Nashua, New  Hampshire, USA (Dunstable) - Nashua River and Falls, Nashua, N.H.
Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable)

Nashua River and Falls, Nashua, N.H.

Nashua, New  Hampshire, USA (Dunstable) - Pearl St. and Tremont House from Main St., Nashua, N.H.
Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable)

Pearl St. and Tremont House from Main St., Nashua, N.H.

Nashua, New  Hampshire, USA (Dunstable) - Main Street looking South
Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable)

Main Street looking South

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Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable)
People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Nashua, New Hampshire, USA? 

Nashua, Hillsborough, New Hampshire,
The area was part of a 200-square-mile (520 km2) tract of land in Massachusetts called Dunstable, which had been awarded to Edward Tyng of Dunstable, England. Nashua lies approximately in the center of the original 1673 grant. The previously disputed boundary between Massachusetts and New Hampshire was fixed in 1741 when the governorships of the two provinces were separated. As a consequence, the township of Dunstable was divided in two. Tyngsborough and some of Dunstable remained in Massachusetts, while Dunstable, New Hampshire, was incorporated in 1746 from the northern section of the town.

Located at the confluence of the Nashua and Merrimack rivers, Dunstable was first settled about 1654 as a fur trading town. Like many 19th century riverfront New England communities, it would be developed during the Industrial Revolution with textile mills operated from water power. By 1836, the Nashua Manufacturing Company had built three cotton mills which produced 9.3 million yards of cloth annually on 710 looms. On December 31, 1836, the New Hampshire half of Dunstable was renamed Nashua, after the Nashua River, by a declaration of the New Hampshire legislature (the Dunstable name lives on across the Massachusetts border)...wikipedia

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History / News

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House Blown Up - Five Persons Injured.
From the Manchester (N. H.) Mirror

A very singular and wonderful accident occurred at Nashua, at 11 o'clock Tuesday evening. MRS. MARY BALL, a widow, occupied tenement No. 1, on Canal street, owned by the JACKSON corporation. Three of her boarders came...Read MORE...

News  1870 - Great Fire in Nashua.
About half past ten Saturday evening fire was discovered in the belfry of the First Congregational Church in Nashua. The fire could have been put out with a gallon of water at first, but fanned by the wind the whole tower was soon enveloped, and owing to the great altitude of the flames no water...Read MORE...

News  1895 - THE MERRIMAC RIVER Higher Than it has been for Years - Still Rising.
Nashua, N. H., April 15 - The great rainfall has raised the Merrimac and Nashua rivers, together with Salmon Brook, into rushing torrents. Saturday night and Sunday the rainfall was the heaviest for a number of years, averaging 2 3-100 inches. The Merrimac commenced to rise at an early hour and...Read MORE...

Nashua, a city, one of the capitals of Hillsboro co., N.H., is situated on the W. bank of the Merrimac River, at the mouth of the Nashua River, 14 miles NW. of Lowell, on the Boston and Maine R. It has abundant water-power and extensive manufactures of cotton, iron, steam-engines, hardware, shears...Read MORE...

News  1911 - July 4 - 106°F (41°C) at Nashua, New Hampshire (state record)
July 4, 1911
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Many Persons Made Homeless and Scores of Communities in Eastern Seaboard States Count Losses Mounting Into Millions - Southeastern Section of Nashua, N. H., in Ruins - New York Encircled by Fires.

NEW YORK. May 5 - (AP) - Hundreds were homeless today and scores of communities counted losses...Read MORE...

Ancestors Who Were Born Here

America/USA  Lucy Bishop (27 December 1911, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable) - 01 January 2001 , Agawam, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Joseph Pelkey (11 22 1889, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable) - 1977, Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA (Attleborough) (South Attleboro)) gravestone

America/USA  Neidre Isabella Smith (23 October 1907, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable) - 3 January 2000, Maynard, Massachusetts, USA)

Ancestors Who Died Here

America/USA  Edith Allen (10 July 1844, Falmouth, Maine, USA - 25 April 1913, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable)) gravestone

Bérard dit Lepine
immigrant - Canada to US   Angeline Bérard dit Lepine (July 26, 1828, Sorel, Québec, Canada - February 11, 1916, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable)) gravestone

immigrant - Canada to US   Blanche Boucher (February 24, 1900, Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire) (Saint-Hyacinthe-le-Confesseur) - January 18, 1991, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable))

immigrant - Canada to US   Hector Brault (January 17, 1896, Iberville, Québec, Canada (Saint-Athanase-de-Bleury) - October 30,1962, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable))

America/USA  Hyacinthe Olivier Joseph Chauvin (21 June 1876, North Grosvenordale, Connecticut, USA - 2 June 1946, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable)) gravestone
America/USA  Joseph Albert Chauvin (24 August 1905, Oxford, Massachusetts, USA - 22 October 1946, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable)) gravestone
America/USA  Marie Jeannette Chauvin (13 April 1913, Webster, Massachusetts, USA - 5 May 2001, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable)) gravestone

immigrant England  Frances Clark (3 April 1828, Cambridge, England - 3 August 1894, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable)) gravestone

America/USA  George Crosley Feige (27 July 1882, North Adams, Massachusetts, USA - 9 February 1964, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable)) gravestone
America/USA  Lillian Maude Feige (24 December 1877, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA (Coltsville) - 2 October 1953, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable)) gravestone

  Aurore Gagnon (1896, around cacuna, quebec canada - , Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable))

America/USA  Louise M Korch (8 May 1919, Thompson, Connecticut, USA - 7 September 1997, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable))

America/USA  Maurice J Lajoie (March 2 1916, Lowell, Massachusetts, USA - , Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable))
America/USA  Maurice Joseph Lajoie (3/2/1916, Lowell, Massachusetts, USA - 1977, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable))

immigrant - Canada to US   Emma Michaud (1873, , Canada - September 1952, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable)) gravestone

immigrant - Canada to US   Helene Paquette (April 4, 1810, Longueuil, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-Longueuil) - Dec. 9, 1884, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable)) gravestone

Canada/New France  George Sirois (, L'Isle-Verte, Québec, Canada (Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-l'Isle-Verte) - , Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable))
Canada/New France  Yvette Sirois (May 10 1922, , Québec Province, Canada (Quebec) - 6/1/1967, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable))
Canada/New France  Yvette Sirois (5/10/22, , Québec Province, Canada (Quebec) - 6/1/1967, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable))

Ancestors Who Were Married Here

David C Sullivan (abt. 1876 - ) & Louise Augusta Egan (31 March 1889 - )
married 03 January 1914

Alfred Lambert (abt. 1889 - ) & Marie-Emma Chauvin (26 February 1903 - bet. 1946-2000)
married 24 October 1921

Edward Joseph Dinneen (15 March 1882 - 18 January 1948) & Ann Stankey (abt. 1885 - )
married 25 April 1933

Gonzague "Louis" Nadeau (1910 - 2003) & Marie Jeannette Chauvin (13 April 1913 - 5 May 2001)
married 18 August 1934

Eude Peter Chauvin (19 July 1909? - September 1957?) & Thérèse A Desmarais (abt. 1910 - )
married 30 May 1936

Cemeteries in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA (Dunstable)

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