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Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA - War Memorial Bridge, Putnam, Conn.
Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA
War Memorial Bridge, Putnam, Conn.

Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA - St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church and Rectory, Putnam, Conn.
Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church and Rectory, Putnam, Conn.

Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA - Cargill Falls. Putnam, Conn.
Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA
Cargill Falls. Putnam, Conn.

Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA - New Depot
Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA
New Depot

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Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA
People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA?  Originally known as Aspinock, then part of Killingly, Putnam was incorporated in 1855, carved out of Killingly, Pomfret, and Thompson and named in honor of General Israel Putnam of Revolutionary War fame. Some of the early settlers led the expansion to the Northwest Territory in 1787.

One of the first cotton mills in the country was built here in 1806. With the availability of waterpower and the opening of the railroad in 1840, textile industries flourished. After the mill district was ravaged by the flood of 1955, the Industrial area of Putnam was rebuilt. ourhistory.htm

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History / News

News 1870 - Interesting Marriage
A clergyman of Putnam, Conn., recently married a couple on the cars, without the other passengers having any knowledge or suspicion of the transaction.
St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan
June 4, 1870

News 1899 - Distracted Mother
Mrs. Chauncey Talbot of Putnam, Conn, Drowns Herself and Two-Year Old Boy.

Putnam, Conn., July 12 - Mrs Chauncey Talbot, aged 23 years, the wife of a well-known business man of this place, drowned herself and her 2-year-old boy in the Quinebaug River early this morning. The bodies were recovered later. The young woman left the house with her chi... Read MORE...

Putnam, Conn., Nov. 22. -- The total loss resulting from the burning of half a dozen or more buildings in the business center of the city, last night will not exceed $100,000, it is estimated today and may be somewhat under that figure. The police say that all the indications are that the fire was set in accordance with a carefully laid plan and se... Read MORE...

Ancestors Who Were Born and/or Died Here

(Bonosconi, Banaroui, Banasconi ) Collette
female Dora (Bonosconi, Banaroui, Banasconi ) Collette (abt. 1903, Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA - , )

(Joly) Collette
female Jeanne Darc Collette (Joly) Collette (, Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA - Aug 25, 2001, umass, worcester, ma)

male Amable Anger (April 22, 1830, Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada (St Denis) - August 9, 1872, Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA)

female Georgianna Bibeault (Aug 1873, , Connecticut, USA - 18 Aug 1951, Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA)

male Raymond Collette (abt. 1929, Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA - 12 Mar 1998, Killingly, Windham, Connecticut, USA)

male Felix Desmarais (28 July 1872, Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA - aft. 1940, )

Richard S Feige (9 Jun 1918, Webster, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA - 25 Dec 1995, Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA)

Annie Kemintz (Jun 1847, , Germany (German States) (German Empire) - 2 April 1920, Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA)
Rose Kemintz (Aug 1837, , Germany (German States) (German Empire) - 11 Aug 1914, Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA)

male Harold Earl Korch (1 Oct 1925, Webster, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA - 14 Feb 2007, Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA)

male Raymond R Lachapelle (17 Jan 1916, North Grosvenordale, Thompson, Windham, Connecticut, USA - 18 Oct 1998, Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA)

female Sophie Josephine Lamothe (1863, Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA - aft. 1940, )

female Marie Corrine Peck (14 Dec 1888, Southbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA - 18 Dec 1959, Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA)

female Marie Peloquin (7 Nov 1859, Sorel, Québec, Canada - 24 Apr 1911, Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA)

female Annie Louise Rheel (Feb 1884, Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA - 26 Mar 1948, )
female Minnie Alice Rheel (May 1882, Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA - 1953, Medford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA)

female Ruth B Roberts (18 Oct 1922, Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA - 8 Dec 2000, Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA)

Sandra Kay Roederer (22 Feb 1956, Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, USA - 16 Aug 2002, Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA)

Ancestors Who Were Married Here

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hey St.onge's Of Putnam ,Hi From Sunny Fla

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