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Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA - Portland Harbor, and Islands
Picturesque America... Oliver Bell Bunce, William Cullen Bryant
New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1872-1874.
Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA
Portland Harbor, and Islands
Picturesque America... Oliver Bell Bunce, William Cullen Bryant
New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1872-1874.

Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA - Union Station
Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA
Union Station

Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA - Congress Street, from High, Portland, Maine
Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA
Congress Street, from High, Portland, Maine

Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA - Hay's Corner, Portland, Maine
Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA
Hay's Corner, Portland, Maine

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Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA
People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA?  The first European to attempt settlement was Christopher Levett, an English naval captain who was granted 6,000 acres (24 km2) from the King of England in 1623 to found a permanent settlement in Casco Bay. Levett proposed naming it York after York, England, the town of his birth. A member of the Plymouth Council for New England and an agent for Sir Ferdinando Gorges, Lord Proprietor of Maine, he returned to England and wrote a book about his voyage, hoping to generate support for the settlement. But his efforts yielded little interest, and Levett never returned to Maine. He did sail to Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630 to confer with Governor John Winthrop, but died during return passage to England on the toilet. It's unknown what became of the men he left behind at Machigonne. Fort Levett, built in 1894 on Cushing Island in Portland Harbor, is named for him.

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History / News

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1786 - Portland, Maine founded
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News 1866 - Terrible Conflagration in Portland, Me. Half of the City Destroyed by Fire!
PORTLAND, July 4. - A terrible fire is here, having destroyed Brown's sugar house, and is sweeping through the city before a strong southerly wind.

8 P. M.---The fire caught in the building above the sugar house on C... Read MORE...

News 1870 - Train Accident
Thursday afternoon as the five o'clock train on the Portland & Rochester road was making up at the depot in Portland, Walter Mace, a lad eight years old, and son of Mr. John Mace, baggage master, on the Portland & Kennebec railroad, attempted to get on a baggage car, when he slipped and fell upon the track, and the engine and tender ran over the hip, and also cutting off an arm. He was taken up and conveyed to his home on Lincoln street, and a physician called who amputated both legs and the arm... Read MORE...

1876 - Summer Snow Storm
July 4 freak snowstorm struck Portland

1886 - Portland
Portland, eminent for its business facilities, for the healthfulness and beauty of its situation, and for the enterprise and urbanity of its citizens, occupies the chief harbor on Casco Bay, in the southern part of Cumberland County. Being the nearest port on the Atlantic coast to the cities of the St. Lawrence, and having a harbor safe and Convenient for the largest ocean-steamers, and open at all seasons, it has naturally become the chief seaport of the Canadas, as well as of Western Maine, an... Read MORE...

1898 - Portland - The Gem of Casco Bay by Samuel T. Pickard
PORTLAND enjoys a peculiar distinction among New England cities, not only by reason of the natural advantages of her location, but because of the historical events of which she has been the theatre, and the men of mark in literature, art, and statesmanship whom she has produced. Among the indentations of the Atlantic coast there is no bay which presents a greater wealth and variety of charming scenery, in combination with the advantages of a safe and capacious harbor, than that on which Portland... Read MORE...

News 1908 - Million Dollar Blaze this Morning at Portland, Maine
Fire Started in the City Hall, Destroying County Records for the Past One Hundred Years - the Fire Chief Badly Hurt.

Portland, Maine, Jan 24. - A conflagration visited this city early this morning and was not under control till ten o'clock this morning. The flames were fanned by a howling northwest storm, and threatened the destruction of the city. The city hall and the Methodist church were the principal buildings destroyed.

Fire Chief Eldridge was badly injured; he was struck by a heav... Read MORE...

1911 - July 4 - Temperature reached 103°F
The Weather Channel

News 1912 - FLEE BERTHED SHIPS ABLAZE Captains and Crews Narrowly Escape In Portland Wharf Fire.
PORTLAND, Me., June 30 - Portland's water front, the scene of several big fires, was again seriously threatened by flames early today, when damage of more than $100,000 was caused in a wharf blaze. Two Boston vessels, the barkentine Kremlin and the three-masted schooner Sallie I'On, which had just finished discharging lumber from a Southern port, were burned so badly that they can never go to sea again. The crews of both had narrow escapes.

Beakes's Wharf, where the fire started, and State St... Read MORE...

January 24, 1935 - Snowstorms hit the northeastern U.S. and the Pacific Northwest producing record 24 hour snowfall totals of 23 inches at Portland ME and 52 inches at Winthrop MA.

February 16, 1943 - Record cold prevailed in the northeastern U.S. The mercury plunged to -39 degrees at Portland ME.
The Weather Channel

1953 - December 1 - WCSH TV channel 6 in Portland, ME (NBC) begins broadcasting
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Ancestors Who Were Born and/or Died Here

male Alfred William Bowen (2 Mar 1900, Revere, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA - 11 March 1982, Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA)
male Lyman Leavitt Bowen (04 Apr 1894, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA - 25 Feb 1921, Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA)

female Grace A Cobb (22 Apr 1878, Raymond, Cumberland, Maine, USA - 29 OCT 1967, Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA) gravestone

female Celia Ann Edwards (10 May 1853, Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA - bet. 1930-1940, )

male David M French (1821, Porter, Oxford, Maine, USA - 24 June 1871, Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA)
male David Moulton French (26 SEP 1893, Bath, Sagadahoc, Maine, USA - 13 March 1991, Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA)

male Fred William Gowen (26 July 1881, Westbrook, Cumberland, Maine, USA (Saccarappa) (Cumberland Mills) - 2 Nov 1968, Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA)

male Noe Harnois (30 Aug 1883, Westbrook, Cumberland, Maine, USA (Saccarappa) (Cumberland Mills) - 11 May 1975, Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA)

male George W Johnson (29 Oct 1840, Freeport, Cumberland, Maine, USA - 29 Dec 1899, Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA)

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (27 February 1807, Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA - 24 March 1882, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA)

female Elizabeth (Lizzie) McKenna (4 Feb 1869, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA - 17 Mar 1956, Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA)

male Charles H Potter (18 Apr 1847, Naples, Cumberland, Maine, USA - 08 Mar 1929, Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA)

male Butler Hillman Pratt (6 Aug 1924, Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA - 5 Aug 2007, Falmouth, Cumberland, Maine, USA)

male Raymond E Robinson (24 Sep 1907, Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA - 16 Jan 1913, Minot, Androscoggin, Maine, USA)

male Edwin Forrest Seavey (19 Apr 1846, Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA - 22 Jan 1932, Saint Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida, USA)

male William H True (01 Mar 1825, Freeport, Cumberland, Maine, USA - 23 Jan 1897, Portland, Cumberland, Maine, USA)

Ancestors Who Were Married Here

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