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Grove Hill Cemetery

22 Cemetary Ave
Rockville, Connecticut, USA
(860) 875-3158

  grave stone Donald Robert NEFF (b. 20 December 1911 Rockville, Connecticut, USA    d. March 1984Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA )

  grave stone Ernest Henry REUDGEN (b. 22 December 1891 Rockville, Connecticut, USA    d. January 1968Rockville, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Frederick George REUDGEN (b. 9 April 1888 Vernon, Connecticut, USA    d. 1939, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Hermine REUDGEN (b. 14 March 1885 Hartford, Connecticut, USA    d. 15 March 1885Hartford, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone John REUDGEN (b. 27 January 1871 , New York, USA    d. 7 September 1884, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Magdalena REUDGEN (b. 2 October 1866 , New York, USA    d. 5 October 1870Vernon, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Willie REUDGEN (b. 9 November 1875 , New York, USA    d. 23 May 1904Vernon, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Hermine UNKNOWN (b. 23 April 1846 , Germany (German States) (German Empire)    d. 11 September 1907Vernon, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Louisa UNKNOWN (b. 2 September 1825 , Germany (German States) (German Empire)    d. 3 July 1881Vernon, Connecticut, USA )