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Did You Know?Did you know...(Pâté à la viande) - 'Pâté is a meat pie common to all Acadian communities. Although still an integral part of the Acadian Christmas Eve celebration, pâté is now made throughout the year.'

Source: Acadian Recipes ( Do/ FoodAndWine/ AcadianRecipes.aspx)

Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada (Port Royal, Acadia) - Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada (Port Royal, Acadia)
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada (Port Royal, Acadia) - Map of Acadia acadmap.htm
Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada (Port Royal, Acadia)
Map of Acadia acadmap.htm


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Acadian Exile - Grand Derangement - Find out More.Acadia  François-Xavier  Savoie

  (abt. 1684Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada (Port Royal, Acadia)  - 28 December 1787Berthier-sur-Mer, Montmagny, Québec, Canada (Berthier-en-Bas) (Berthier) )  

François-Xavier Savoie was born abt. 1684 in Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada (Port Royal, Acadia). François-Xavier Savoie was the child of Germain Savoie and Marie Breau dite Vincelotte and the grandchild of: (paternal)  François Savoie and Catherine Lejeune (maternal)  Vincent Breau (Brault) and Marie Bourc (Bourg)

He married  Marie Josephe Richard 23 November 1707 in Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada (Port Royal, Acadia) .  The couple had (at least) 1 child. Marie Josephe Richard  was born 1691 in Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada (Port Royal, Acadia) .  She died 24 January 1763 in Québec (Quebec), Québec, Canada (Quebec City) .  She was the daughter of Alexandre Richard and Elizabeth Isabelle Petitpas.

François-Xavier Savoie died 28 December 1787 in Berthier-sur-Mer, Montmagny, Québec, Canada (Berthier-en-Bas) (Berthier).

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Marriage / Union(s) and Child(ren)

François-Xavier Savoie married Acadian Exile - Grand Derangement - Find out More.Acadia Marie Josephe Richard-- Date: 23 November 1707  Place: Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada (Port Royal, Acadia)
Marie Josephe Richard was the daughter of Alexandre Richard and Elizabeth Isabelle Petitpas

On 23 November 1707 François, married Marie-Josèphe Richard, daughter of Alexandre Richard and Élisabeth Petitpas, in Port-Royal, Acadia, Canada.

(White, Stephen A. Dictionnaire Généalogique des Famillies Acadiennes. volume II. Moncton, Canada: Centre d'Études Acadiennes, Université de Moncton, 1999).

Children of Marie-Josèphe Richard and François Savoie

Marie-Josèphe Savoie (25 Apr 1709 - )

François Savoie (30 Nov 1710 - b 9 Aug 1762)

Brigitte Savoie (24 Apr 1712 - 10 Dec 1758)

Marguerite Savoie (20 Aug 1713 - )

Jean-Baptiste Savoie (9 Mar 1715 - 27 Dec 1787)

Honoré Savoie (9 Mar 1715 - 25 Sep 1797)

Jeanne Savoie (28 Sep 1716 - bef 1766)

Anne-Marie Savoie (2 Jun 1718 - between Oct 1755 - Aug 1756)

Madeleine Savoie (5 Dec 1719 - 16 Dec 1789)

Charles Savoie (30 May 1721 - )

Simon Savoie dit Saint-Sauveur (17 Aug 1723 - 25 Dec 1795)

Joseph Savoie (8 Jun 1727 - b 22 Dec 1767)

Pierre Savoie

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Acadian Exile - Grand Derangement - Find out More.Acadia Marguerite Brigitte Savoie (24 April 1712, Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada (Port Royal, Acadia) - 10 December 1758, Québec (Quebec), Québec, Canada (Quebec City))

Lifetime Events

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World History1689 - William & Mary assume English throne. Peter the Great assumes Russian throne.

News1690 - Port Royal is captured by British forces led by Phipps. acadtime.htm -

News1695 - Fort Anne, (1695-1708) (Annapolls, Acadia ( Nova Scotia)) is established. public/ dgarneau/ french25.htm -

Invention1698 - The steam engine is invented (Thomas Savery, England)

News1699 - A crop failure at Port Royal, Acadia caused extensive suffering in the colony. public/ dgarneau/ french25.htm -

Canada1701 - 40 First Nation tribes, French Colonial Government signed Great Peace of Montreal
On August 4, 1701, some 40 Aboriginal nations gathered in Montreal. On that day, their representatives dinged the Treaty of Montreal. People in Montreal would remember this ceremony for a long time. A...Read MORE...

News1704 - Attacked
June 20: Benjamin Church (1639-1718), with 700 men, three warships and fourteen transports, burned Les Mines (Grand Pre), took Cobequid (Truro) and Piziquid (Pigiguit), and wasted Beaubassin, Acadia....Read MORE...

News1706 - English Repelled
John March of Newbury received a commission to take Fort Royal in Acadia. One thousand and seventy six English, with four hundred and fifty sailors, are under his command. Fort Royal, defended by Go...Read MORE...

1707 Marriage / Union
François Xavier Savoie and Marie Josephe Richard 23 November 1707 , Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada (Port Royal, Acadia) (see below)

News1710 - Parish of Notre Dame de l'Assomption de Bellechasse is established at Berthier (Berthier Sur Mer)

Guide to Quebec Catholic Parishes and Published Parish Marriage Records, Compiled Jeanne Sauve White -

News1710 - British Capture Port Royal, Rename Fort Anne
The Acadian community of Port Royal is captured by Francis Nickolson for the British and renamed it Fort Anne, and the community, Annapolis Royal. Daniel d'Auger de Subercase (1661-1732), with less t...Read MORE...

News1721 - Église de Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption established at Berthier-sur-Mer -

Invention1753 - The lightning rod is invented (Benjamin Franklin, United States)
Those of our Readers in this and the neighboring Provinces, who may have had an Opportunity of observing, during the present Summer, and of the Effects of Lightning on Houses, Ships, Trees, &c. are re...Read MORE...

News1754 - French and Indian War at Port Royal webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ province/ nsztimeln.htm -

World History1754 - Beginning of the French and Indian War between Great Britain and France for control of the North American colonies. It is part of the Seven Years War.

Beginning of the Acadian Expulsion on July 28

News1755 - Grand Derangement
The "Grand Derangement" the forced deportation of Acadians is considered the beginning of the Cajun culture.

Of the 8 to 10 thousand Acadians deported, 3/4 arrived in the American colonies or were ...Read MORE...

World History(1756 - 1763) Seven Years War - France, Great Britain clashed in Europe and North America; France, Russia, Austria, Saxony, Sweden and Spain sided against Britain, Prussia and Hanover webimage/ countrys/ asia/ russia/ rutimeln.htm -

News1756 - Virginia Rejects Acadians
About 1,200 Acadians were sent to Virginia but were never let off the ships, because they had not been expected and they were not wanted. They sat on the beaches for six months. Having arrived in the ...Read MORE...

News1763 - Nova Scotia
The English land cleared about 11,000 French Acadians from Nova Scotia during the period of 1755 to 1763, to make room for English and Scottish settlers as those Acadians held the best land. The Acad...Read MORE...

Canada1763 - France cedes its North American posessions to Britain by the Treaty of Paris, ending the Seven Years War (French and Indian War). Quebec City French-speaking Catholics were now under the rule of Protestant Britain.
In 1763, England was convinced, mistakenly, that it was inheriting a French society but the new colonial authorities did not fully understand the reality. The former subjects of the king of France alr...Read MORE...

News1764 - Acadians Return to Nova Scotia
The Acadians were finally allowed to return to Nova Scotia in 1764. However, the fertile lands that once were theirs were now occupied by English settlers. Since the British would not allow the Acadia...Read MORE...

CanadaAt the beginning of the American Revolution in 1775, American rebels invade Canada
but despite the efforts of rebel spies to entice Quebec to join the revolution, les Canadiens refuse to take up arms against British rule, and the invasion ultimately fails. The mass migration of Loya...Read MORE...

Canada1775 - The Battle of Québec was fought on December 31 between the American Continental Army and British defenders of Québec City. It was the first major defeat for the Americans in the Revolutionary War.
On December 31, 1775, during the American Revolutionary War (1775-83), Patriot forces under Colonel Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) and General Richard Montgomery (1738-75) attempted to capture the Britis...Read MORE...

World HistoryFebruary 6, 1778 - France signed the Treaty of Alliance with the United States.

World HistoryJune 1779 - Spain entered Revolutionary War in favor of Americans.

Invention1784 - The bifocal lens is invented (Benjamin Franklin, United States)

Invention1784 - The oil lamp is invented (Aimé Argand, Switzerland)

28 December 1787
Berthier-sur-Mer, Montmagny, Québec, Canada (Berthier-en-Bas) (Berthier)

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