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Mason Cemetery (Founder's Cemetery) (Post Gager Burial Ground)

Lee Avenue
Norwich, Connecticut, USA

  grave stone Elizabeth Birchard (b. 1 November 1621 , England (United Kingdom)    d. 28 February 1699Norwich, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Thomas Bliss (b. abt. 1616 , England (United Kingdom)    d. 15 April 1688Norwich, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Sarah Ann Bourne (b. 18 January 1615 , Kent County, England    d. 12 January 1684New Haven, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone John Mason (b. April 1600 Norwich, Norfolk, England    d. 30 January 1672Norwich, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Anne Rosamond Peck (b. 18 November 1619 Beccles, Suffolk, England    d. 30 June 1672Norwich, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone John Reynolds (b. 1639 Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA    d. 22 July 1702Norwich, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Nehemiah Smith (b. abt. June 1605 , England (United Kingdom)    d. 8 August 1686Norwich, Connecticut, USA )

  not available Miriam Tracy (b. 1648 Old Saybrook, Connecticut, USA    d. 9 July 1732Norwich, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Thomas Tracy (b. 7 November 1610 , England (United Kingdom)    d. 7 November 1685Norwich, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Thomas Waterman (b. 30 November 1644 Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA    d. 19 June 1708Norwich, Connecticut, USA )