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Bridge Street Cemetery

Northampton, Massachusetts, USA (Florence) (Leeds)

  grave stone Mary Baker (b. 15 July 1649 Windsor, Connecticut, USA    d. 8 October 1707Northampton, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Hannah Edwards (b. 8 April 1703 Northampton, Massachusetts, USA    d. 18 October 1779 Northampton, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Stella Louise Gellis (b. 4 July 1897 Northampton, Massachusetts, USA    d. 28 September 1936Covington, Kentucky, USA )

  grave stone Isaac Sheldon (b. abt. 1629 , England    d. 27 July 1708Northampton, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Thomas Sheldon (b. 6 August 1661 Windsor, Connecticut, USA    d. 7 June 1725Northampton, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Mary Woodford (b. 24 January 1635 Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA    d. 17 April 1684Northampton, Massachusetts, USA )