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World War I

Uncle Sam Wants You
J. M. Flagg's 1917 poster, based on the original British Lord Kitchener poster of three years earlier, was used to recruit soldiers for both World War I and World War II. Flagg used a modified version of his own face for Uncle Sam, and veteran Walter Botts provided the pose.
For more information, visit: en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/ Uncle_Sam

These ancestors fought in World War I:

Edward Charles Bader (28 April 1896, Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA - 19 December 1968, Elsmere, Kentucky, USA (South Erlanger))
Albert A Blessing (7 September 1893, Meriden, Connecticut, USA - 31 October 1964, Van Nuys, California, USA)
Burton Judd Blessing (11 March 1898, Meriden, Connecticut, USA - 8 November 1982, Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA)
George Arthur Blessing (3 February 1894, Meriden, Connecticut, USA - 8 June 1974, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA)
Theodore Roosevelt Blessing (7 September 1899, Manchester, Connecticut, USA - 13 October 1964, East Hartford, Connecticut, USA)

Ralph Walter Cook (10 December 1895, Franklin, Massachusetts, USA - 1 September 1957, Franklin, Massachusetts, USA)
Theodore Austin Crouss (29 April 1895, Agawam, Massachusetts, USA - 10 April 1966, West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA)
Charles William Cyrus (19 August 1893, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA - 3 February 1951, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA)

George William Feige (28 March 1898, Auburn, New York, USA - 2 October 1918, , France)

Gustave Adolph Goerlach (4 April 1897, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA - 29 April 1993, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA)

Arthur M Manning (22 September 1896, Eden, Vermont, USA - December 1977, Morristown, Vermont, USA (Morrisville))

Edward Paul (11 February 1897, Manhattan, New York, USA (New York City) (New Amsterdam) - 19 July 1954, , New Jersey, USA)

Charles R Thompson (30 June 1893, Oxford, Massachusetts, USA - 7 February 1975, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA)
Joseph Thompson (18 October 1896, Oxford, Massachusetts, USA - 1987, Oxford, Massachusetts, USA)
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