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Butte, Oroville, California, USA
People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Butte, Oroville, California, USA? 

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History / News

News 1869 - The editor of the Butte Cal., Recorder recently was present at a trial of the Locher Steam Plow.
Those present were much pleased with the performance. It plowed a strip twelve feet wide and 400 feet long in three minutes. Of course it is not to be expected that this rate could be maintained all day. It is designed to work the ground to a depth of six or seven inches and thoroughly pulverize it.
The Belvidere Standard
Belvidere, Illinois
May 25, 1869
News 1875 - The Butte (Cal.) Mercury tells of a band of sheep being brought down from the mountains and turned into a wheat field.
Over one hundred head died in one night from eating wheat and drinking water. The wheat swelled to such an extent that the stomach was completely torn apart.
Fayetteville Observer
Fayetteville, Tennessee
October 28, 1875
News 1888 - A Butte, Cal., man who began farming on rented land ten years ago has this year $61,000 worth of wheat to sell.

Semi-Weekly Interior Journal
Stanford, Kentucky
August 31, 1888
News 1904 - Geo. H. Cardiff of Butte, Cal., will bring his automobile with him when he comes to Santa Cruz this summer.

Evening Sentinel
Santa Cruz, California
May 23, 1904
News 1913 - CHILD RISES FROM COFFIN. Shock of Temporary Resuscitation Kills Aged Grandmother.
Butte, Ca., April 25. - While members of the family and relatives were grouped about the open coffin of Mrs. J. R. Burney's 3-year-old son yesterday listening to the funeral service, the body moved and presently the child, clad in its shroud, sat up and gazed about the room. His eyes caught those of his grandmother, Mrs. L. P. Smith, 81 years old. ... Read MORE...

Ancestors Who Were Born and/or Died Here

female Opal O Cline (3 Nov 1895, , Nebraska, USA - 9 Feb 1986, Butte, Oroville, California, USA)

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