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Did You Know?America - Did you know? 1849 - Harriet Tubman escapes from slavery and becomes one of the most effective and celebrated members of the Underground Railroad.


The name Connecticut originates from the Algonquian word 'Quinnehtukqut' (beside the long tidal river). (

Prior to 1638 - Connecticut, New England
1638 - 1662 - New Haven Colony
1662 - 1687 - Connecticut Colony
1688 - 1689 - Dominion of New England
1690 - 1787 - Crown Colony of Connecticut
January 5, 1788 - Connecticut becomes 5th U.S. state

Freeborn Moulton - Memorial
Freeborn Moulton


Windham, Connecticut, USA (Willimantic) - R.R. Station and Bridge, Willimantic, CT
Windham, Connecticut, USA (Willimantic)
R.R. Station and Bridge, Willimantic, CT

Windham, Connecticut, USA (Willimantic) - Windham Green and Library, Windham, Conn.
Windham, Connecticut, USA (Willimantic)
Windham Green and Library, Windham, Conn.

Windham, Connecticut, USA (Willimantic) - Col. Elderkin House, Windham, Conn.
Said to be the first brick house in this country.
Bricks brought from Holland.
Windham, Connecticut, USA (Willimantic)
Col. Elderkin House, Windham, Conn.
Said to be the first brick house in this country.
Bricks brought from Holland.

"Brick house built in Windham, by Col. Jedediah Elderkin, an officer in the... Read MORE...

Windham, Connecticut, USA (Willimantic) - American Thread Co. No 4 Mill. Willimantic, Conn.
Windham, Connecticut, USA (Willimantic)
American Thread Co. No 4 Mill. Willimantic, Conn.

"In 1898, the Willimantic Linen Company became part of the American Thread Company, a large corporation that was attempting to gain a dominant... Read MORE...

Windham, Connecticut, USA (Willimantic) - Thread City Square, Willimantic, Conn
Windham, Connecticut, USA (Willimantic)
Thread City Square, Willimantic, Conn

Windham, Connecticut, USA (Willimantic) - Harris Jewelry Factory
North Windham, Conn.
Windham, Connecticut, USA (Willimantic)
Harris Jewelry Factory North Windham, Conn.

Windham, Connecticut, USA (Willimantic) - St. Mary's Church, Willimantic, Conn
Windham, Connecticut, USA (Willimantic)
St. Mary's Church, Willimantic, Conn

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American Revolutionary War Soldier America/USA  Freeborn  Moulton

  (b. 3 April 1717Windham, Crown Colony of Connecticut   d. 9 June 1792Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA )  

Freeborn Moulton was born 3 April 1717 in Windham, Crown Colony of Connecticut . Freeborn Moulton was the child of Robert Moulton and Hannah Groves and the grandchild of: (paternal)  Robert Moulton and Mary Cooke (maternal)  Nicholas Groves and Hannah Sallows

He married  Rebekah Walker 23 June 1737 in Brimfield, Province of Massachusetts Bay .  The couple had (at least) 11 children. Rebekah Walker  was born 17 April 1717 in Ashford, Connecticut, USA .  She died 3 December 1802 in Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA . 

Freeborn Moulton died 9 June 1792 in Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA.

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Marriage / Partner(s) and Child(ren)

Freeborn Moulton married America/USA Rebekah Walker-- Date: 23 June 1737 Place: Brimfield, Province of Massachusetts Bay

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Updated: 7/11/2016 11:19:32 AM

American Revolutionary War Soldier America/USA Joseph Moulton (b.15 January 1738, Brimfield, Province of Massachusetts Bay  d. 6 February 1816, Monson, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA Rebekah Moulton (b.29 November 1740, Brimfield, Province of Massachusetts Bay  d. abt. 1742, Brimfield, Province of Massachusetts Bay)

America/USA Rebekah Moulton (b.30 September 1742, Brimfield, Province of Massachusetts Bay  d. 1806, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA Hannah Moulton (b.29 November 1743, Brimfield, Province of Massachusetts Bay  d. , )

American Revolutionary War Soldier America/USA Freeborn Moulton (b.9 April 1746, Brimfield, Province of Massachusetts Bay  d. 1815, Monson, Massachusetts, USA)

American Revolutionary War Soldier America/USA Abner Moulton (b.27 June 1748, Brimfield, Province of Massachusetts Bay  d. 1 August 1824, Monson, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA Phineas Moulton (b.15 May 1751, Brimfield, Province of Massachusetts Bay  d. 15 June 1834, Randolph, Vermont, USA)

American Revolutionary War Soldier America/USA Elijah Moulton (b.10 August 1753, Brimfield, Province of Massachusetts Bay  d. 1844, Clarke, Durham, Upper Canada)

American Revolutionary War Soldier America/USA Calvin Moulton (b.10 May 1753, Brimfield, Province of Massachusetts Bay  d. 8 May 1825, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA Luther Moulton (b.1760, Wales, Province of Massachusetts Bay  d. 21 November 1802, Monson, Massachusetts, USA)

American Revolutionary War Soldier America/USA Daniel Moulton (b.12 March 1762, Brimfield, Province of Massachusetts Bay  d. 12 January 1849, Monson, Massachusetts, USA)

Lifetime Events

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3 April 1717
Windham, Connecticut, USA (Willimantic)

1737 Marriage / Partner
Freeborn Moulton and Rebekah Walker 23 June 1737, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA

1738 Birth of Child
Joseph Moulton was born 15 January 1738, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA

1740 Birth of Child
Rebekah Moulton was born 29 November 1740, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA

1742 Birth of Child
Rebekah Moulton was born 30 September 1742, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA

1743 Birth of Child
Hannah Moulton was born 29 November 1743, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA

1746 Birth of Child
Freeborn Moulton was born 9 April 1746, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA

1748 Birth of Child
Abner Moulton was born 27 June 1748, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA

1751 Birth of Child
Phineas Moulton was born 15 May 1751, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA

Invention 1753 - The lightning rod is invented (Benjamin Franklin, United States)
Those of our Readers in this and the neighboring Provinces, who may have had an Opportunity of observing, during the present Summer, and of the Effects of Lightning on Houses, Ships, Trees, &c. are...Read MORE...

1753 Birth of Child
Calvin Moulton was born 10 May 1753, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA

1753 Birth of Child
Elijah Moulton was born 10 August 1753, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA

World History 1754 - Beginning of the French and Indian War between Great Britain and France for control of the North American colonies. It is part of the Seven Years War.

World History (1756 - 1763) Seven Years War - France, Great Britain clashed in Europe and North America; France, Russia, Austria, Saxony, Sweden and Spain sided against Britain, Prussia and Hanover webimage/ countrys/ asia/ russia/ rutimeln.htm -

1762 Birth of Child
Daniel Moulton was born 12 March 1762, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA

USA 1764 - British Government issues the Sugar Act
The Sugar Act raised revenues higher than ever before by a new series of taxes on the colonists.
World History, Part Two, Arco Publishing, Inc., New York, 1980 -

USA 1765 - November - The British government issues the Stamp Act.
First direct British tax on American colonists. Instituted in November, 1765. Every newspaper, pamphlet, and other public and legal document had to have a Stamp, or British seal, on it. The Stamp, of ...Read MORE...

USA 1770 - March 5 - Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre | The American Revolution
American Heroes Channel...

USA 1773 - December 16 - Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party
Reading Through History (

Angry...

USA 1774 - March - The Coercive Acts (called Intolerable Acts by Americans)
The Intolerable Acts was the American Patriots' name for a series of punitive laws passed by the British Parliament in 1774 after the Boston Tea party. They were meant to punish the Massachusetts...Read MORE...

USA 1774 - June 1 - Boston Port Bill: British government orders Port of Boston closed - June 1, 1774

USA 1774 - September 5 - First Continental Congress formed in Philadelphia
The First Continental Congress was a meeting of delegates from twelve of the thirteen colonies that met on September 5 to October 26, 1774 at Carpenters' Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, early in...Read MORE...

USA 1775 - April 18 - Paul Revere's famous ride

The Truth About Paul Revere | America: Facts vs. Fiction
American Heroes...

USA 1775 - April 19 - First shots of Revolutionary War fired in Lexington and Concord.

Reading Through History (

The Battles of Lexington and...

USA 1775 - April 20 - British begin siege of Boston -

USA 1775 - May 10 - American Revolution began; Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys, along with Benedict Arnold took Fort Ticonderoga.
In the darkness of the night of May 9, 1775, Ethan Allen, along with Benedict Arnold, led a portion of his militia across the half-mile width of Lake Champlain to the base of the fort. As the sun...Read MORE...

USA May 1775 - Second Continental Congress - Philadelphia - plans to form an army.
When the Second Continental Congress came together on May 10, 1775 it was, in effect, a reconvening of the First Continental Congress. Many of the same 56 delegates who attended the first meeting...Read MORE...

USA 1775 - June 17 - Battle of Bunker Hill
On June 17, 1775, early in the Revolutionary War (1775-83), the British defeated the Americans at the Battle of Bunker Hill in Massachusetts. Despite their loss, the inexperienced colonial forces...Read MORE...

USA 1775 - December 31 - The Battle of Québec was fought on December 31 between the American Continental Army and British defenders of Québec City. It was the first major defeat for the Americans in the Revolutionary War.

December 31, 1775

USA 1776 - March 17 - British, Get Out!
Colonial troops force British to evacuate Boston.

USA 1776 - May 2: The American revolution gains support from King Louis XVI of France

USA 1776 - July 4 - American Declaration of Independence

America the Story of Us: Declaration of Independence
The History Channel...

USA 1776 - September 9 - Congress renames the nation “United States of America”
On this day in 1776, the Continental Congress formally declares the name of the new nation to be the “United States” of America. This replaced the term “United Colonies,” which had been in general...Read MORE...

USA 1776 - December 26 - Washington crosses the Delaware
Famous American victory that began with "Washington Crossing the Delaware." Actually, the whole army crossed the Delaware River, which was frozen in places, on Christmas night, 1776, from...Read MORE...

USA 1777 - July 5 - St. Clair surrenders Fort Ticonderoga to the British

USA 1777 - September 26 - British General William Howe occupies Philadelphia during American Revolution -

USA 1777 - October 17 - British General John Burgoyne surrenders at Saratoga NY -

USA 1777 - November 15 - The Articles of Confederation Were Adopted
On November 15, 1777, the second Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. Then they needed approval from the states.

Still at war with Great Britain, the...

USA December 1777 - June 1778 - The winter at Valley Forge
This Pennsylvania encampment was occupied by the American army from December 1777 to June 1778. The winter was particularly harsh, and the army was short on food, clothing, and supplies. But they...Read MORE...

World History February 6, 1778 - France signed the Treaty of Alliance with the United States.

World History June 1779 - Spain entered Revolutionary War in favor of Americans.

USA 1780 - September 25 - Benedict Arnold's plans to cede West Point to the British discovered. articles/ ushistory/ revolutionarywartimeline.htm -

USA 1781 - October 19 - The British Surrender at Yorktown
America declared its independence in 1776, but it took another five years to win freedom from the British. That day came on October 19, 1781, when the British General Charles Cornwallis surrendered...Read MORE...

Invention 1784 - The bifocal lens is invented (Benjamin Franklin, United States)
"While living in Paris, Franklin hated having to change constantly from reading glasses to distance glasses. He directed an optician to cut two pairs of lenses horizontally in half and mount them in...Read MORE...

Invention 1784 - The oil lamp is invented (Aimé Argand, Switzerland)
"Argand burner, first scientifically constructed oil lamp, patented in 1784 in England by a Swiss, Aimé Argand. The first basic change in lamps in thousands of years, it applied a principle that was...Read MORE...

USA 1784 - January 14 - The Continental Congress Ratified the Treaty of Paris Ending the Revolutionary War
On September 3, 1783, more than a year after the last shots were fired, a peace treaty was drawn up in Paris. Under the terms of the treaty, the United States was granted territory as far west as the ...Read MORE...

USA 1787 - September 17 - U.S. Constitution ratified
The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia met between May and September of 1787 to address the problems of the weak central government that existed under the Articles of Confederation. The United ...Read MORE...

U.S. Presidents 1789 - April 30 - George Washington (1732–1799) became 1st President of the United States
On April 30, 1789, in a deep, low voice, George Washington gave his first speech as president of the United States. This speech is now known as the first presidential inaugural address. He spoke to a ...Read MORE...

USA 1789 - September 29 - Congress Officially Created the U.S. Military
In its very first session, the United States Congress had a lot of decisions to make. One important topic the first representatives and senators needed to address was establishing the U.S. military....Read MORE...

USA 1790 - July 16 - Washington, D. C. becomes capital of United States
On July 16, 1790, Congress declared the city of Washington in the District of Columbia, the permanent capital of the United States.

President George Washington commissioned French engineer...

USA 1791 - December 15 - The Bill of Rights takes effect

TED-Ed (

The Bill of Rights is the first 10 amendments...

9 June 1792
Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA

Research Death
Moulton Hill Cemetery Monson Hampden County Massachusetts, USA

Added: 6/24/2016 8:22:58 AM

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