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Did You Know?Quebec - Did you know? In the seventeenth century most of the world went to bed at nightfall because there was nothing else to do, and no easy or inexpensive artificial light. Candles were in use, to be sure, but a great many more of them were burned on the altars of the churches than in the homes of the people. For his reading, the habitant depended upon the priest, and for his writing, upon the notary.

Source: Daily Life in New France ( french/ daily_life_in_new_france.htm)

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immigrant Fille a Marier France  Marie-Madeleine  Francoise

  (b. 1633, France   d. 23 March 1707Batiscan, Québec, Canada )  

Marie-Madeleine Francoise was born 1633 in , France. Marie-Madeleine Francoise was the child of

Marie-Madeleine was a Fille à Marier, arriving in New France by 1655.

She married  Guillaume Thibault 11 January 1655 in Montmagny, Québec, Canada (St-Thomas) .  The couple had (at least) 8 children. Guillaume Thibault  was born 1622 in Rouen, France .  He died 21 August 1686 in Château-Richer, Québec, Canada .  He was the son of Nicolas Thibault and Elisabeth Anthiaume.

She married  (2) François Fafard 8 April 1696 in Château-Richer, Québec, Canada (La-Visitation-de-Notre-Dame du Chateau-Richer) .  François Fafard  was born 8 January 1630 in , France .  He died 25 December 1711 in Batiscan, Québec, Canada .  He was the son of Jean Fafard and Antoinette Leverdier.

Marie-Madeleine Francoise died 23 March 1707 in Batiscan, Québec, Canada .

Pedigree Chart Pedigree Chart Family Group Record Family Group Record Invention Inventions

Marie was the daughter of Isaac Francois and Esther Pasquier.

Death recorded at Saint-Francois-Xavier, Batiscan, Quebec

Marriage / Partner(s) and Child(ren)

Marie-Madeleine Francoise married immigrant France Guillaume Thibault-- Date: 11 January 1655 Place: Montmagny, Québec, Canada (St-Thomas) Quebec Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection) [database on-line]. Original data: Gabriel Drouin, comp. Drouin Collection. Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Institut Généalogique Drouin. 

Guillaume Thibault was the son of Nicolas Thibault and Elisabeth Anthiaume

Notre-Dame-de-Quebec, Quebec, Canada

"On Monday, 16 November 1654, Guillaume required the services of the notary Audouart to draw up his marriage contract at Fort St-Louis in Quebec. The distinguished guests were Jean de Lauzon, Governor of New France; Father Francois Lemercier, head of the Jesuits; the Normand priest Lean Lesueur, chaplain of the Hotel-Dieu; Anne Gasnier, widow of Jean Clement, Sieur DuVault; Denis-Joseph Ruette, Sieur d'Auteuil, son-in-law of Anne Gasnier; Jean Bourdon from Rouen, the administrator of the Communaute des Habitants of New France; Seigneur, the Venerable Guillaume Couillard, bourgeois; Louis Couillard, Seigneur for part of the Ile aux Oies; and Martin Grouvel."

"Who was the future bride? Marie-Madeleine Francois or Lefrancois, who had been in the country for a short time, appeared as a worthy 21 year old orphan. Her late father Squire Isaac Francois had been the Captain of a company of light horse cavalry in France, obviously a nobleman. Her mother was named Esther Paigne. Marie-Madeleine was born in Lorraine, about 1633."

Thomas J. Laforest
Our French-Canadian Ancestors : Volume XIV, Pages 202-203
Updated: 1/7/2014 12:35:02 AM

Canada/New France Claire-Françoise Thibault (b.29 October 1655, Québec, Québec, Canada   d. 11 April 1728, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada )

Canada/New France Jeanne-Marguerite Thibault (b.20 January 1657, Québec, Québec, Canada   d. 06 February 1718, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada )

Canada/New France Guillaume Thibault (b.1659, Québec, Québec, Canada   d. 3 August 1692, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada )

Canada/New France François Thibault (b.1660, Québec, Québec, Canada   d. 24 November 1710, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada )

Canada/New France Charles Thibault (b.15 November 1661, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada   d. 12 September 1685, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada )

Canada/New France Nicolas Thibault (b.30 May 1663, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada   d. 30 September 1727, Terrebonne, Québec, Canada )

Canada/New France Anne Thibault (b.12 June 1665, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada   d. 13 April 1749, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada )

Canada/New France Étienne Thibault (b.6 December 1668, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada   d. aft. April 1681, , Québec Province, Canada )

Marie-Madeleine Francoise married immigrant France François Fafard-- Date: 8 April 1696  Place: Château-Richer, Québec, Canada (La-Visitation-de-Notre-Dame du Chateau-Richer) 

François Fafard was the son of Jean Fafard and Antoinette Leverdier

groom's name: Francois Fafar
groom's birth date:
groom's birthplace:
groom's age:
bride's name: Magdeleine Lefrancois
bride's birth date:
bride's birthplace:
bride's age:
marriage date: 08 Apr 1696
marriage place: Chateau Richer, Montmorency I, Quebec
groom's father's name:
groom's mother's name:
bride's father's name:
bride's mother's name:
groom's race: White
groom's marital status: Unknown
groom's previous wife's name:
bride's race: White
bride's marital status: Unknown
bride's previous husband's name:
indexing project (batch) number: M01734-5
system origin: Canada-EASy
source film number: 1018161
reference number: P 173

"Canada, Marriages, 1661-1949," index, FamilySearch ( pal:/ MM9.1.1/ F2KL-G2P : accessed 06 Jan 2013), Francois Fafar and Magdeleine Lefrancois, 08 Apr 1696; citing reference P 173, FHL microfilm 1018161.

"After ten years of widowhood, the banked fires of love flared anew in the heart of Madelein Lefrancois. A brilliant citizen from Batiscan, the widower of Marie Richard since 31 May 1695, the father of seven children, a Normand by origin, Francois Fafard, 60 years old, entered the heart of the widow Thibault... In early spring, on 8 April 1696, Madeleine and Francois were married a second time, at Chateau-Richer... The new Lefrancois-Fafard couple moved to Batiscan..."

Thomas J. Laforest
Our French-Canadian Ancestors : Volume XIV, Page 210

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Marie Madeleine LeFrancoise
From gmf/ pafn01.htm#6316
Madeleine LeFrançois est une orpheline et son père, Isaac, avait été capitaine d'une compagnie de chevaux-légers, sa mère s'appelait Esther Paigne. Les chevaux-légers étaient un corps de cavalerie chargé de la garde du roi. Après la mort de...Read MORE...

Fille a Marier

Filles a Marier 1634-1662

"When the Company of 100 Associates began their settlement scheme, their plan of recruiting only families proved to be too costly, so instead they signed on single men; tradesman and labourers; who would be indentured for three years. However, this meant that more than 80% of the colonists were men, so even if they decided to stay at the end of their term, there was little hope of them starting a family, unless they chose a Canadian girl. But, since her family would never allow her, or her children, to leave their village; the company directors needed to avoid this from happening.

So instead, they began recruiting "marriagable young girls", who would first sign a contract in France and then be given passage and a small dowry to become the wife of a Quebec settler. You might wonder why these young girls (many under 16), would risk the dangers and hardships, which by now most of France were well aware of; but believe it or not; for many it was the best option.

At the time, marriages were arranged, so if the girl's family did not have the means to provide a sutable dowry, her only option was to become a nun, if she was Catholic; or marry beneath her station. In the case of the young Filles a Marier, though a marriage contract must be signed before departure, she had every right to refuse the union, once she met her husband-to-be. As a matter of fact, many of them did just that, and were provided safe passage home."
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France 1635 - France enters Thirty Years War as an active combatant. Franco-Spanish War begins.

France 1638 - King Louis XIV born in France
History of France : Highlights from Louis XIV to Napoleon

Thunderworks ( -

France 1643 - King Louis XIII dies, Louis XIV assumes French throne

1655 Marriage / Partner
Marie-Madeleine Francoise and Guillaume Thibault 11 January 1655, Montmagny, Québec, Canada (St-Thomas)

1655 Birth of Child
Claire-Françoise Thibault was born 29 October 1655, Québec, Québec, Canada

1657 Birth of Child
Jeanne-Marguerite Thibault was born 20 January 1657, Québec, Québec, Canada

Canada 1659 - François de Laval arrives in Québec as vicar general of the pope (June). about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

Canada 1660 - Adam Dollard des Ormeaux and about sixty others withstand an attack by over 500 Iroquois at Long Sault (May). It is traditionally said that the small party fights so well that the Iroquois decide not to attack Montréal. about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

1661 Birth of Child
Charles Thibault was born 15 November 1661, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada

Canada 1663 - Québec becomes a royal province. The first Filles du roi (Kings Daughters) arrive in New France during the summer
In 1663, the King Louis XIV took over direct control of the government of New France, making it a Crown colony with Québec becoming a Royal Province. Royal governors and other officials replaced...Read MORE...

1663 Birth of Child
Nicolas Thibault was born 30 May 1663, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada

1665 Birth of Child
Anne Thibault was born 12 June 1665, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada

1666 Habittans de Beaupré
Guillaume Thibaut - 48 boulanger & tailleur d'habits

Marie Magdelaine le francois 33 sa femme

Claire francoize Thibaut 11 fille

Jeanne Margueritte Thibaut 9 fille

Guillaume Thibaut - 8 fils

francois Thibaut - 5 fils

Charles Thibaut - 4 fils

Nicolas Thibaut - 3 fils

Anne...

Canada 1666 - The Carignan-Salières regiment destroys five Mohawk villages, eventually leading to peace between the Iroquois and the French. about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

Canada 1667 - The result of Canada's first census is 3215 non-native inhabitants. about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

Canada 1667 - Filles Du Roi Arrive
October 27: One hundred and nine (109) young ladies (Filles du Roi) arrived in Quebec from Dieppe and La Rochelle; 84 from Dieppe, 25 from La Rochelle. Only 15-20 were from good families, several...Read MORE...

Canada 1668 - The Carignan-Salières regiment is recalled to France, but several hundred choose to remain behind, many in return for local seigneuries. about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

1668 Birth of Child
Étienne Thibault was born 6 December 1668, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada

Canada 1670 - The Hudson's Bay Company is founded by royal charter and, underwritten by a group of English merchants, is granted trade rights over Rupert's Land -- i.e., all territory draining into Hudson Bay (May 2). about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

Canada 1672 - Comte de Frontenac becomes governor general of New France, later quarrelling frequently with the intendant and the bishop. about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

Canada 1673 - Final Group of Filles du Roi Arrive
September: The last shipment of Filles du Roi arrived Quebec from France, and the program ended. The population of New France had risen to 6,700 people, an increase of 168% in the eleven years...Read MORE...

Canada 1673 - Frontenac sends Marquette and Jolliet to explore the Missippi. about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

Canada 1674 - Laval becomes the first bishop of Québec. about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

1681 Canadian Census Seigneurie de Beaupre
Guillaume Thibaud, tailleur, 63
Madelaine Francois, sa femme, 46
Guillaume, 23
Francois, 21
Charles, 20
Nicolas, 18
Anne, 16
Etienne, 13

Source: Histoire des Canadiens-Francais 1608-1880 by Benjamin Sulte, Montreal, 1882
Added: 3/2/2010 10:53:49 AM - Beckie  Updated: 3/2/2010 10:53:49 AM -

1685 Death of Child
Charles Thibault died 12 September 1685, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada

Canada 1686 - De Troyes and D'Iberville capture three English posts on James Bay (June-July). about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

1686 Death of Spouse/Partner
Guillaume Thibault died 21 August 1686, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada

Canada 1689 - Attacked by Iroquois - Lachine Massacre
On the night of August 4-5, 1689, nearly 1,500 Iroquois warriors crossed the St. Lawrence at Lake St. Louis, its widest point in the Montreal area. On the opposite shore, the inhabitants of the...Read MORE...

Canada 1690 - Port Royal is captured by British forces led by Phipps. acadtime.htm -

Canada 1690 - Frontenac repels Phips' (sent from Massachusetts) attack on Québec (October) about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

1692 Death of Child
Guillaume Thibault died 3 August 1692, Château-Richer, Québec, Canada

1696 Marriage / Partner
Marie-Madeleine Francoise and François Fafard 8 April 1696 , Château-Richer, Québec, Canada (La-Visitation-de-Notre-Dame du Chateau-Richer)

Canada 1701 - 40 First Nation tribes, French Colonial Government signed Great Peace of Montreal
On August 4, 1701, some 40 Aboriginal nations gathered in Montreal. On that day, their representatives dinged the Treaty of Montreal. People in Montreal would remember this ceremony for a long time....Read MORE...

Canada 1702 - Having begun in Europe in 1701, The War of the Spanish Succession spreads to North America (Queen Anne's War) in Acadia and New England. about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

1707 Death
" as there (Batiscan) that the ancestress of the Thibault descendants died on Wednesday, 23 March 1707. Her burial was conducted the next day by Father Michel-Philbert Boy, in the presence of Nicolas Rivard and Julien Rivard dit Laglanderie."

Thomas J. Laforest
Our French-Canadian...


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