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Did You Know? What is a 'dit/dite' name?  When the first settlers came to Canada from France it was a custom to add a 'dit' nickname to the surname. The English translation of 'dit' is 'said'. The Colonists of Nouvelle France added 'dit' names as distinguishers. A settler might have wanted to differentiate their family from their siblings by taking a 'dit' name that described the locale to which they had relocated. The acquiring of a 'dit' name might also be the result of a casual adoption, whereby the person wanted to honor the family who had raised them. Another reason was also to distinguish themselves by taking as a 'dit' name the town or village in France from which they originated. This custom ended around 1900 when people began using only one name, either the 'dit' nickname or their original surname.

Source: American-French Genealogical Society, Woonsocket, Rhode Island (

Did You Know?Acadia - Did you know? In Acadian as well as French Canadian communities, there is a common New Year's greeting: 'Bonne et sainte année, et le paradis à la fin de vos jours. (Good, holy, and Happy New Year, and Paradise at the end of your days)'

Source: Acadian Culture in Maine: Oral Traditions - University of Maine at Fort Kent (

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Acadian Exile - Grand Derangement Acadia  Catherine  Benoit dite Labriere

  (b. abt. 1689, Acadia, Canada   d. 26 January 1760, France )  

Catherine Benoit dite Labriere was born abt. 1689 in , Acadia, Canada . Catherine Benoit dite Labriere was the child of Martin Benoit dit Labriere and Marie Chaussegros

She married  François Leprince 23 May 1712 in Saint-Charles-des-Mines, Acadia .  François Leprince  was born abt. 1680 in Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada / Port Royal, Acadia .  He died 24 November 1751 in , Acadia, Canada (Acadie) .  He was the son of Jean-Jacques-Nicolas Leprince and Marguerite Hébert.

Catherine Benoit dite Labriere died 26 January 1760 in , France.

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Marriage / Partner(s) and Child(ren)

Catherine Benoit dite Labriere married Acadia François Leprince-- Date: 23 May 1712 Place: Saint-Charles-des-Mines, Acadia genealogy-benoit.html 

François Leprince was the son of Jean-Jacques-Nicolas Leprince and Marguerite Hébert

Catherine "...married François LePrince in 1712. Catherine was among those deported by the English and died in France in 1760. At least four of her seven children were also deported. One son, Claude Prince, along with his wife, Madeleine Doiron, and their entire family, died at sea during the deportation. The others who were deported were in France in the late 1760’s."

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Lifetime Events

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1693 Port Royal
Martin BENOIT 43, Marie CHAUSEGROS 39, Pierre 18, Clement 15, Marie 13, Jean 11, Pierre 9, Claude 7, Catherine 4, Anne 1 7 cattle, 10 sheep, 6 pigs, 8 arpents, 1 gun
1693 Acadian Census
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1698 Port Royal
Martin BENOIT 57 Marie CHAUSSEGROS (wife) 43 Clement 21 Marie 19 Pierre 15 Claude 11 Catherine 8 Jeanne 6 Francoise 4 2 cows, 8 sheep, 3 hogs, 40 arpents, 200 fruit trees,

1698 Acadian Census
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Invention 1698 - The steam engine is invented (Thomas Savery, England)
"Thomas Savery was an English inventor credited with making important advancements and discoveries in the development of the steam engine. He was born in 1650 at Shilston and belonged to a well known ...Read MORE...

1700 Port Royal
Martin BENOIT 50; Marie CHOSSEGROS (wife) 46; Clement 22; Jean 18; Pierre 16; Claude 14; Marie 20; Catherine 11; Anne 8; 15 cattle, 20 sheep, 10 arpents, 1 gun.
1700 Acadian Census
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News 1704 - According to the census, there are 1,450 people living in Acadia

1712 Marriage / Partner
Catherine Benoit dite Labriere and François Leprince 23 May 1712, Grand Pré, Nova Scotia, Canada / Saint-Charles-des-Mines, Acadia

News 1713 - Acadia is 'permanently' given to the British after the Treaty of Utrecht.
The Treaty of Utrecht ended the War of Spanish Succession in 1713, making the Acadians in Nova Scotia permanent British subjects, while Isle Royale (Cape Breton) and Isle Saint-Jean (Prince Edward...Read MORE...

France 1715 - Louis XIV (King of France) dies

News By 1730, the majority of Acadians had signed an oath swearing allegiance to the British Crown, but they insisted they would not fight either the French or the native Indians. acadian/ timeline.html -

News 1749--French population of the whole of the Acadian Peninsula : 13,000 -

News 1750 - LeLoutre gets the Indians to burn Beaubassin to get Acadians over to French territory. acadtime.htm -

1751 Death of Spouse/Partner
François Leprince died 24 November 1751, , Acadia, Canada (Acadie)

Invention 1753 - The lightning rod is invented (Benjamin Franklin, United States)
Those of our Readers in this and the neighboring Provinces, who may have had an Opportunity of observing, during the present Summer, and of the Effects of Lightning on Houses, Ships, Trees, &c. are...Read MORE...

News 1754 - At the beginning of the French and Indian War of 1754,
the British government demanded that Acadians take an oath of allegiance to the Crown that included fighting against the French. Most of them refused. acadian/ timeline.html -

World History 1754 - Beginning of the French and Indian War between Great Britain and France for control of the North American colonies. It is part of the Seven Years War.

Acadia 1755
Beginning of the Acadian Expulsion on July 28

World History (1756 - 1763) Seven Years War - France, Great Britain clashed in Europe and North America; France, Russia, Austria, Saxony, Sweden and Spain sided against Britain, Prussia and Hanover webimage/ countrys/ asia/ russia/ rutimeln.htm -

News 1758 - The Acadians who fled to Ile St. Jean and Ile Royale are rounded up and 3000+ are sent to France.
Two of the ships are unseaworthy and sink ... hundreds of Acadians perish. The ones who make it to France initially settle in northwestern France, around St. Malo and Morlaix. acadtime.htm -

France 1758 - French power in Canada declines as the British capture Ft. Louisburg places-timelines/ 19-france-timeline.htm -

26 January 1760
, France

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