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Lane Cemetery

East Poland, Maine, USA

  grave stone Katie (Catherine) Josephine CHAPLIN (b. 12 September 1852 Naples, Maine, USA    d. 2 December 1900Poland, Maine, USA )

  grave stone Eunice Hannah COBB (b. 23 August 1872 Lewiston, Maine, USA    d. 16 June 1917East Poland, Maine, USA )

  grave stone Ivory COBB (b. December 1845 Casco, Maine, USA    d. 19 February 1912Minot, Maine, USA )

  grave stone Jessie COBB (b. 8 January 1876 New Gloucester, Maine, USA    d. 16 September 1900Lewiston, Maine, USA )

  not available Raymond E ROBINSON (b. 24 September 1907 Portland, Maine, USA (Deering)    d. 16 January 1913Minot, Maine, USA )

  grave stone Catherine D (Kate) TRUE (b. October 1873 , Maine, USA    d. 24 October 1908Lewiston, Maine, USA )