Manchester, New Hampshire, USA (Tyngstown) (Derryfield) - BUSINESS BLOCK BURNED.

Manchester, N.H., May 13. - The large six-story KENNARD business block was badly damaged by fire this morning, with a loss to the owners and occupants of $100,000.

The Daily Review
Decatur, Illinois 
May 14, 1899
Manchester, New Hampshire, USA (Tyngstown) (Derryfield)


Manchester, N.H., May 13. - The large six-story KENNARD business block was badly damaged by fire this morning, with a loss to the owners and occupants of $100,000.

The...


Manchester, New Hampshire, USA (Tyngstown) (Derryfield) - Amoskeag National Bank and Merchants National Bank
Manchester, New Hampshire, USA (Tyngstown) (Derryfield)

Amoskeag National Bank and Merchants National Bank

Manchester, New Hampshire, USA (Tyngstown) (Derryfield) - Amoskeag Falls, Bridge and Gate House, Merrimac River, Manchester, N.H.
Manchester, New Hampshire, USA (Tyngstown) (Derryfield)

Amoskeag Falls, Bridge and Gate House, Merrimac River, Manchester, N.H.

Manchester, New Hampshire, USA (Tyngstown) (Derryfield) - Elm Street looking North
Manchester, New Hampshire, USA (Tyngstown) (Derryfield)

Elm Street looking North

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Manchester, New Hampshire, USA (Tyngstown) (Derryfield)
People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Manchester, New Hampshire, USA? 

Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, USA

In 1722, John Goffe III settled beside Cohas Brook, later building a dam and sawmill at what was dubbed Old Harry's Town. It was granted by Massachusetts in 1727 as Tyngstown to veterans of Queen Anne's War who served in 1703 under Captain William Tyng. But at New Hampshire's 1741 separation from Massachusetts, the grant was ruled invalid and substituted with Wilton, Maine, so Governor Benning Wentworth rechartered the town in 1751 as Derryfield. Derryfield remains a neighborhood in contemporary Manchester, along its easternmost area adjacent to Massabesic Lake.

In 1807, Samuel Blodget opened a canal and lock system to allow vessels passage around the falls. He envisioned here a great industrial center, "the Manchester of America", like the Industrial Revolution's Manchester in England, the first industrialized city in the world. In 1809, Benjamin Prichard and others built a cotton spinning mill operated by water power on the western bank of the Merrimack. Following Blodgett's suggestion, Derryfield was renamed Manchester in 1810, the year the mill was incorporated as the Amoskeag Cotton & Woolen Manufacturing Company...wikipedia

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History / News

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1810 - Manchester, New Hampshire founded
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We stop the press to announce a frightful accident that occurred near this city, on the Central Railroad, about 1 - o'clock this afternoon, on Drew & Hopkins gravel train.

JOHN G GOTHAM, a young man in this city had been had been up on the gravel train a little ways to see about getting work....Read MORE...

News  1870 - DISASTROUS FIRES. Six Acres of Buildings Burned in Manchester, N.H. -Two Hundred Families Rendered Homeless
Manchester, N.H., July 8. At 2 o’clock this morning a fire broke out in one of the buildings in the rear of the Merchants’ Exchange, and swept through the wooden buildings in that section and soon enveloped nearly all the locality between Elm and Chestnut streets, and between Hanover street on the...Read MORE...

News  1871 - Long-term Letter Carrier
Manchester, N.H., boasts of a letter-carrier who has been such in that city for twenty two years, and is still at it.
St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan
January 21, 1871
Added: 4/3/2014 2:28:18 PM - 1  Updated: 6/18/2014 8:42:49 PM - 1

News  1873 - May 20 - Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis receive United States patent #139121 for using copper rivets to strengthen the pockets of denim work pants.
Levi Strauss & Co. begin manufacturing the famous Levi's brand of jeans, using fabric from the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company in Manchester, New Hampshire.
May 20, 1873
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News  1896 - Dam and Bridge Gone.
Manchester, N. H., March 2. - The Merrimac and Piscataquog rivers, swelled by the continued rain of the past 36 hours, have risen nearly to the highest mark. The Kelly’s Falls dam broke yesterday flooding the electric light plant and causing several thousand dollars damage. Two boys, who are...Read MORE...

News  1903 - FIRE AT MANCHESTER. The Massabesic Hotel Destroyed - Probably the Work of an Incendiary.
Manchester, N. H. May 14. - The Massabesic hotel in this city was destroyed by fire tonight. The hostelry, was one of the landmarks of Manchester, situated on the shores of Lake Massabesic where it had been a public house ever since the old stage coach days.

The fire was doubtless of incendiary...

Manchester, a city, one of the capitals of Hillsboro co., N.H., is situated on the Merrimac River, 18 miles S. of Concord, on the Boston and Maine R. It is the most populous city of the state. Its site is a plain, elevated about 90 feet above the surface of the river, which here falls 54 feet...Read MORE...

Manchester, N. H., April 8. - All the worldly possessions of 2000 Greeks, Armenians, French-Canadians and Irish people, many of them either shoe shop or cotton mill employes, were wiped out by a fire today which in two hours swept away 70 buildings scattered over a block bounded by Elm, Auburn,...Read MORE...

News  1914 - June 24 – In Manchester, New Hampshire, a downtown fire causes $400,000 damage and injures 19 firemen.
June 24, 1914
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1969 - October 30 - WXPO TV channel 50 in Manchester, NH (IND) 1st broadcast
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Ancestors Who Were Born Here

America/USA  Rodolphe Bettez (11 January 1889, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - 2 December 1922, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA )

America/USA  Delia Adeline Couturier (October 1856, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - bet. 1915-1930, , Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Patrick Dickinson (1851, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - 20 April 1872, Dalton, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Elizabeth Fisher (14 August 1895, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - 21 January 1967, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA ) gravestone

America/USA  Clara Grandmont (24 April 1893, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - February 1981, , New Hampshire, USA)

America/USA  Henri Hebert (January 28 1883, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - August 10 1963, Boscawen, New Hampshire, USA)

America/USA  Samuel Leggett (April 5,1934, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - April 1, 1997, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA )

America/USA  Addie Rebecca Moulton (16 August 1855, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - , )

America/USA  Sadie M Newton (28 August 1871, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - 16 July 1933, Lancaster, Coos, New Hampshire, USA)

America/USA  Anna Hattie Orrill (31 December 1888, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - February1976, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA )
America/USA  George Edward Orrill (2 October 1885, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - 2 April 1967, Tampa, Florida, USA)
America/USA  John Henry (Jean Henri) Orrill (26 February 1884, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - 4 May 1975, Deerfield, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA)
America/USA  Laura Agnes Orrill (29 November 1897, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - , )
America/USA  Leona Elizabeth Orrill (13 November 1881, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - , )

Orrill (Orale)
America/USA  William Henry Orrill (Orale) (abt. 3 March 1849, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - 12 December 1909, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA )

America/USA  Victoria Francis "Vicky" Orzechowski (2 August 1911, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - 22 September 2000, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA )

America/USA  Adelie Mary Paquette (19 July 1872, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - 25 December 1925, Gardner, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Howard Walton Pond (4 April 1897, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - 13 March 1960, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA ) gravestone

America/USA  Thomas Rand (1776, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - 31 May 1857, Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA)

Ancestors Who Died Here

We currently have information about 26 ancestors who were died in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA (Tyngstown) (Derryfield).
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Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Louis Duguay (August 1834 - May 1866) & Eloise Caya (10 October 1832 - 8 August 1902)
married abt. 1853

Benjamin Shepley (abt. 1820 - ) & Emeline Messer (Hasser) (abt. 1837 - )
married 23 September 1861

Octave Caya (1848 - ) & Mary Beaudoin (abt. 1847 - )
married 7 January 1873

Isiah François (Frank) Gendreau (18 March 1858 - 2 February 1929) & Marie Glaude (18 March 1858 - 22 March 1894)
married 2 April 1878

William Henry Orrill (Orale) (abt. 3 March 1849 - 12 December 1909) & Laura Evelina LeBrun (June 1858 - 29 April 1940)
married 27 March 1880

George R Brown (abt. 1857 - ) & Jennie Frances Moulton (10 August 1864 - 3 June 1932)
married 11 October 1886

Clarence Melville Nurse (1862 - ) & Sadie M Newton (28 August 1871 - 16 July 1933)
married 11 June 1891

Jean Louis Beaudry (28 September 1863 - 2 August 1922) & Clara Gauvreau ( - )
married 13 June 1893

Ernest C Willett (abt. 1876 - 5 December 1965) & Ectorine Boisvert (abt. 1878 - )
married 12 July 1898

Arthur Auger (<1872> - ) & Agnese-Lumina Turmel (<1881> - 11 February 1905)
married 3 June 1900

George Crosley Feige (27 July 1882 - 9 February 1964) & Rose Maude Little (1880 - 8 February 1935)
married 28 November 1907

Herbert Irving Stewart (3 November 1906 - 5 July 1974) & Etta Alberta Rheel (17 June 1905 - 17 August 1987)
married 17 March 1932

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