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, United States (USA) (American Colonies)
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1850 - March 19 – American Express is founded by Henry Wells & William Fargo.

CAPITAL $150,000.

The American Express Company, having purchased the several Domestic Express Lines of Wells & Co., Livingston & Fargo and Butterfield, Wasson & Co., will hereafter carry on the express business on all the several lines at the places heretofore run and occupied by said several Express Lines.

The business of said American Express Company at and between New York and Buffalo and intermediate places will be transacted in the name of "Wells, Butterfield & Co." and at and between Buffalo, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis, and intermediate places, west of Buffalo, in the name of "Livingston, Fargo & Co."

WM. A LIVINGSTON.....Cincinnati
WM. G. FARGO.........Buffalo
JAMES McKAY..........Buffalo
JAMES D. WASSON......Albany
HENRY WELLS..........New York

J.W. WETHERELL, Agent for Sandusky.


The Sandusky Register

Sandusky, Ohio

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