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Carignan-Salières Regiment

The Carignan-Salières Regiment was a French military unit that played a significant role in the colonization of New France (nowadays Quebec, Canada) during the 17th century. The regiment was formed in 1665 and named after its commanders, Colonel Philippe de Carignan and Lieutenant-Colonel Alexandre de Prouville de Tracy, Marquis de Salières.

The regiment was sent to New France by King Louis XIV of France to strengthen the colony's defenses and expand French influence in North America. Its primary mission was to counter the threat posed by the Iroquois Confederacy, a powerful indigenous alliance that had been opposing French expansion.

The Carignan-Salières Regiment conducted a series of military campaigns against the Iroquois between 1666 and 1667, resulting in the signing of the Great Peace of Montreal in 1701, which temporarily reduced Iroquois hostilities. The regiment's presence helped stabilize the French colony and facilitated the establishment of several new settlements in the region.

The soldiers of the Carignan-Salières Regiment played a role in shaping the early history of New France, contributing to the colonization efforts and interactions between the French and indigenous peoples.

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