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Arms Cemetery

Shelburne, Massachusetts, USA (Shelburne Falls)

  grave stone Isaac BOOKER (b. 3 January 1846 Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England    d. 7 July 1877Buckland, Massachusetts, USA )

Feige Fletcher
  grave stone Samuel B. FLETCHER (b. 1834 , England (United Kingdom)    d. 6 February 1874Buckland, Massachusetts, USA )

Gray Latham
  grave stone Joseph LATHAM (b. 1825 , England (United Kingdom)    d. 24 December 1877Buckland, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Lucy Jane MARRION (b. 19 August 1868 New Cambria, Macon, Missouri, USA    d. 21 January 1964Helmuth, New York, USA )

Mcknight Merrill Mills
  grave stone William MILLS (b. 1816 , England (United Kingdom)    d. 13 December 1880Buckland, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone John Luna NEWELL (b. 5 January 1842 Whitingham, Windham County, Vermont, USA    d. 27 October 1879Buckland, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Albert PELTON (b. 22 June 1796 , Massachusetts, USA    d. 14 September 1874Buckland, Massachusetts, USA )

Pfersick Spencer Whitney WHITNEY
  grave stone Ebenezer M. WHITNEY (b. 1816    d. 24 November 1878Buckland, Massachusetts, USA )