetts, USA)
  Clavin CLEAVLAND (1835, - 2 July 1862,Somerset, Massachusetts, USA)
  George CLEAVLAND (1798, - 7 May 1877,Northborough, Massachusetts, USA (Northboro))
  Henry A. CLEAVLAND (1849, - 22 August 1876,Freetown, Massachusetts, USA (Assonet) (East Freetown))
  Sarah A. CLEAVLAND (1840, - 8 September 1880,Northborough, Massachusetts, USA (Northboro))

immigrant flag  Elizabeth CLEEVES (abt. 1619,, England (United Kingdom) - June 1682,Falmouth, Maine, USA)

  Abraham CLEGG (1806, - 22 November 1880,Cumberland, Rhode Island, USA (Valley Falls) (Ashton) (Cumberland Hill))
  Johnathan CLEGG (1825, - 1 July 1865,Adams, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  Coleman CLELAND (1854,, New York, USA - 29 August 1876,Saratoga, New York, USA)
  James CLELAND (1840, - 22 April 1878,Cranston, Rhode Island, USA (Pawtuxet) (Fiskeville))

flag  Jean CLEMANCEAU (abt. 1680,Bordeaux, France - ,)
flag  Jean Pierre CLEMANCEAU (16 March 1712,Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada / Port Royal, Acadia - 8 January 1767,Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada / Port Royal, Acadia)
flag  Marie Anne CLEMANCEAU (15 February 1710,Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada / Port Royal, Acadia - ,)

Clemanceau dit Chefdeverne
flag  Anne CLEMANCEAU dite CHEFDEVERNE (21 February 1708,Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada / Port Royal, Acadia - ,)

flag  Francis CLEMENCE (1796,Sturbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Fiskdale) - 24 August 1858,Westfield, Massachusetts, USA (Wyben))
  Otis CLEMENCE (1810, - 28 October 1863,Johnston, Rhode Island, USA)
  Richard R. CLEMENCE (1790, - 28 December 1872,Glocester, Rhode Island, USA (West Glocester) (Chepachet) (Harmony))
  Stephen CLEMENCE (22 March 1789, - 25 May 1855,Glocester, Rhode Island, USA (West Glocester) (Chepachet) (Harmony)) gravestone

flag  Anna Clemmer CLEMENS (30 December 1729,Lower Salford Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA - 3 May 1790,Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania, USA) gravestone
(Jacob Reiff CLEMENS & Barbara Derstein CLEMMER)
immigrant flag  Jacob Reiff CLEMENS (1704,Neiderflorsheim, Germany - 1760,Salford, Pennsylvania, USA) gravestone
 flag  Samuel Langhorne (A.K.A. Mark Twain) CLEMENS (30 November 1835,, Missouri, USA - 21 April 1910,Redding, Connecticut, USA) gravestone
flag  William W. CLEMENS (1845,Granby, Connecticut, USA - 3 February 1867,Granville, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  Catherine CLEMENT (7 November 1695,, France - ,)
flag  Elizabeth Sloan CLEMENT (1816,, North Carolina, USA - 1870,Marshall, Alabama, USA)
flag  John C CLEMENT (1802,, New York, USA - 5 January 1879,Flint, Michigan, USA)
  Margaret CLEMENT (1795, - 1869,)
flag  Marie-Josephe CLEMENT (abt. 1750,, Québec Province, Canada (Quebec) - 31 July 1775,Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montréal, Québec, Canada* (L'Enfant-Jésus-de-la-Pointe-aux-Trembles))
(Joseph-Charles CLEMENT dit LAJEUNESSE & Marie-Josephte CARBONNEAU)
immigrant - Canada to US   Napoleon CLEMENT (March 1855,, Québec Province, Canada (Quebec) - 01/06/1935,Goffstown, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, USA) gravestone
flag  Ozile Adele CLEMENT (6 January 1890,Litchfield, New Hampshire, USA - 22 April 1944,Manchester, New Hampshire, USA ) gravestone
(Napoleon CLEMENT & Amelia RAYMOND)
  Sarah K. CLEMENT (1829, - 19 August 1852,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield)) gravestone
flag  Thérèse CLEMENT (15 July 1778,Les Cèdres, Québec, Canada (Saint-Joseph-de-Soulanges Les Cedres) - 6 February 1866,Vaudreuil-Dorion, Québec, Canada )

Clement dit Charles
flag  Ignace CLEMENT dit CHARLES (19 February 1719,Laval, Québec, Canada (Saint François-de-Sales-de-l'Ile-Jésus) - 15 November 1747,Laval, Québec, Canada (Saint François-de-Sales-de-l'Ile-Jésus))
(Clement CHARLES dit LAJEUNESSE & Marie-Madeleine DUPRÉ)

Clement dit Duvault
flag  Claire-Françoise CLEMENT dite DUVAULT (abt. 1626,, France - ,)

Clement dit Labonté
flag  Ignace CLEMENT dit LABONTÉ (27 January 1719,Beaumont, Québec, Canada (Saint-Étienne-de-Beaumont) - 7 November 1764,Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse, Québec, Canada)
(Leonard CLEMENT dit LABONTÉ & Marie-Jeanne MORISSET)
immigrant flag  Leonard CLEMENT dit LABONTÉ (abt. 1677,, France - 10 October 1757,Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse, Québec, Canada)
flag  Marguerite CLEMENT dite LABONTÉ (23 November 1751,Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse, Québec, Canada - 16 December 1819,Saint-Gervais, Bellechasse, Québec, Canada (Saints-Gervais-et-Protais))
(Ignace CLEMENT dit LABONTÉ & Veronique FLEURET)
flag  Marie-Jeanne-Anne CLEMENT dite LABONTÉ (31 January 1704,Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Leonard CLEMENT dit LABONTÉ & Marie-Jeanne MORISSET)

flag  Joseph-Charles CLEMENT dit LAJEUNESSE (10 October 1723,Rivière-des-Prairies, Montréal, Québec, Canada (Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rivière-des-Prairies) - ,)
(Clement CHARLES dit LAJEUNESSE & Marie-Madeleine DUPRÉ)

Clement dit Lapointe
flag  Antoine CLEMENT dit LAPOINTE (28 December 1665,Château-Richer, Québec, Canada (La Visitation-de-Notre-Dame de Chateau-Richer) - 5 August 1680,La Prairie, Québec, Canada (St-Philippe) (St-Jean-François-Régis))
(Jean CLEMENT dit LAPOINTE & Madeleine SURGET)
immigrant flag  Jean CLEMENT dit LAPOINTE (15 July 1629,, France - 24 September 1686,La Prairie, Québec, Canada (St-Philippe) (St-Jean-François-Régis))
flag  Jean-Marc CLEMENT dit LAPOINTE (abt. 1660,, Québec Province, Canada (Quebec) - 4 April 1687,La Prairie, Québec, Canada (St-Philippe) (St-Jean-François-Régis))
(Jean CLEMENT dit LAPOINTE & Madeleine SURGET)
flag  Madeleine-Marie CLEMENT dite LAPOINTE (23 December 1668,Château-Richer, Québec, Canada (La Visitation-de-Notre-Dame de Chateau-Richer) - 12 February 1760,La Prairie, Québec, Canada (St-Philippe) (St-Jean-François-Régis))
(Jean CLEMENT dit LAPOINTE & Madeleine SURGET)
flag  Marguerite-Jacquette CLEMENT dite LAPOINTE (3 March 1664,Château-Richer, Québec, Canada (La Visitation-de-Notre-Dame de Chateau-Richer) - 17 November 1710,La Prairie, Québec, Canada (St-Philippe) (St-Jean-François-Régis))
(Jean CLEMENT dit LAPOINTE & Madeleine SURGET)
flag  Marie CLEMENT dite LAPOINTE (29 May 1662,Château-Richer, Québec, Canada (La Visitation-de-Notre-Dame de Chateau-Richer) - 11 November 1723,Québec, Québec, Canada (Quebec City))
(Jean CLEMENT dit LAPOINTE & Madeleine SURGET)

Clement dit Larivière
flag  Antoine CLEMENT dit LARIVIÈRE (6 February 1708,Lachine, Montréal, Québec, Canada (Saints-Anges-de-Lachine) - 2 May 1774,Pointe-Claire, Montréal, Québec, Canada (Saint-Joachim-de-la-Pointe-Claire))
flag  François CLEMENT dit LARIVIÈRE (9 November 1742,Pointe-Claire, Montréal, Québec, Canada (Saint-Joachim-de-la-Pointe-Claire) - 1 May 1830,Vaudreuil-Dorion, Québec, Canada )
(Antoine CLEMENT dit LARIVIÈRE & Marie-Anne BOURDON)
immigrant flag  Pierre CLEMENT dit LARIVIÈRE (abt. 1670,, France - 11 October 1725,Pointe-Claire, Montréal, Québec, Canada (Saint-Joachim-de-la-Pointe-Claire))

flag  Abraham CLEMENTS (1624,, England (United Kingdom) - 5 April 1677,, Ireland)
flag  Ann CLEMENTS (1808,Haddonfield, New Jersey, USA - 13 February 1868,Haddonfield, New Jersey, USA)
flag  Daniel CLEMENTS (1625,, England (United Kingdom) - bef. 1 June 1680,, Ireland)
flag  Dorothy CLEMENTS (abt. 1686,Hampton, New Hampshire, USA - 24 March 1704,Hampton, New Hampshire, USA)
flag  Elizabeth CLEMENTS (1657,, England (United Kingdom) - ,)
(Daniel CLEMENTS & Elizabeth UNKNOWN)
flag  Hannah CLEMENTS (2 October 1660,Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA (Ayers Village) - 1717,Kittery, Maine, USA)
(Robert CLEMENTS & Elizabeth FAWNE)
immigrant flag  Job CLEMENTS (1615,, England (United Kingdom) - 4 September 1682,Dover, New Hampshire, USA)
immigrant flag  John CLEMENTS (bef. 22 October 1620,, England (United Kingdom) - 21 July 1659,Atlantic Ocean (at sea))
flag  Jonathan CLEMENTS (abt. 1673,Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA (Ayers Village) - ,)
(Robert CLEMENTS & Elizabeth FAWNE)
flag  Lydia CLEMENTS (1645,, England (United Kingdom) - ,)
(Abraham CLEMENTS & Elizabeth UNKNOWN)
flag  Lydia CLEMENTS (1655,, England (United Kingdom) - ,)
(Daniel CLEMENTS & Elizabeth UNKNOWN)
immigrant flag  Lydia Abigail CLEMENTS (abt. 1618,, England (United Kingdom) - 16 January 1675,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant flag  Mary CLEMENTS (abt. 1637,, England (United Kingdom) - 27 October 1710,Andover, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
flag  Mary CLEMENTS (8 June 1670,Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA (Ayers Village) - ,)
(Robert CLEMENTS & Elizabeth FAWNE)
flag  Mary CLEMENTS (23 June 1777,Berwick, Maine, USA - abt. 1855,Malone, New York, USA)
  Rebecca CLEMENTS (, - ,)
flag  Richard CLEMENTS (abt. 1751,Berwick, Maine, USA - abt. 1791,Berwick, Maine, USA)
immigrant flag  Robert CLEMENTS (14 December 1595,, England (United Kingdom) - 29 September 1658,Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA (Ayers Village))
immigrant flag  Robert CLEMENTS (14 December 1634,, England (United Kingdom) - 1714,Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA (Ayers Village))
flag  Robert CLEMENTS (1664,, England (United Kingdom) - ,)
(Daniel CLEMENTS & Elizabeth UNKNOWN)
flag  Robert CLEMENTS (29 March 1665,Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA (Ayers Village) - ,)
(Robert CLEMENTS & Elizabeth FAWNE)
immigrant flag  Sarah CLEMENTS (abt. 1626,, England (United Kingdom) - 16 January 1676,Salisbury, Massachusetts, USA)

  Sarah CLEMMENCE (1787, - 1 April 1855,Warwick, Massachusetts, USA)

immigrant flag  James CLEMMENT (1781,Bristol, England - 15 June 1851,Ware, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Josiah CLEMMENT (1793,Dana, Massachusetts, USA* - 17 June 1863,Dana, Massachusetts, USA*)

immigrant flag  Barbara Derstein CLEMMER (1710,, Germany (German States) (German Empire) - 14 December 1779,Salford Mennonite Harleysville Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA) gravestone

  Abel CLEMMONS (1785, - 5 September 1847,Westfield, Massachusetts, USA (Wyben))

flag  Anna CLEMONS (1789,Granby, Connecticut, USA - 14 December 1868,Granville, Massachusetts, USA)
  John CLEMONS (1789, - 17 May 1824,Salem, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  Sarah Elizabeth CLEMSON (24 January 1860,Xenia, Ohio, USA - 19 December 1938,Orlando, Florida, USA)

immigrant flag  Thomasine CLENCH (6 October 1608,Bottisham, Cambridgeshire, England - 13 June 1653,Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA)

  John CLEOX (1828, - 31 October 1861,Medway, Massachusetts, USA)

immigrant flag  Elizabeth CLERE (February 1612,, England (United Kingdom) - ,Salisbury, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  Claude CLERGE (abt. 1692,, France - ,)

immigrant Fille du Roi flag  Catherine CLERICE (abt. 1653,Paris, France - 1 March 1715,Varennes, Québec, Canada (Sainte-Anne-de-Varennes))

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