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America/USA  Anna B. Zachara (13 March 1909,, Massachusetts, USA - 9 July 2001,Webster, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(John Zachara & Sophie F. Pawlak)
immigrant Poland  John Zachara (1884,Austria Poland (Galicia) - 1934,Webster, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
America/USA  John Joseph Zachara (22 March 1920,Dudley, Massachusetts, USA - 30 November 1967,Danville, Virginia, USA) gravestone
(John Zachara & Sophie F. Pawlak)
America/USA  Julia J. Zachara (16 May 1917,Dudley, Massachusetts, USA - 22 December 2000,Webster, Massachusetts, USA)
(John Zachara & Sophie F. Pawlak)
America/USA  Lillian Zachara (1 April 1923,Dudley, Massachusetts, USA - 2 January 2010,Worcester, Massachusetts, USA ) gravestone
(John Zachara & Sophie F. Pawlak)
America/USA  Stanley Zachara (1914,, Massachusetts, USA - 1969,Webster, Massachusetts, USA)
(John Zachara & Sophie F. Pawlak)
America/USA  Valerian Zachara (30 August 1915,Webster, Massachusetts, USA - 3 December 1985,Worcester, Massachusetts, USA )
(John Zachara & Sophie F. Pawlak)
America/USA  William Zachara (1912,, Massachusetts, USA - 1970,Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA)
(John Zachara & Sophie F. Pawlak)

immigrant France  Françoise Zachee (abt. 1649,Paris, France - 23 October 1718,Québec, Québec, Canada )

  Adam Zaloga (02 10 1828,Heeselicht, East Prussia - ,Heeselicht, East Prussia)
immigrant   Wilhemina Zaloga (24 04 1860,Heeselicht, Osterode, East Prussia - 1943,Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
(Adam Zaloga & Maria Schmidt)

  Dorothea Ann Zarbock (Sep. 14,Wheaton, DuPage County, Illinois - Mar 15,Northbrook, Lake County, Illinois)
(fritz Wilhelm Zarbok & Dorothea Louise Miller)

America/USA  fritz Wilhelm Zarbok (Feb. 28 1897,Leaf Valley, Minnesota, USA - May 15 1985,Libertyville, Lake County, Illinois, USA)

immigrant Poland  Stanley Zaremba (7 May 1892,, Poland - 25 August 1951,Nanticoke, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA)
America/USA  Virginia Zaremba (8 June 1922,Toledo, Ohio, USA - 22 July 2011,Temperance, Michigan, USA)
(Stanley Zaremba & Josephine Niemczyk)

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