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Southview Cemetery

North Adams, Massachusetts, USA

  grave stone John ADAMS (b. 1785 , England (United Kingdom)    d. 10 June 1855Adams, Massachusetts, USA )

Benedetti Boyington Brown
  grave stone Waterman BROWN (b. January 1798 Cheshire, Massachusetts, USA    d. 30 January 1877Adams, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone David DARLING (b. 1768    d. 25 October 1846Adams, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Sally DARLING (b. 1797    d. 1 September 1845Adams, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Chester EATON (b. 1819    d. 23 October 1844Adams, Massachusetts, USA )

Fairfield Beauchamp Fletcher
  grave stone Hannah FLETCHER (b. January 1828    d. 25 September 1844Adams, Massachusetts, USA )

Graziola Hogg
  grave stone Abigail HOGG (b. 1766    d. 20 January 1813 )

Slade Stein
  grave stone Gertrude Florence STEIN (b. 14 November 1903 North Adams, Massachusetts, USA    d. 12 June 1986North Adams, Massachusetts, USA )