Rutland, Vermont, USA - Vermont Marble Quarry, West Rutland
Rutland, Vermont, USA

Vermont Marble Quarry, West Rutland

Rutland, Vermont, USA - Merchants Row Looking North from Washington Street, Rutland, Vt.
Rutland, Vermont, USA

Merchants Row Looking North from Washington Street, Rutland, Vt.

Rutland, Vermont, USA - Merchants Row, Looking North from Depot Park, Rutland, Vermont
Rutland, Vermont, USA

Merchants Row, Looking North from Depot Park, Rutland, Vermont

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Rutland, Vermont, USA
People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Rutland, Vermont, USA? 

Rutland is a city in and the shire town (county seat) of Rutland County, Vermont, United States. Rutland is located approximately 65 miles (105 km) north of Massachusetts and 20 miles (32 km) east of New York state. Rutland is the third largest city in Vermont. It is surrounded by the town of Rutland, which is a separate municipality.

It began on Otter Creek in the early 19th century as a small hamlet called Mill Village in Rutland, the surrounding town named by Governor Benning Wentworth in 1761 after John Manners, 3rd Duke of Rutland. In the early 19th century, small high-quality marble deposits were discovered in Rutland, and in the 1830s a large deposit of nearly solid marble was found in what is now West Rutland. By the 1840s, small firms had begun excavations, but marble quarries proved profitable only after the railroad arrived in 1851. At the same time, the famous quarries of Carrara in Tuscany, Italy, grew largely unworkable because of their extreme depth, allowing Rutland to become one of the world's leading marble producers.

This fueled enough growth and investment that in 1886 the center of town incorporated as Rutland village. Most of the town was split off as West Rutland and Proctor, which contained the bulk of the marble quarries. Rutland City was incorporated as Vermont's third city on November 18, 1892.Wikipedia

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History / News

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1794 - December 8 - 1st issue of Herald of Rutland, VT published
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History of Rutland, Vermont

History of Rutland, Vermont (

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1849 Rutland
Rutland Co. This is a shire town. The principal stream in Rutland is Otter Creek, which enters the town about the middle of the south line, and leaves it about the middle of the north line, cutting it into two nearly equal parallelograms. Tributary to this are West River, rising in Tinmouth, and...Read MORE...

News  1869 - A daughter of Sheriff Lyman Powers, of Rutland, Vt, has been insane ever since the accidental death, some weeks ago, of a railroad conductor named Cook, who was to have been her husband in a few days.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan
June 12, 1869
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News  1875 - OPERA HOUSE FIRE.
Whitehall, N. Y., May 15. - A fire at Rutland, Vt., this morning, burned the Ripley's Opera House, the stores of MUNN & COMPTON, STANLEY & Co., and others.

Loss of $75,000; partly insured.

Logansport Star
Logansport, Indiana
May 17, 1875
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News  1878 - Dr. Pond, of Rutland, Vt., has invented a delicate machine, which applied to the wrist, records in lines the movements of the pulse. The instrument is called the "Sphygmograph."

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan
April 6, 1878
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News  1885 - Rev T. L. Drury, of Rutland, Vt, a few weeks since preached a sermon on skating rinks and masquerades.
He said the skating rinks met with his approval as long as they did not interfere with the church and duties of Christians to attend divine worship. As long as skating rinks remain pure and moral, so long he should stand up for them. - Mirror of American Sports.
St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan
February 21, 1885
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RUTLAND, Vt., Feb. 11. - One of the worst disasters in the history of marble quarrying occurred at West Rutland a little after 1 o'clock this afternoon in a quarry operated by the Vermont Marble Company, with which Senator Proctor is connected. A great mass or stone fell into the quarry, and seven...Read MORE...

News  1894 - June 17 - 1st US poliomyelitis epidemic breaks out, Rutland, Vermont
June 17, 1894
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News  1895 - Flood
Great Damage to Railroads by the Surging Rivers.

ST. ALBANS, Vt., April 16. - The Winooski river is higher than it has been for twenty five years. The country for miles around is one vast sheet of water, many farms being partially of wholly...Read MORE...

News  1900 - RUTLAND RAILROAD TRAINS COLLIDE. Freight Wreck on Rutland Railroad.
Owing to a mix-up in train orders two freight trains collided near Gassetts on the Rutland railroad about noon Saturday. No one was injured, but the front ends of both engines were smashed in and three box cars were demolished. It was reported that one of the train crews had orders to meet the...Read MORE...

Rutland, a township (town) of Rutland co., Vt. Pop. in 1900, 1109.
Lippincott's New Gazetteer: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer Or Geographical Dictionary of the World, Containing the Most Recent and Authentic Information Respecting the Countries, Cities, Towns ... in Every Portion of the Globe Publisher J.B. Lippincott Company, 1906
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News  1906 - NEARLY A MILLION Fire at Rutland Vermont, Destroys Six Blocks.
Rutland, Vt., Feb. 19. - Six large brick blocks in the business section of the city, occupied by nearly a score of firms and many smaller tenants were destroyed by fire: Loss $750,000.

The fire got beyond the control of the local department, and help was summoned from Whitehall, N. Y. and other...Read MORE...

News  1927 - Flood
...Some 200 families were reported homeless at Rutland [Vermont]. Many had been forced to use boats to escape...
The Oelwein Daily Register
November 4, 1927
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1952 - First woman to win Olympic gold medals in skiing was Andrea Mead, of Rutland, in 1952. resources/ state-facts/ vermont.html
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1968 - March 18 - WVER TV channel 28 in Rutland, VT (PBS) begins broadcasting
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Ancestors Who Were Born Here

flag  Dennis Archambault (25 December 1856, Rutland, Vermont, USA - 1 January 1942, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  Abbie Jane Ellis (March 24, 1855, Rutland, Vermont, USA - November 18, 1929, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA)

flag  Joseph Glazier (1782, Rutland, Vermont, USA - 2 September 1860, Ware, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  Eleanor M. Kimball (1833, Rutland, Vermont, USA - 8 March 1852, Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  Anna King (7 April 1754, Rutland, Vermont, USA - 1805, Rutland, Vermont, USA)

flag  Gracie Irene Parsons (1878, Rutland, Vermont, USA - 28 March 1901, Morristown, Vermont, USA (Morrisville))

flag  Eliza Pratt (1819, Rutland, Vermont, USA - 17 July 1850, Ware, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  Edward Raleigh (1865, Rutland, Vermont, USA - 24 February 1886, Ware, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  James Raleigh (1867, Rutland, Vermont, USA - 19 February 1886, Ware, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  Marie L. Robichaud (1859, Rutland, Vermont, USA - 9 June 1901, Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  William Rogers (1803, Rutland, Vermont, USA - 5 January 1868, Butler Township, Michigan, USA)

flag  Walter Crafts Stevens (Nov 24, 1799, Rutland, Vermont, USA - March 3, 1875, Highgate, Franklin, Vermont)

flag  Hepsebeth Stone (1789, Rutland, Vermont, USA - 30 November 1860, Ware, Massachusetts, USA)

Ancestors Who Died Here

flag  Ashbel Cook (6 May 1738, Cheshire, Connecticut, USA - 16 December 1801, Rutland, Vermont, USA)
flag  Ebenezer Cook (13 December 1719, Wallingford, Connecticut, USA - 1777, Rutland, Vermont, USA)

immigrant - Canada to US   Dominique Dubois (13 January 1807, Saint-Cuthbert, Québec, Canada - 4 April 1880, Rutland, Vermont, USA)

flag  Anna King (7 April 1754, Rutland, Vermont, USA - 1805, Rutland, Vermont, USA)

flag  Arthur Elbridge Kingsbury (9 March 1873, Jamaica, Vermont, USA - 21 April 1948, Rutland, Vermont, USA) gravestone

flag  Sarah Leonard (22 April 1733, Preston, Connecticut, USA - 22 August 1795, Rutland, Vermont, USA)

Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Benjamin Franklin Reynolds (August 1780 - August 1862) & Ruth Young (3 January 1794 - 29 May 1855)
married 24 December 1824

Cemeteries in Rutland, Vermont, USA

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