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St. Joseph's Cemetery

Riverside Drive
North Grosvenordale, Connecticut, USA

  grave stone Joseph Napoleon Raynald Chauvin (b. 4 September 1914 , Connecticut, USA    d. 1 April 1983Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA (Attleborough) (South Attleboro) )

  grave stone Napoleon Chauvin (b. 27 February 1883 Webster, Massachusetts, USA    d. 1960North Grosvenordale, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Charlotte Anna Feige (b. 6 December 1907 Webster, Massachusetts, USA    d. 28 June 2000Milford, New Hampshire, USA )

  grave stone Richard Sherman Feige (b. 9 June 1918 Webster, Massachusetts, USA    d. 25 December 1995Putnam, Connecticut, USA )

 Gagnon (Gagne)
  grave stone Emilie Gagnon (Gagne) (b. abt. 1850 , Canada    d. 1933Thompson, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Aglae Gregoire (b. 11 January 1851 Henryville, Québec, Canada (Saint-Georges-de-Henryville)    d. )

  grave stone Donald Paul Korch (b. 1930 Webster, Massachusetts, USA    d. 8 March 2009North Grosvenordale, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Norma P Korch (b. 25 February 1934 Webster, Massachusetts, USA    d. 26 April 2004Worcester, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Adelard Ovila Lachapelle (b. 7 December 1875 Thetford Mines, Québec, Canada (Saint-Alphonse-de-Thetford)    d. 31 May 1950Thompson, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Alfred Adelard Lachapelle (b. 19 June 1900 New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA    d. 1 June 1975North Grosvenordale, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Annette Lachapelle (b. 1909 Thompson, Connecticut, USA    d. 1912Thompson, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Arthur Andre Lachapelle (b. 08 August 1905 Thompson, Connecticut, USA    d. 24 August 1987Long Beach, Brunswick, North Carolina )

  grave stone George William Lachapelle (b. 6 April 1904 Thompson, Connecticut, USA    d. 1 January 1984Thompson, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Jean Baptiste Narcisse "Nelson" Lachapelle (b. 13 October 1879 Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA    d. 1 January 1958Woodstock, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Lovina B Lachapelle (b. 29 March 1902 New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA    d. 2 July 1989North Grosvenordale, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Raymond R Lachapelle (b. 17 January 1916 North Grosvenordale, Connecticut, USA    d. 18 October 1998Putnam, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Victoria Lachapelle (b. 5 May 1917 Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA    d. 2 October 1995North Grosvenordale, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Joseph Langlois (b. abt. 1849 Québec, Québec, Canada (Quebec City)    d. 24 April 1914Thompson, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Pamela Langlois (b. March 1882 Saint-Jean-Chrysostôme, Lévis, Québec, Canada (Saint-Jean-Chrysostôme-de-Lauzon)    d. 7 December 1956Pomfret, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Willie Joseph (Joseph WIllie Alfred) Langlois (b. 2 June 1886 Saint-Jean-Chrysostôme, Lévis, Québec, Canada (Saint-Jean-Chrysostôme-de-Lauzon)    d. 1969North Grosvenordale, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Joseph Martin (b. 15 May 1855 Middlebury, Vermont, USA    d. 03 April 1917Thompson, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Marie Rose Delima Martin (b. August 1884 , Connecticut, USA    d. 1968Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA (Attleborough) (South Attleboro) )

  not available Pierre Martin (b. 24 June 1860 Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire) (Saint-Hyacinthe-le-Confesseur)    d. 24 November 1877Thompson, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Marie Anne Mathieu (b. 25 September 1886 Brookfield, Massachusetts, USA    d. 18 January 1971Woodstock, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Stella E Wojick (b. 18 July 1918 Millville, Massachusetts, USA    d. 28 June 2011Webster, Massachusetts, USA )