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New Notre Dame Cemetery

North Woodstock Rd (Rt. 169)
Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA
(508)-764-0601 -- NOTE: Earliest graves in this cemetery date to around 1931

  grave stone George ANGER (b. 3 September 1888 Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA    d. 26 January 1950Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Julia ANGER (b. 21 February 1874 Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA    d. 3 June 1943Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Raymond A BERNARD (b. 8 December 1921 , Connecticut, USA    d. 25 June 2003Worcester, Massachusetts, USA )

Chabot Collette
  grave stone Ernest Z COLLETTE (b. 20 November 1914 Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA    d. 9 August 1992Webster, Massachusetts, USA )

  not available Leona DESMARAIS (b. 15 December 1896 Sutton, Massachusetts, USA    d. 3 November 1995Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Parmelia DESMARAIS (b. 19 August 1892 Sutton, Massachusetts, USA    d. 1 September 1971Webster, Massachusetts, USA )

  not available Anna DIONNE (b. 1888    d. 1947 )

  not available J George DUQUETTE (b. 04-04-1927 Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA    d. 05-30-1998Acworth Georgia, USA )

  not available Philias DUQUETTE (b. , Canada    d. 10-15-1950Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Jeanne J ETHIER (b. 11 February 1924    d. 2 May 2016Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA )

  not available Annie GUILBEAULT (b. February 1904 , Canada    d. 1986, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Juliette Marion GUILLETTE (b. 1908    d. 1999, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Rosanna HOULE (b. abt. 1883    d. )

Laliberte Lamothe Langevin
  grave stone Emma LANGEVIN (b. abt. 1873    d. 1955 )

Lapierre Lippe Pariseau
  grave stone Bernard W PARISEAU (b. 16 November 1913 Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA    d. 18 October 2002Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Esdras Leon PARISEAU (b. 26 August 1884 Ste. Hélène, Quebec, Canada    d. 25 October 1939Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Hubert PARISEAU (b. 12 September 1910 Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA    d. March 1983Hollywood, Florida, USA )

  grave stone Rosaire PARISEAU (b. 11 September 1908 Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA    d. 15 June 2002Pompano Beach, Florida, USA )

Peloquin Pinsonneault
  grave stone Lillia Blanche PINSONNEAULT (b. 10 January 1908 Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA    d. 25 September 1996Worcester, Massachusetts, USA )

  not available Geneva PROULX (b. 14 April 1906 Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA    d. 23 December 1993Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA )