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Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA - Old Stone House (Erected 1639)
Guilford, Conn.
Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Old Stone House (Erected 1639)
Guilford, Conn.

Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA - Great Harbor, Leetes Island, Guilford, Conn.
Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Great Harbor, Leetes Island, Guilford, Conn.

Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA - Club House and Cottages, Sachem Head
Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Club House and Cottages, Sachem Head

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Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA?  In May of 1639, a band of puritans, led by the Reverend Henry Whitfield, left England to seek religious freedom in the New World. They set sail for Quinnipiac (now called New Haven) and arrived there later that Summer.

After negotiating with the local Native Americans, who were represented by their squaw sachem (female chief) Shaumpishuh, the group purchased land halfway between New Haven and Saybrook. There they established the plantation of Menuncatuck, which would later be known as Guilford. ~ctcguilf/ history.html

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History / News

1819 - Guilford
Guilford, and ancient and populous maritime post township, is situated upon Long-Island sound, 15 miles east of New-Haven, and 35 south from Hartford; bounded on the north by Durham, on the east by Hammonassett river, which separates it from Killingworth, on the south by Long Island sound, and on the west by Branford. Its mean length from north to south is about eleven miles, and its mean breadth nearly seven; comprising about 72 square miles. The surface and face of the country are various; on the border of the sound, are some tracts of alluvial; the interior is broken and rough, being rocky and hilly; and in some sections mountainous...

A Gazetteer of the States of Connecticut and Rhode-Island: Written with Care and Impartiality, from Original and Authentic Materials : Consisting of Two Parts ... : with an Accurate and Improved Map of Each State
Authors John Chauncey Pease, John Milton Niles
Publisher W.S. Marsh, 1819

News 1858 - Justice?
Justice must move very slowly in Guilford, Conn. Some six weeks ago, a girl was charged with stealing a diamond pin worth $100, and was committed to await her trial for the theft. The pin, which had not been stolen, but only lost, was found within ten days after the charge was made, and yet, it is stated, the girl still remains in jail.
Lowell Daily Citizen and News
Lowell, Massachusetts
September 07, 1858

1859 - Guilford Fair
The first Guilford Fair was held in the fall of 1859.

GUILFORD, a township in New Haven co., Connecticut, 52 m. S of Hartford. Pop. 2,421.

A Gazetteer of the World: Or, Dictionary of Geographical Knowledge, Volume 3 Publisher A. Fullarton, 1859

1868 - The oldest house in the United States
is believed, by some to be a stone edifice in Guilford, Conn. It was built in 1640, the stone being brought on hand-barrows from a ledge at some distance from the site of the building. The cement with which the walls were laid up is said to be harder than the stone itself. The first wedding in Guilford took place in this edifice, the supper provide... Read MORE...

News 1869 - Fitz Greene Halleck Monument
The monument erected to the memory of Fitz Greene Halleck, at Guilford, Conn., was dedicated on the 8th, with appropriate ceremonies. About 3,000 persons were in attendance.
St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan
July 17, 1869

Ancestors Who Were Born and/or Died Here

Francis Bushnell (1580, , England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 13 Oct 1646, Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA)

Helen Carney (22 Aug 1889, New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA - 10 Nov 1982, Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA)

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