Charleston, South Carolina, USA - A Glimpse of Charlston and Bay, From St. Michael's Church

Picturesque America: Or, the Land We Live In. A Delineation by Pen and Pencil of the Mountains, Rivers, Lakes... With Illustr. on Steel and Wood, by Eminent American Artists, Volume 1
William C. Bryant
Appleton, 1872
Charleston, South Carolina, USA

A Glimpse of Charlston and Bay, From St. Michael's Church

Picturesque America: Or, the Land We Live In. A Delineation by Pen and Pencil of the Mountains, Rivers, Lakes... With Illustr. on Steel... Read MORE...


Charleston, South Carolina, USA - East Battery Parade, Charleston, S.C.
Charleston, South Carolina, USA

East Battery Parade, Charleston, S.C.

Charleston, South Carolina, USA - City Hall & Court House
Charleston, South Carolina, USA

City Hall & Court House

Charleston, South Carolina, USA - Y.M.C.A. Building
Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Y.M.C.A. Building

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Charleston, South Carolina, USA
People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Charleston, South Carolina, USA? 

Charleston is the oldest and second-largest city in the southeastern State of South Carolina, and the county seat of Charleston County. The city lies just south of the geographical midpoint of South Carolina's coastline and is located on Charleston Harbor, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean formed by the confluence of the Ashley and Cooper rivers.

Founded in 1670 as Charles Towne in honor of King Charles II of England, Charleston adopted its present name in 1783. It moved to its present location on Oyster Point in 1680 from a location on the west bank of the Ashley River known as Albemarle Point. By 1690, Charles Towne was the fifth largest city in North America, and it remained among the ten largest cities in the United States through the 1840 census.Wikipedia

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History / News

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1670 - Charleston founded
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1700 - Hurricane struck Charleston, 98 killed webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ sctimeln.htm
Added: 4/7/2014 7:13:15 PM - 1  Updated: 6/23/2014 6:57:04 AM - 1

1732 - First Newspaper in South Carolina
"The South Carolina Gazette," printed at Charleston at the beginning of 1732, was the first issued in that province. 1755.htm
Added: 3/14/2014 3:51:12 PM - 1  Updated: 6/23/2014 6:57:20 AM - 1

1733 - January 13 - James Oglethorpe & 130 English colonists arrive at Charleston, SC
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1752 - Hurricane devastates Charleston, S.C.
The 17-foot storm surge destroyed the town's fortifications and over 500 homes.

Hurricane timeline: 1495 to 1800
Sun Sentinel
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Added: 4/5/2014 7:56:21 AM - 1  Updated: -

1776 - June 28 - Charleston, SC repulses British sea attack
Added: 3/20/2014 4:31:52 PM - 1  Updated: -

1778 - Major fire in Charles Town destroyed many building, arson suspected webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ sctimeln.htm
Added: 4/7/2014 7:15:44 PM - 1  Updated: 6/23/2014 6:57:39 AM - 1

1780 - May 12 - British capture Charleston, SC

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1782 - December 14 - Charleston, SC evacuated by British
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1783 - Charles Town renamed Charleston webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ sctimeln.htm
Added: 4/7/2014 7:16:36 PM - 1  Updated: 6/23/2014 6:57:54 AM - 1

1786 - Capital moved from Charleston to Columbia

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January 10, 1800 - Savannah, GA, received a foot and a half of snow, and ten inches blanketed Charleston SC. It was the heaviest snowfall of record for the immediate Coastal Plain of the southeastern U.S.
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1824 - November 21 - 1st Jewish Reform congregation forms, Charleston, SC
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1830 - First steam locomotive in U.S. began passenger route service between Charleston and Hamburg, South Carolina webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ sctimeln.htm
Added: 4/7/2014 7:29:27 PM - 1  Updated: 6/23/2014 6:58:12 AM - 1

Office of the Augusta Chronicle.
April 28, 6 o'clock, P.M.
We learn with the deepest regret, by passengers from Charleston, who arrived here this evening, by the Carolina Railroad, that the city of Charleston has been visited by one of the most awful and destructive fire that has ever visited any ...Read MORE...

News  1843 - July 2 - An alligator reportedly fell from the sky onto Anson Street in Charleston, SC, during a thunderstorm.
July 2, 1843
Added: 3/20/2014 4:34:22 PM - 1  Updated: 6/23/2014 6:59:06 AM - 1

1860 - April 23 - Democratic convention in Charleston SC divided over slavery
Added: 3/20/2014 4:35:08 PM - 1  Updated: -

News  1864 - February 17 – American Civil War: The tiny Confederate hand-propelled submarine H. L. Hunley sinks the USS Housatonic (1861)
using a spar torpedo in Charleston Harbor, becoming the first submarine to sink an enemy ship, although the submarine and her crew of eight are also lost.
February 17, 1864
Added: 6/25/2014 1:58:37 PM - 1  Updated: -

1865 - February 18 - Evacuation of Charleston, SC
Added: 3/20/2014 4:36:18 PM - 1  Updated: -

1876 - September 6 - Race riot in Charleston SC
Added: 3/20/2014 4:36:55 PM - 1  Updated: -

News  1885 - August 25 - A severe hurricane struck South Carolina causing 1.3 million dollars damage at Charleston.
August 25, 1885
Added: 6/3/2014 9:41:44 AM - 1  Updated: 6/23/2014 6:59:42 AM - 1

News  1886 - August 31 - 1st major earthquake recorded in eastern US, at Charleston SC, 110 die
An earthquake of between 7.3 and 7.6 on the Richter scale hits Charleston, South Carolina, leaving 40,000 homeless.
August 31, 1886
Added: 3/20/2014 4:37:43 PM - 1  Updated: 6/27/2014 7:57:40 AM - 1

1893 - August 24 - Tornado destroys coast of Savannah & Charleston, about 1000 die
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...Results Of The Storm In South Carolina.
Charleston, S. C., Feb. 9. --The blizzard has brought complete disaster on truckers, all tender plants above ground having been killed. Strawberry blossoms are killed, and the berries will be delayed four weeks beyond the usual time. It will be April...Read MORE...

1900 - Charleston by Yates Snowden
In Pompeii, the tourist, looking from blank wall to dusty floor, wonders what there is to see in that little ball, but a native goes down upon his hands and knees; with a few brisk passes of his hand the sand is brushed away, and a Numidian lion glares forth from the tesselated pavement." VIRGINIUS ...Read MORE...

News  1910 - TRAIN WRECK AT CHARLESTON - Engineer Hammond and Fireman Buckley Slightly Injured in Smashup on Coast Line
Special to The State

Charleston, June 2 - Train No. 52 of the Atlantic Coast Line bound for Columbia, sideswiped freight No. 350 en route to Charleston at the Ashley Junction this morning shortly after 6 o'clock, resulting in the engine of No. 52 and four cars of the freight train being ditched...Read MORE...

Charleston, a port of entry, capital of a county of its own name, and the largest city of South Carolina, is situated on a tongue of land between the rivers Ashley and Cooper, which unite immediately below the town and form a spacious harbor, communicating with the Atlantic Ocean at Sullivan's...Read MORE...

1925 - New dance craze in Charleston's pubs, dance halls began, spread across nation, named "Charleston" webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ sctimeln.htm
Added: 4/7/2014 7:31:10 PM - 1  Updated: 6/23/2014 7:01:33 AM - 1

1933 - May 6 - Charleston, SC, was deluged with 10.57 inches of rain, an all- time 24 hour record for that location.

The Weather Channel
Added: 6/2/2014 7:46:31 PM - 1  Updated: -

Damage Estimated At $2,000,000 As Tornado Strikes Historic City Unawares; Vast Scenes Of Wreckage; St. Michael's Church Battered; Fine Trees Uprooted in Battery; City Hall Roof Blown Off; Colleges Not Hit.

CHARLESTON, S. C., Sept. 29 - (AP) - A destructive tornado whipped through Charleston...Read MORE...

News  1940 - August 11 - A major hurricane struck Savannnah, GA, and Charleston, SC, causing the worst inland flooding since 1607.
August 11, 1940
Added: 6/3/2014 9:26:57 AM - 1  Updated: 6/23/2014 7:02:37 AM - 1

1953 - June 19 - WCSC TV channel 5 in Charleston, SC (CBS) begins broadcasting
Added: 3/20/2014 4:39:05 PM - 1  Updated: -

News  1954 - Tax Payments - And Humor Gone March 15
By Jack Leland
News and Courier Staff Writer

Memorandum to the Editor:
You said to write a funny story about Income Tax day having come and gone.

Well, it's gone and with it has gone most of my money and apparently that of most Charlestonians. Also gone - as far as I can find out - is...Read MORE...

1960 - September 11 - Hurricane Donna produced wind gusts to 121 mph at Charleston SC.

The Weather Channel
Added: 6/3/2014 10:36:43 AM - 1  Updated: -

Ancestors Who Were Born Here

America/USA  James Hibben (1799, Charleston, South Carolina, USA - 1 February 1871, Northampton, Massachusetts, USA )

America/USA  Walter Muckenfuss (01/15/1904, Charleston, South Carolina, USA - 06/15/1951, Savannah, Georgia, USA)

America/USA  Southway Nelson (1750, Charleston, South Carolina, USA - 27 September 1836, Washington, Tennessee, USA)

Ancestors Who Died Here

Allard Jr.
America/USA  David Walter Allard Jr. (October 25, 1947, Fort Benning, Georgia, USA - October 6, 2013, Charleston, South Carolina, USA)

  Erastus S. Bacon (1820, - 20 September 1864, Charleston, South Carolina, USA)

Acadian Exile - Grand Derangement Acadia  Jean Baptiste Lanoue (23 October 1738, Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada / Port Royal, Acadia - 24 August 1781, Charleston, South Carolina, USA) gravestone

Acadian Exile - Grand Derangement Acadia  Marguerite Richard (16 May 1712, Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada / Port Royal, Acadia - 1756, Charleston, South Carolina, USA) gravestone

  George Wright (abt. 1718, - aft. September 1779, Charleston, South Carolina, USA)

Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Cemeteries in Charleston, South Carolina, USA

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