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Did You Know?Quebec - Did you know? Have you ever wondered why there are often no very old tombstones in the cemteries of Canada/New France? There is a good reason. Up until the mid to late 1800s, the deceased were buried around the church. It was the customary practice to do this as a way of showing the close relationship between the living and the dead, as God is master of life and death. In time, space ran out and new cemeteries were created. At that point, the bodies near the church were often exhumed and transfered to a common area of the new cemetery. The gravestones of the old cemetery were eventually removed to create space around the church for parking.

Source: La Nativité de Notre-Dame du Vieux-Beauport (

Marin Boucher - This plaque is mounted on the graveyard side of the church at Chateau-Richer.
Marin Boucher

This plaque is mounted on the graveyard side of the church at Chateau-Richer.
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Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France -
Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France


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immigrant France  Marin  Boucher

  (b. 15 April 1589Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France   d. 25 March 1671Château-Richer, Québec, Canada )  

Marin Boucher was born 15 April 1589 in Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France. Marin Boucher was the child of Jacques Boucher and Françoise Paigne

Marin was an immigrant to Canada, arriving by 1634.

He married  Julienne Baril (DuBaril) 7 February 1611 in Mortagne, Perche, France (Mortagne-au-Perche) .  The couple had (at least) 7 children. Julienne Baril (DuBaril)  was born 1586 in Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France .  She died 15 December 1627 in Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France . 

He married  (2) Perrine Mallet 29 March 1629 in Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France .  The couple had (at least) 7 children. Perrine Mallet  was born 9 March 1607 in , France .  She died 24 August 1687 in Château-Richer, Québec, Canada . 

Marin Boucher died 25 March 1671 in Château-Richer, Québec, Canada .

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Occupation: Maçon et menuisier

Marriage / Partner(s) and Child(ren)

Marin Boucher married France Julienne Baril (DuBaril)-- Date: 7 February 1611 Place: Mortagne, Perche, France (Mortagne-au-Perche)
"Marin Boucher, born between 1587 and 1589, was married twice before leaving for Canada. On 7 February 1611, he married Juliane Baril, daughter of Jean, living at LaBarre, in the parish of Saint-Langis-lez-Mortagne (Orne). Juliane died on 15 December 1627 and was buried at Saint-Langis the next day."

Thomas J. Laforest
Our French-Canadian Ancestors : Volume IV, Page 64
Updated: 4/27/2016 4:40:11 PM

France Nicole Boucher (b.8 November 1611, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France  d. 1634, , France)

France Jehan Boucher (b.15 March 1613, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France  d. 21 May 1617, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France)

France Loyse Boucher (b.15 August 1615, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France  d. 22 September 1617, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France)

immigrant France François Boucher (b.21 November 1617, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France  d. 26 May 1672, Sillery, Québec, Québec, Canada* )

France Thiennette (Etiennette) Boucher (b.11 May 1620, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France  d. abt. 1620, , France)

France Charlotte Boucher (b.15 January 1622, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France  d. bef. 1634, , France)

France Marie Boucher (b.8 June 1625, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France  d. abt. 1634, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France)

Marin Boucher married immigrant France Perrine Mallet-- Date: 29 March 1629 Place: Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France
"Around 1629, Marin took a second wife, Perrine Malet."

Thomas J. Laforest
Our French-Canadian Ancestors : Volume IV, Page 64
Updated: 3/20/2010

immigrant France Louis-Marin Boucher (b.29 August 1630, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France  d. 18 December 1700, Québec, Québec, Canada )

immigrant France Jean-Galleron Boucher (b.16 February 1633, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France  d. 28 March 1714, Rivière-Ouelle, Québec, Canada )

Canada/New France Françoise Boucher (b.22 June 1636, Québec, Québec, Canada   d. 18 April 1711, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada )

Canada/New France Pierre Boucher (b.13 February 1639, Québec, Québec, Canada   d. 13 May 1707, Rivière-Ouelle, Québec, Canada )

Canada/New France Madeleine Boucher (b.4 August 1641, Québec, Québec, Canada   d. bef. 28 October 1709, , Québec Province, Canada )

Canada/New France Marie Boucher (b.11 April 1644, Québec, Québec, Canada   d. 15 July 1730, L'Ange-Gardien, Québec, Canada)

Canada/New France Guillaume Boucher (b.5 May 1647, Québec, Québec, Canada   d. 1 July 1729, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada )

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Origin of Surname
(French) A butcher; a blood-thirsty man.
An etymological dictionary of family and Christian names - By William Arthur - 1857.
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Marin Boucher
From mirobert/ DUBEAU%20anc.pdf (loosely translated into English)


Originally from St-Jean de Mortagne au Perche, Marin Boucher was born between 1587 and 1589. He married twice before embarking for New France. On 7 February 1611, he married Julienne / ...Read MORE...

1611 Marriage / Partner
Marin Boucher and Julienne Baril (DuBaril) 7 February 1611, Mortagne, Perche, France (Mortagne-au-Perche)

1611 Birth of Child
Nicole Boucher was born 8 November 1611, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France

1613 Birth of Child
Jehan Boucher was born 15 March 1613, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France

1615 Birth of Child
Loyse Boucher was born 15 August 1615, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France

France 1617 - Louis XIII crowned at the age of 17 (France)

1617 Death of Child
Jehan Boucher died 21 May 1617, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France

1617 Death of Child
Loyse Boucher died 22 September 1617, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France

1617 Birth of Child
François Boucher was born 21 November 1617, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France

1620 Birth of Child
Thiennette (Etiennette) Boucher was born 11 May 1620, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France

1622 Birth of Child
Charlotte Boucher was born 15 January 1622, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France



Title Les vieilles familles d'Yamachiche ...
Volumes 1-2 of Les vieilles familles d'Yamachiche, François Pierre Sévère Lesieur Desaulniers
Publisher C. O. Beauchemin & fils,...

1625 Birth of Child
Marie Boucher was born 8 June 1625, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France

1627 Death of Spouse/Partner
Julienne Baril (DuBaril) died 15 December 1627, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France

1629 Marriage / Partner
Marin Boucher and Perrine Mallet 29 March 1629, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France

1630 Birth of Child
Louis-Marin Boucher was born 29 August 1630, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France

1633 Birth of Child
Jean-Galleron Boucher was born 16 February 1633, Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne, France

1634 - Arrival in New France
"(I)-Martin Boucher (1589-1671) arrived Kebec 1634, married 1st. February 7, France Julienne Baril, d-1727; 2nd marriage 1628, France, (I)-Pierrine Mallet (1604-1687). Three child arrive with family (II)-Francois Boucher, b-1618, married September 3, 1641, Kebec, Florence Gareman; (II)-Louis...Read MORE...

Canada Between 1634 and August 1663, while the colony was governed by the Compagnie des Cent-Associés, about 262 women of marriageable age (Filles à marier) were recruited
by individuals or by private religious groups who paid their travel expenses and provided for their lodging until they were married.
But individual recruiters and private organizations had little...

Canada 1634-40 - The Huron nation is reduced by half from European diseases (smallpox epidemic, 1639). about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

1636 Birth of Child
Françoise Boucher was born 22 June 1636, Québec, Québec, Canada

1639 Birth of Child
Pierre Boucher was born 13 February 1639, Québec, Québec, Canada

Canada 1641 - Beginning of French and Iroquois Wars
Also known as the Beaver Wars.

Encouraged and armed by their Dutch and English trading partners, the Iroquois sought to expand their territory and monopolize the fur trade and the trade between...Read MORE...

1641 Birth of Child
Madeleine Boucher was born 4 August 1641, Québec, Québec, Canada

Canada 1642 - The sieur de Maisonneuve founds Montréal (May 18). about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

1644 Birth of Child
Marie Boucher was born 11 April 1644, Québec, Québec, Canada

1647 Birth of Child
Guillaume Boucher was born 5 May 1647, Québec, Québec, Canada

Canada 1648-49 The Iroquois disperse the Huron nation. about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

Canada 1659 - François de Laval arrives in Québec as vicar general of the pope (June). about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

Canada 1660 - Adam Dollard des Ormeaux and about sixty others withstand an attack by over 500 Iroquois at Long Sault (May). It is traditionally said that the small party fights so well that the Iroquois decide not to attack Montréal. about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

Canada 1663 - Québec becomes a royal province. The first Filles du roi (Kings Daughters) arrive in New France during the summer
In 1663, the King Louis XIV took over direct control of the government of New France, making it a Crown colony with Québec becoming a Royal Province. Royal governors and other officials replaced...Read MORE...

1666 Isle d'Orleans
Marin Boucher - 79 habittant

perrine Mallet - 62 sa femme

et guillaume Boucher - 19 fils
The first census of New France (1666)
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1666 Habittans de Beauport
Marin Boucher ...........................77 Masson habittant

perrine Mallet ...........................60 sa femme

& Guillaume Bouchér ........................18 Fils
The first census of New France (1666)
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Canada 1666 - The Carignan-Salières regiment destroys five Mohawk villages, eventually leading to peace between the Iroquois and the French. about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

1667 Census - Montmorency County, Quebec
Marin Boucher, habitant, 80 years
Perrine Malet, 63 years
Guillaume Boucher, 20 years
Andre Berlan, domestique, 18 years

They had 8 head of cattle and 20 arpents of land under cultivation.
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Canada 1667 - The result of Canada's first census is 3215 non-native inhabitants. about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

Canada 1667 - Filles Du Roi Arrive
October 27: One hundred and nine (109) young ladies (Filles du Roi) arrived in Quebec from Dieppe and La Rochelle; 84 from Dieppe, 25 from La Rochelle. Only 15-20 were from good families, several...Read MORE...

Canada 1668 - The Carignan-Salières regiment is recalled to France, but several hundred choose to remain behind, many in return for local seigneuries. about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

Canada 1670 - The Hudson's Bay Company is founded by royal charter and, underwritten by a group of English merchants, is granted trade rights over Rupert's Land -- i.e., all territory draining into Hudson Bay (May 2). about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

25 March 1671
Château-Richer, Québec, Canada

name: Marrin Boucher
gender: Male
burial date: 29 Mar 1671
burial place: Chateau Richer, Montmorency, Quebec
death date:
death place:
birth date:
race: White
marital status: Unknown
spouse's name:
father's name:
father's birthplace:
mother's name:
mother's birthplace:
indexing project (batch) number: B03757-9
system origin: Canada-EASy
source film number: 1018161
reference number: P 189

"Canada Deaths and Burials, 1664-1955," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 04 Jan 2013), Marrin Boucher, ; citing reference P 189, FHL microfilm 1018161.
La-Visitation-de-Notre-Dame Cemetery (Château-Rich Chateau-Richer Capitale-Nationale Region Quebec, Canada

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