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Shelton (Huntington), Fairfield, Connecticut, USA - The Canal Looking North from Viaduct, Shelton, Conn.
Shelton (Huntington), Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
The Canal Looking North from Viaduct, Shelton, Conn.

Shelton (Huntington), Fairfield, Connecticut, USA - Trap Falls Reservoir, Huntington, Conn. Suburb of Bridgeport, Conn.
Shelton (Huntington), Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
Trap Falls Reservoir, Huntington, Conn. Suburb of Bridgeport, Conn.

Shelton (Huntington), Fairfield, Connecticut, USA - View South from Viaduct, Shelton, Conn.
Shelton (Huntington), Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
View South from Viaduct, Shelton, Conn.

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Shelton (Huntington), Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Shelton (Huntington), Fairfield, Connecticut, USA?  Shelton was settled by the English as part of the town of Stratford, Connecticut, in 1639. On May 15, 1656, the Court of the Colony of Connecticut in Hartford affirmed that the town of Stratford included all of the territory 12 miles (19 km) inland from Long Island Sound, between the Housatonic River and the Fairfield town line. In 1662, Stratford selectmen Lt. Joseph Judson, Captain Joseph Hawley and John Minor had secured all the written deeds of transfer from the Golden Hill Paugussett Indian Nation for this vast territory that comprises the present-day towns of Trumbull, Shelton and Monroe. Shelton was split off from Stratford in 1789, as Huntington (named for Samuel Huntington). The current name originated in a manufacturing village started in the 1860s named for the Shelton Company founded by Edward N. Shelton — also founder of Ousatonic Water Power Company. The rapidly growing borough of Shelton incorporated as a city in 1915 and was consolidated with the town of Huntington in 1919 establishing the present city of Shelton. wikipedia

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History / News

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1819 - Huntington
Huntington, a post town, is situated on the west side of the Ousatonick river, being 17 miles from New-Haven, and 45 from Hartford. It is bounded north on Newtown, south on Stratford and Trumbull, west on Reading and Weston, and east on the Ousatonick river, which separates the town from Oxford and Derby.

The township is about 10 miles long, from northwest to southeast, and averaging nearly 6 miles miles broad, from east to west, containing an area of about 56 square miles...
A Gazetteer of the States of Connecticut and Rhode-Island: Written with Care and Impartiality, from Original and Authentic Materials : Consisting of Two Parts ... : with an Accurate and Improved Map of Each State Authors John Chauncey Pease, John Milton Niles Publisher W.S. Marsh, 1819

News 1875 - Stopping Time
A man in Shelton, Conn., bought a watch at an auction sale. He put it in his pantaloons pocket. When he got home he laid his pantaloons on the floor, and in the night his wife thought she heard a mouse in the room. She got up and reached for it, at last tracing it to the pantaloons, and with a stick pounded the watch all to pieces.
Lowell Daily Citizen and News
Lowell, Massachusetts
April 06, 1875

News 1887 - MCARTHY’S FATAL NAP. While Intoxicated He Falls Asleep on the Railroad at Derby and is Run Over.
John McCarthy a moulder employed at DeForest’s iron works at Shelton, while asleep on the track of the Naugatuck railroad at Derby last night was struck by the south bound train which passes that point about 11 o’clock. He was so terribly bruised that it is though impossible for him to live the day out. He had been drinking liquor freely during the night and while in an intoxicated condition wandered on the track and fell asleep near Stilling’s saloon. He resided in Brooklyn but has friends in N... Read MORE...

Shelton, Conn., April 25. - Fire was discovered in the Birmingham Bone Comb manufactory on Division Street, yesterday. The flames spread to the Housatonic Brass Company's building, then to the Radcliff woolen mill, Horace Wheeler's grocery store, Newell's printing establishment and two dwelling houses.

MRS. MARIE SLIE, aged 85 years, who occupied a tenement in the Wheeler building, was burned so terribly before she could be taken from the house that she died in a few hours. MRS. JULIA HOPKINS... Read MORE...

There was a bad smash-up on the Berkshire division of the Consolidated railroad at the Derby meadows near Shelton and only about 100 feet away from the bridge at 11 o'clock yesterday forenoon. A switching engine attached to some freight cars was backing down grade and was unable to slow up in time to get out of the way of a special freight train that was coming up from the rear.

The presence of the special was discovered in time for the switcher to stop, but the brakes apparently refused to w... Read MORE...

Path Swept Through Huntington Village - One Man Fatally Hurt.

Special to The New York Times.

ANSONIA, Conn. Sept. 16. - A tornado that swept in a fifty-foot patch through the farming community of Huntington last evening tore the three-story house of John Frawley from its foundations and turned it completely over. Mr. and Mrs. Frawley, who were at tea, were caught in a mass of debris and Mr. Frawley was fatally hurt.

The wind came with a roar like an express train. Trees were snapped squ... Read MORE...

Shelton, a post-borough of Fairfield co., Conn., on the Housatonic River, opposite Birmingham. It has various manufactures. Pop. in 1900, 2837.
Lippincott's New Gazetteer: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer Or Geographical Dictionary of the World, Containing the Most Recent and Authentic Information Respecting the Countries, Cities, Towns ... in Every Portion of the Globe Publisher J.B. Lippincott Company, 1906


Shelton, Conn., Feb. 22. - Eight persons were burned to death and 25 injured this afternoon when two trolley cars collided head-on on the Bridgeport - Shelton line near High Bridge, in the southern part of this town.

The Dead:
MILTON CHERITREE of Shelton, motorman of the Bridgeport bound car.
EDITH WILKINSON, four years old, of Shelton.

Ancestors Who Were Born and/or Died Here

Charles William Blessing (27 May 1920, Shelton (Huntington), Fairfield, Connecticut, USA - 18 Apr 2009, Lancaster, Los Angeles, California, USA)
male Donald A Blessing (17 Apr 1925, Shelton (Huntington), Fairfield, Connecticut, USA - 2 Sep 2009, Longmont, Boulder, Colorado, USA) gravestone
Lillian Blessing (8 Oct 1932, Shelton (Huntington), Fairfield, Connecticut, USA - 22 Mar 2010, Ansonia, New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
female Marjorie Eleanor Blessing (27 Apr 1928, Shelton (Huntington), Fairfield, Connecticut, USA - 09 Jul 1993, Derby, New Haven, Connecticut, USA)

Helen Louise Fratscher (6 Feb 1901, Shelton (Huntington), Fairfield, Connecticut, USA - 27 Apr 1983, Derby, New Haven, Connecticut, USA)

female Beryl E Pettingill (11 Aug 1922, Jay, Franklin, Maine, USA - 12 Dec 2010, Shelton (Huntington), Fairfield, Connecticut, USA)

male Richard Clark Stevens (22 Jan 1924, Shelton (Huntington), Fairfield, Connecticut, USA - 1 Dec 2005, West Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA)

male Walter Alexander Zelanin (23 May 1927, West Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA - 8 Nov 2007, Shelton (Huntington), Fairfield, Connecticut, USA)

Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Richard Clark Stevens (22 Jan 1924 - 1 Dec 2005) & Marjorie Eleanor Blessing (27 Apr 1928 - 09 Jul 1993)
married 9 February 1946

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