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Springfield Cemetery

171 Maple St
Springfield, Massachusetts, USA (Indian Orchard)

  grave stone John BLISS (b. 6 October 1635 Hartford, Connecticut, USA    d. 10 September 1702Longmeadow, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Mary BROOKS (b. 11 June 1677 Springfield, Massachusetts, USA (Indian Orchard)    d. 1 September 1723 )

  grave stone Lois BRYANT (b. 1 May 1787    d. 14 February 1843 )

Burt Chapin
  grave stone Samuel CHAPIN (b. 8 October 1598 Paignton, Devon, England    d. 11 November 1675Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Walter E CHAPIN (b. 18 February 1823 Woodstock, Windsor, Vermont, USA    d. 13 July 1865Agawam, Massachusetts, USA )

Colton Crouss Fletcher Gardner Hitchcock Lombard Marshfield Munden (Munson) Penny (Penney) Searle Wolcott Woodworth
  grave stone Charles WOODWORTH (b. 1777    d. 29 July 1853Agawam, Massachusetts, USA )