Bennington, Vermont, USA - Monuments from Avenue Approach. Old Bennington, Vt.
Bennington, Vermont, USA

Monuments from Avenue Approach. Old Bennington, Vt.

Bennington, Vermont, USA - Main Street, Bennington, Vt.
Bennington, Vermont, USA

Main Street, Bennington, Vt.

Bennington, Vermont, USA - The Walloomsac Inn, Bennington, Vt.
Bennington, Vermont, USA

The Walloomsac Inn, Bennington, Vt.

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Bennington, Vermont, USA
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Where is Bennington, Vermont, USA? 

Bennington is a town in Bennington County, Vermont, United States.

Bennington is home to the Bennington Battle Monument, which is the tallest human-made structure in the state of Vermont. The town has ready access to natural resources and waterpower, and a long history of manufacture, primarily within wood processing. The town is also recognized nationally for its pottery, iron, and textiles.

First of the New Hampshire Grants, Bennington was chartered on January 3, 1749, by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth and named in his honor. It was granted to William Williams and 61 others, mostly from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The town was first settled in 1761 by four families from Hardwick and two from Amherst, Massachusetts. They were led by Capt. Samuel Robinson, who camped in the river valley on his return from the French and Indian War.

There are three historic districts within the town today: Old Bennington, Downtown Bennington and North Bennington. Of these, Old Bennington is the original settlement, dating back to 1761 when Congregational Separatists arrived from Connecticut and from Amherst and Hardwick, Massachusetts. In the early 1800s, Downtown Bennington started developing, and by 1854 the county's population had reached 18,589.Wikipedia

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1777 - August 16 - Americans defeat British in Battle of Bennington, Vt
The Battle of Bennington, delayed a day by rain, was fought. The rain delayed British reinforcements, and allowed the Vermont Militia to arrive in time, enabling the Americans to win a victory by defeating two enemy forces, one at a time.
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"In February. 1782, the Vermont legislature met at Bennington, when few of the representatives from the eastern side of the state could be present, and dissolved the union with the New Hampshire towns by a formal vote."

History of Newbury, Vermont... by Frederic Palmer Wells, 1902
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1791 - Population of Bennington, Vermont - 2,377

A gazetteer of Vermont... by John Hayward Boston - Tappan, Whittemore, and Mason 1849
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1800 - Population of Bennington, Vermont - 2,243

A gazetteer of Vermont... by John Hayward Boston - Tappan, Whittemore, and Mason 1849
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1810 - Population of Bennington, Vermont - 2,524

A gazetteer of Vermont... by John Hayward Boston - Tappan, Whittemore, and Mason 1849
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1820 - Population of Bennington, Vermont - 2,485

A gazetteer of Vermont... by John Hayward Boston - Tappan, Whittemore, and Mason 1849
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1830 - Population of Bennington, Vermont - 3,419

A gazetteer of Vermont... by John Hayward Boston - Tappan, Whittemore, and Mason 1849
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1840 - Population of Bennington, Vermont - 3,429

A gazetteer of Vermont... by John Hayward Boston - Tappan, Whittemore, and Mason 1849
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1849 Bennington
One of the chief towns in the county. It is situated high above the great rivers and the ocean, yet we find it of good alluvial soil, delightfully encircled by evergreen mountains. It abounds in iron ore, manganese, ochre and marble. The streams are numerous and afford excellent mill sites. The...Read MORE...

BENNINGTON, a village, semi-capital with Manchester of the forenamed co., 57 m. NE of Albany, 117 m. SW of Montpelier, settled in 1761. It is intersected by branches of the Hoosick, which afford good water-power. The surrounding district is fertile, and affords marble, iron-ore, and yellow ochre....Read MORE...

News  1870 - At Bennington, Vt., a physician gave a man up to die, but going home he broke his leg, and his patient was the one who made him a crutch to hobble about on.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan
January 29, 1870
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1891 - Bennington Battle Monument completed in Old Bennington resources/ state-history-timeline/ vermont.html
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Eleven Bennington People Doze While House Burns.
(Special to The Messenger.)

Bennington, June 5. — The boarding house of Mrs. D. A. Healey, on South st., had a narrow escape from being burned Sunday night, and none of the eleven occupants in it knew anything of the affair until after they arose ...Read MORE...

News  1902 - Unity Collar and Cuff Co. Fire
Bennington, Vt. March 9. - The most disastrous fire in the history of North Bennington broke out in the cutting room of the Unity Collar and Cuff Co., at 3 o'clock this morning completely destroying the establishment and contents except the engine and boiler room and a small storehouse. The...Read MORE...

Rainstorm Dbscures[sic] Driver's View - One Killed and Two Injured.

BENNINGTON, Vt., May 30. - A driving rainstorm that obscured the view of an automobile driver and an electric car motorman to-day caused a collision, in which Henry L. Knapp, 40 years of age, a local saloon keeper, who was in...Read MORE...

News  1912 - BAD WRECK ON RUTLAND. Three Are Dead and Eleven Are Injured Near Bennington.
Bennington, Sept. 9. - In a head-on collision a mile north of the railway station, two persons were killed and nearly a score injured, one fatally. The accident occurred when a passenger train on the Rutland railroad from Troy ran into a southbound milk train. Both locomotives were wrecked and...Read MORE...

Bennington, a banking post-village, one of the capitals of Bennington CO., Vt., is in Bennington township (town), on the Rutland and the Chatham and Lebanon Valley Ra., 55 miles 8. by W. of Rutland and about 35 miles (direct) NE. of Albany, N.Y. It has extensive manufactures of knitted goods,...Read MORE...

News  1927 - Flood
...Trolley cars were swept from their tracks by the flood waters at Bennington...
The Oelwein Daily Register
November 4, 1927
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News  1930 - Record Flyer, Hurt in Plane, Being Sought. Comrade Leaves Goldsboro, Alive in Wreck, to Seek Aid.
BENNINGTON, Vt., July 14. (AP). - Frank Goldsboro, 19, holder of the junior transcontinental flight record, was pinned beneath the wreckage of his plane in the woods near here Monday. Donald Mocklei, a companion, made his way from the plane wreckage to Bennington, but was unable exactly to locate...Read MORE...

Ancestors Who Were Born Here

flag  James Ascher Bangs (5 December 1828, Bennington, Vermont, USA - 5 February 1915, Bennington, Vermont, USA) gravestone

flag  John Y Breakenridge (1816, Bennington, Vermont, USA - 12 December 1882, Bennington, Vermont, USA)

flag  David B. Carson (1798, Bennington, Vermont, USA - 28 September 1855, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA (Wyben))

flag  Polly Cutler (22 December 1780, Bennington, Vermont, USA - 4 November 1863, Clymer, Chautauqua, New York, USA) gravestone

flag  Clarissa Day (1829, Bennington, Vermont, USA - 31 March 1904, Bennington, Vermont, USA)
flag  Flora Day (1866, Bennington, Vermont, USA - 2 September 1887, Bennington, Vermont, USA)

flag  Helen Godfrey (1811, Bennington, Vermont, USA - 25 September 1876, Bennington, Vermont, USA)

flag  Justus Lyon (12 October 1777, Bennington, Vermont, USA - 7 March 1873, Clymer, Chautauqua, New York, USA) gravestone

flag  Gideon K. Morse (1819, Bennington, Vermont, USA - 6 July 1902, Bennington, Vermont, USA)
flag  Newell Morse (1836, Bennington, Vermont, USA - 4 September 1890, Bennington, Vermont, USA)

flag  Gordon Muckle (March 7 1969, Bennington, Vermont, USA - June 6 2009, , Illinois, USA)

flag  Rebecca Robinson (27 April 1763, Bennington, Vermont, USA - 3 September 1827, Swanton, Vermont, USA)

flag  Mercy R. Webster (1793, Bennington, Vermont, USA - 1 March 1877, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA (North Amherst) (South Amherst))

Ancestors Who Died Here

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Ancestors Who Were Married Here

David Cutler (abt. 1760 - ) & Rebecca Robinson (27 April 1763 - 3 September 1827)
married abt. 1779

Walter Herbert Russell ( - ) & Jeannette Emily Galusha (16 July 1890 - 18 May 1983)
married 28 March 1910

Frank Harris (20 October 1867 - 14 February 1953) & Nellie J Galusha (7 February 1865 - 19 April 1936)
married 1 October 1918

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