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Carey Cemetery

S Canterbury Rd
Canterbury, Connecticut, USA

  not available Judith BROWN (b. 28 August 1700 Wenham, Massachusetts, USA    d. 11 June 1785Canterbury, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Richard Dale BURRIS (b. 28 September 1935 , Oklahoma, USA    d. 8 January 1971Canterbury, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Susan Gail BURRIS (b. 11 March 1964 Connecticut    d. 3 February 1985Norwich, Connecticut, USA )

Mason Swan
  grave stone Frank Joseph SWAN (b. 12/04/1937 Norwich, Connecticut, USA    d. 12/13/2015 )

Swan, Sr. Warren
  grave stone Hazel Hortense WARREN (b. 19 October 1916 Providence, Rhode Island, USA    d. 4 December 1987Canterbury, Connecticut, USA )