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Mount Hope Cemetery

Lewiston, Maine, USA

  grave stone Martin Bernard Breen (b. DECEMBER, 9 1900 Portland, Maine, USA (Deering)    d. NOVEMBER, 29 1942Boston, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Matthew W Fahey (b. January 1853 Lewiston, Maine, USA    d. 30 July 1925Lewiston, Maine, USA )

  grave stone Elizabeth (Lizzie) Mckenna (b. 4 February 1869 Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA (North Plymouth) (White Island Shores)    d. 17 March 1956Portland, Maine, USA (Deering) )

  not available George D Mckenna (b. 28 August 1872 , Maine, USA    d. 21 September 1949Lewiston, Maine, USA )

  not available Gertrude Anna Mckenna (b. November 1878 , Maine, USA    d. 11 October 1942Lewiston, Maine, USA )

  not available James J Mckenna (b. November 1875 Lewiston, Maine, USA    d. 4 May 1912Lewiston, Maine, USA )

  not available James J Mckenna (b. November 1843 , Ireland    d. 16 December 1919Lewiston, Maine, USA )

  not available Annie Skerry (b. abt. 1854 , Ireland    d. 6 January 1914Lewiston, Maine, USA )