Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - Corner North and West Main Streets, Waterbury, Conn.
Waterbury, Connecticut, USA

Corner North and West Main Streets, Waterbury, Conn.

Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - Willow Street, Waterbury, Conn.
Waterbury, Connecticut, USA

Willow Street, Waterbury, Conn.

Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - Post Office
Waterbury, Connecticut, USA

Post Office

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Waterbury, Connecticut, USA
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Where is Waterbury, Connecticut, USA? 

Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
The original Indian name for the area was 'Matetacoke' (meaning poorly wooded area) and this original settlement at Mattatuck would be named Waterbury upon official recognition by the General Court as the 28th town in the state of Connecticut. Having been established out of Farmington, Waterbury was originally part of Hartford County, but in May 1728 became part of New Haven County as it remains today.www.greaterwaterbury.com/ waterbury_history.php

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History / News

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1674 - Settlers from Farmington purchase land at Mattatuck from the Tunxis Indians; this area later becomes Waterbury and Naugatuck.

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History of Waterbury, Connecticut

History of Waterbury, Connecticut (www.youtube.com)

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1728 – Waterbury, at its own request, is transferred from Hartford County to New Haven County.

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1802 - Brass industry begun at Waterbury by Abel Porter and associates.

Timeline of Connecticut History
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1819 - Waterbury
Waterbury is a post township, situated in the northwest part of the county, 20 miles distant from New-Haven; bounded north by Watertown and Plymouth, east by Wolcott and Cheshire, south by Woodbridge and Oxford, and west by Oxford and Middlebury, comprising an area of about 40 square miles; having...Read MORE...

News  1865 - EXTENSIVE FIRE. The Spirit of Fire After Connecticut Buttons - Heavy Loss.
NEW-HAVEN, Friday, Aug. 18.
The large button factory of MALTBY, MORTON & Co., in Waterbury, Conn., was totally destroyed by fire this morning at 3 o'clock.

The building was entirely of wood, three stories high, and it burned like a cinder. The loss is $80,000. Insured $40,000.

The fire was...

WATERBURY, Ct., July 2. - In confusion, piled up end over end, nearly all of 11 loaded freight cars blocked the Naugatuck track today at the turn out, two miles below Seymour. All day, until 3 P.M., transfers were made on all passenger trains, and there were none of them, but what were very late...Read MORE...

1894 - April 10 - Waterbury, CT received 14 inches of snow

The Weather Channel
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News  1896 - FLED FOR THEIR LIVES. Disastrous Fire in a Waterbury Factory To-day.
Waterbury, Jan. 9. - There was a $20,000 to $30,000 fire to-day at the brass goods factory of Holmes, Booth & Hayden. The fiee started at 11:45 in a small wooden building on the south side of the plant, used as a dipping and plating room.

The cause was an explosion created by an overheated...

Waterbury, Conn., Jan. 18. - A row of wooden buildings on Bank Street at Exchange Palce[sic], was partly gutted by fire today. The roof of the Exchange Hotel was burned and Hodson's Cafe, on the ground floor of the same building was badly damaged by water. Other places of business damaged by fire...Read MORE...

Ball Player Bruised in Crash on the New Haven.

WATERBURY, Conn., Sept. 1. - A passenger train running from Bridgeport to Winsted on the New Haven Railroad crashed into several freight cars south of the station here to-day, injuring three persons.

A. L. Raymond of New York, known as "Bugs"...

The Connecticut Hotel Destroyed by Blaze - Sixty Guests In Peril

WATERBURY, Conn Jan. 4.- One man was killed, five others were injured and the lives of 40 guests endangered in a fire that destroyed the Hotel Connecticut, in the heart of the business section, early yesterday. The police say that...Read MORE...

1926 - July 22 - 105°F (41°C), Waterbury, Connecticut (state record)

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1953 - September 4 - WATR TV channel 20 in Waterbury, CT (NBC) begins

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News  1955 - Hurricane Diane
...Flood waters apparently hit hardest at Stroudsburg, Pa., with at least 20 counted dead, and Waterbury, Conn., where at least 15 persons were reported to have lost their lives.

The Naugatuck River roared through Waterbury, tearing out power lines and sweeping away buildings. It was "the worst...Read MORE...

Ancestors Who Were Born Here

flag  John Vincent Abbott (9 September 1877, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - 10 October 1968, Watertown, Connecticut, USA) gravestone
flag  Loren Styles Abbott (8 November 1871, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - 16 December 1962, Stratford, Connecticut, USA) gravestone

flag  William Boulanger (September 13 1901, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - 1980, Beacon, New York, USA (Matteawan) (Fishkill Landing)) gravestone

flag  Ann May Brocket (1858, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - 22 June 1879, Lee, Massachusetts, USA)

US Civil War Soldiers flag  Franklin B Curtiss (24 February 1841, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - 6 June 1917, ) gravestone
 US Civil War Soldiers flag  Lewis Cleveland Curtiss (27 May 1846, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - 3 May 1896, Plattsmouth, Cass, Nebraska, USA) gravestone
flag  Lucius Curtiss (18 July 1811, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - 8 January 1889, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA) gravestone

flag  Abigail Mallory (20 November 1771, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - , )
flag  Hannah Mallory (5 May 1767, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - , )
flag  Jonah Mallory (29 September 1773, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - , )
flag  Jonathan Allen Mallory (18 April 1769, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - , )
flag  Levi Mallory (20 August 1781, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - , )
flag  Lucy Mallory (20 August 1781, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - , )
flag  Lydia Mallory (20 August 1781, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - , )
flag  Peter Mallory (9 October 1775, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - , )
flag  Silva Mallory (7 February 1778, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - , )

flag  Eli Parsons (1799, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - 4 May 1860, Egremont, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  Zerviah Sutliff (29 January 1772, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - , )

Ancestors Who Died Here

  Edmund Austin (1739, - 26 March 1791, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA)

  Benjamin Baldwin (1752, - 19 March 1801, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA)
  Jonathan Baldwin (1723, - 2 April 1802, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA)
  Noah Baldwin (1755, - 9 January 1813, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA)

flag  Lucius Curtiss (18 July 1811, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - 8 January 1889, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA) gravestone

flag  Nathan Louis Edwards (24 June 1937, Warwick, Rhode Island, USA (Hillsgrove) (Pontiac) - 23 May 1973, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA) gravestone

  Silas Hotchkiss (1719, - 9 January 1783, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA)

flag  Hazel Gertrude Masterson (22 January 1910, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA - 7 August 1979, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA) gravestone

flag  Ezekiel Smith (1 August 1781, Woodbridge, Connecticut, USA (Amity) - 9 December 1825, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA)

flag  Lillian Frances Stevens (11 January 1952, Derby, Connecticut, USA - 30 November 2005, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA)

flag  Hannah Terrill (2 August 1645, Milford, Connecticut, USA - 11 November 1730, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA)

Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Lucius Curtiss (18 July 1811 - 8 January 1889) & Mary Ann Cleveland (8 November 1817 - 15 September 1858)
married 12 September 1837

Cemeteries in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA

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