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St Louis, Missouri, USA
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1896 - St. Louis, Mo. - May 27, 1896 - Twister

The tornado that came through St. Louis, Missouri on May 27th, 1896 originally formed only six miles west of the Eads Bridge. It swept away or damaged many of the homes and buildings that were built along the river but left the steel span bridge largely undamaged. The St. Louis tornado was part of a major outbreak that caused significant damage throughout several states. It passed through the main part of the city, laying waste to buildings and killing 137 people in a mile-wide path of destruction. od/ tornadoe1/ tp/ deadlytornado.htm

The St. Louis Outbreak - May 27, 1896 - The outbreak in Missouri and Illinois devastated parts of St. Louis. Of the 305 killed, 255 were in and around St. Louis, Mo. There were 1,000 injuries and $10 million in damage in St. Louis alone.

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