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St. Mary's Cemetery

70 Church St
West Warwick, Rhode Island, USA

  grave stone Charles BAKER (b. 29 November 1882 Sutton, Massachusetts, USA    d. 2 December 1958West Warwick, Rhode Island, USA )

  grave stone Harry BAKER (b. 27 July 1886 Sutton, Massachusetts, USA    d. 20 September 1958West Warwick, Rhode Island, USA )

  grave stone Nurdin BAKER (b. 18 December 1876 Sutton, Massachusetts, USA    d. 22 November 1930West Warwick, Rhode Island, USA )

Dolan Laferriere
  not available Rose-Anna LAFERRIERE (b. 5 June 1878 Saint-Marcel-de-Richelieu, Québec, Canada    d. 10 February 1927, Rhode Island, USA )

  grave stone Michael MARKEY (b. 1806    d. 20 June 1876Cranston, Rhode Island, USA (Pawtuxet) (Fiskeville) )

  grave stone Michael MATHEWS (b. 1959 , Rhode Island, USA    d. 1959, Rhode Island, USA )

  grave stone Peter MATHEWS (b. 1960 , Rhode Island, USA    d. 1960, Rhode Island, USA )

McDermott Murphy
  grave stone Cornelius MURPHY (b. 1815    d. 7 March 1869Coventry, Rhode Island, USA )