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List of Ancestors whose Last Name (Surname) (Family Name) begins with Arm

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immigrant flag  Laurent ARMAND (abt. 1642,, France - 12 February 1709,Québec, Québec, Canada (Quebec City))
immigrant Fille a Marier flag  Marie ARMAND (abt. 1636,Rouen, France - ,, Québec Province, Canada (Quebec))

  Joseph ARMBRISTER (28 September 1884,Bahamas - 23 October 1918,Key West, Florida, USA)

immigrant flag  Henry ARMBRUST (24 August 1846,, Germany (German States) (German Empire) - 5 October 1918,Normal, Illinois, USA)

  Edwardus ARMBRUSTER (1863, - 26 August 1903,Buffalo, New York, USA)
  William ARMBRUSTER (1852, - 15 November 1918,Buffalo, New York, USA)

flag  George C. ARMER (1831,, Massachusetts, USA - 4 June 1876,Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA)

  B.E. ARMES (1803, - 9 July 1877,Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA)
flag  E. C. ARMES (1857,, Tennessee, USA - 21 June 1876,Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
flag  W. J. ARMES (1816,, Virginia, USA - 3 August 1874,Nashville, Tennessee, USA)

flag  Ambrosio Vicente ARMIJO (8 June 1875,Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA - ,)

flag  Edward B. ARMIL (1830,, Pennsylvania, USA - 7 November 1880,Des Moines, Iowa, USA)

  Elizabeth Edge ARMINGTON (14 August 1877, - ,)

  Benjamin ARMITAGE (1802, - 3 November 1838,Danbury, Connecticut, USA)
flag  Isaac ARMITAGE (1804,, England (United Kingdom) - 31 December 1855,Passaic, New Jersey, USA)
flag  James W ARMITAGE (1833,Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA - 13 December 1873,Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA)
  William ARMITAGE (1810, - 28 April 1880,Needham, Massachusetts, USA)
  William ARMITAGE (1818, - 10 January 1879,Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA (Esmond) (Georgiaville))

flag  Albert ARMITSTEAD (February, 18, 1872,Killington, Westmoreland, England - August 21, 1950,Westmoreland, England)
(Thomas ARMITSTEAD & Elizabeth WHARTON)
immigrant flag  Elizabeth ARMITSTEAD (November 22, 1895,Moreland, Cumberland, England - April 29, 1987,Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada) gravestone
flag  Thomas ARMITSTEAD (February 27, 1825,Killington Westmoreland, England - June 12, 1904,Greyrigg Westmoreland, England)

  Robert ARMON (1760, - 9 November 1836,Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA (Coltsville))

  James ARMOUR (1756, - 12 October 1838,Union, Connecticut, USA)

flag  Aaron ARMS (1789,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield) - 11 April 1849,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield))
flag  Alvin Thomas ARMS (1815,Richford, Vermont, USA - 5 December 1871,Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA) gravestone
flag  Angeline ARMS (1818,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield) - 26 August 1865,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield))
  Chester ARMS (1786, - 13 April 1869,Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Christopher Tyler ARMS (21 March 1781,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield) - 11 July 1854,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield)) gravestone
flag  Daniel ARMS (11 September 1687,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield) - 28 September 1753,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield)) gravestone
(William ARMS & Joanna HAWKS)
  Daniel ARMS (1823, - 31 August 1875,Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Dennis ARMS (1791,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield) - 18 January 1854,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield))
flag  Dolly ARMS (1783,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield) - 20 August 1862,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield))
flag  Fanny E. ARMS (1855,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield) - 3 February 1876,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield))
flag  Fidelia ARMS (1801,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield) - 11 July 1880,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield))
flag  Harry ARMS (30 August 1787,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield) - 13 September 1855,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield)) gravestone
  Harry ARMS (1837, - 13 September 1855,Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Ira ARMS (13 May 1783,Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA - 9 September 1859,Shelburne, Massachusetts, USA (Shelburne Falls))
flag  Jenette ARMS (1809,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield) - 18 November 1877,Montague, Massachusetts, USA (Millers Falls) (Turners Falls))
  John ARMS (1802, - 18 March 1875,Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  John Boyden ARMS (1807,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield) - 4 February 1852,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield))
  John H ARMS (1832, - 16 July 1854,Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Lewis ARMS (1796,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield) - 29 November 1852,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield))
flag  Lucretia ARMS (1783,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield) - 13 March 1855,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield))
  Lyman S ARMS (1824, - 29 May 1864,Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Martha ARMS (3 February 1729,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield) - 5 May 1802,Charlemont, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Daniel ARMS & Esther SMEAD)
flag  Miranda A. ARMS (1800,Conway, Massachusetts, USA - 8 October 1872,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield))
flag  Pliny ARMS (17 February 1778,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield) - 2 February 1859,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield)) gravestone
flag  Ralph ARMS (5 March 1791,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield) - 3 August 1851,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield)) gravestone
flag  S. E. ARMS (1803,, New York, USA - 10 July 1877,Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA)
flag  Sophia ARMS (23 January 1793,Conway, Massachusetts, USA - 6 April 1862,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield)) gravestone
flag  Sophia ARMS (1794,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield) - 7 January 1857,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield)) gravestone
immigrant flag  William ARMS (1654,, England (United Kingdom) - 25 August 1731,Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA (South Deerfield)) gravestone

flag  Hiram ARMSTADT (1828,, New York, USA - 14 November 1872,Detroit, Michigan, USA)
flag  Hiram ARMSTADT (1831,, New York, USA - 17 November 1871,Detroit, Michigan, USA)

flag  Ellen ARMSTED (1800,, Ireland - 7 March 1854,Ware, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  John ARMSTED (1819,Palmyra, New York, USA - 2 June 1869,Detroit, Michigan, USA)

flag  Andrew W. ARMSTRONG (1859,, United States (USA) (American Colonies) - 26 July 1897,Bayonne, New Jersey, USA)
flag  Anna ARMSTRONG (1875,, Ohio, USA - 23 January 1897,Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
flag  Bailey ARMSTRONG (1851,, Tennessee, USA - 14 October 1878,Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
flag  Chester ARMSTRONG (1796,, Vermont, USA - 29 March 1873,Lansing, Michigan, USA)
flag  David ARMSTRONG (1797,, Maryland, USA - 21 May 1878,Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
flag  Eugene E ARMSTRONG (13 September 1921,, Massachusetts, USA - 26 September 1983,Worcester, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Fannie Dorothy ARMSTRONG (1820,Lee, Massachusetts, USA - 14 December 1872,Lee, Massachusetts, USA)
  George ARMSTRONG (1772, - 10 December 1857,Newport, Rhode Island, USA) gravestone
flag  George ARMSTRONG (25 February 1785,, Rhode Island, USA - 11 October 1876,Jamestown, Rhode Island, USA) gravestone
  Georgianna ARMSTRONG (, - ,)
  Henry M ARMSTRONG (1836, - 28 August 1879,Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA)
flag  Isaiah ARMSTRONG (1851,Springfield, Massachusetts, USA (Indian Orchard) - 14 February 1870,Northampton, Massachusetts, USA )
  James ARMSTRONG (1800, - 18 October 1868,Johnston, Rhode Island, USA) gravestone
flag  James A. ARMSTRONG (1810,, Michigan, USA - March 1874,Detroit, Michigan, USA)
flag  John ARMSTRONG (1796,Wendell, Massachusetts, USA - 7 September 1866,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA (North Amherst) (South Amherst))
immigrant flag  John ARMSTRONG (1821,, Ireland - 27 October 1861,Somerville, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  John A. ARMSTRONG (1831,, Maine, USA - 28 November 1878,Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
flag  John Bates ARMSTRONG (1850,Detroit, Michigan, USA - 4 November 1871,Detroit, Michigan, USA)
flag  John J. ARMSTRONG (1818,, Ireland - 27 November 1872,Detroit, Michigan, USA)
flag  Joseph ARMSTRONG (1853,, New York, USA - 10 November 1875,Detroit, Michigan, USA)
flag  Kate ARMSTRONG (1859,, Ireland - 6 May 1878,Marquette, Michigan, USA)
flag  Leander ARMSTRONG (1842,, New York, USA - 6 July 1868,Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA)
flag  Lucy P. ARMSTRONG (31 March 1800,Rocky Hill, Connecticut, USA - 11 January 1876,Columbus, Ohio, USA)
flag  Mary ARMSTRONG (August 21 1862,Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada - April 21 1948,Glacier Washington, USA)
flag  Mattie ARMSTRONG (16 February 1907,Wilmington, North Carolina, USA - ,)
flag  N. ARMSTRONG (1840,, Tennessee, USA - 1 October 1877,Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
  Robert ARMSTRONG (, - ,)
flag  Theodore H. ARMSTRONG (1843,, United States (USA) (American Colonies) - 6 February 1894,Bayonne, New Jersey, USA)
flag  Thomas ARMSTRONG (1853,, Scotland (United Kingdom) - 8 February 1875,Detroit, Michigan, USA)
flag  Thomas B. ARMSTRONG (1840,Cleveland, Ohio, USA - 27 February 1888,Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
  Timothy ARMSTRONG (1760, - 14 January 1856,Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
  William ARMSTRONG (18 October 1786, - 5 November 1872,Glocester, Rhode Island, USA (West Glocester) (Chepachet) (Harmony)) gravestone
flag  William ARMSTRONG (1801,, Ireland - 30 August 1862,Ware, Massachusetts, USA)

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