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Walnut Grove Cemetery

817 Old Colony Road
Meriden, Connecticut, USA

  grave stone Anna Caroline Margaret Blessing (b. 21 February 1874 Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA (Coltsville)    d. 27 December 1946Meriden, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Marie Katherine Bourgarde (b. 8 December 1873 Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA (Coltsville)    d. 16 December 1956Meriden, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Carl William Carlson (b. 06 April 1876 , Sweden    d. 1934Meriden, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Shirley E Habershon (b. 11 August 1925 , Massachusetts, USA    d. 04 November 1996Meriden, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Walter Habershon (b. 21 June 1898 , England (United Kingdom)    d. 5 July 1971Meriden, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Charles Albert Jasse (b. 18 December 1873 , Germany (German States) (German Empire)    d. 6 May 1945Meriden, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Alice E Monahan (b. 15 November 1899 Meriden, Connecticut, USA    d. 8 February 1988Meriden, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Scott Francis Otwell (b. 28 May 1957 Meriden, Connecticut, USA    d. 14 February 1998Middletown, Connecticut, USA )

  not available Scott H Otwell (b. 30 June 1927 East Point, Georgia, USA    d. 11 December 2011Meriden, Connecticut, USA )