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America/USA  George Ellis Wray (15 August 1864,Rochester, New York, USA - 29 November 1930,Avon Park, Florida, USA)

America/USA  Elizabeth Wren (1645,, Henrico County, Virginia, USA - 3 April 1761,Petersburg, Independent Cities, Virginia, USA)

immigrant Germany  Mariah Dorothea Wriedle (3 October 1819,Badenstedt, Rotenburg, Niedersachsen, Germany - 19 September 1880,Celina, Mercer, Ohio, USA)

America/USA  Abel Wright (25 September 1664,Springfield, Massachusetts, USA - 2 June 1745,Lebanon, Connecticut, USA)
America/USA  Abraham Wright (4 September 1796,Laurens, South Carolina, USA - 9 November 1858,Meriwether, Georgia, USA)
(George Wright & Editha "Eady" Shirley)
America/USA  Agnes Wright (abt. 1772,, Virginia, USA - 1837,)
(Joseph Wright & Elizabeth Kemp)
America/USA  Columbia Anna Wright (2 June 1855,Meriwether, Georgia, USA - 1904,Ilano, Ilano, Texas, USA)
(George Washington Wright & Eliza Jane Gresham)
  Dennis Wright (, - ,)
Canada/New France  EDMUND WRIGHT (10/27/1854,Drummondville, Québec, Canada (St-Frédéric-de-Drummondville) - 09/09/1895,Drummondville, Québec, Canada (St-Frédéric-de-Drummondville))
America/USA  Ephraim Wright (2 January 1796,Fitzwilliam, Cheshire, New Hampshire, USA - 27 November 1859,Keene, New Hampshire, USA)
  Frances Elizabeth Wright (February 18, 1920,Clare more, Rogers, Oklahoma,USA - April 16, 2003,Long Beach, California, USA)
(Richard Franklin Wright & Lottie Mc Nair)
America/USA  Franklin Arthur Wright (November 1, 1917,Clare more, Rogers, Oklahoma, USA - November 8, 2000,St George, Washington, Utah, USA)
(Richard Franklin Wright & Lottie Mc Nair)
  George Wright (abt. 1718, - aft. September 1779,Charleston, South Carolina, USA)
  George Wright (abt. 1741, - 1804,)
(George Wright & Susannah UNKNOWN)
  George Wright (abt. 1765, - ,)
(George Wright & Sarah Bowman)
  George Wright (, - ,)
America/USA  George Washington Wright (4 December 1820,, South Carolina, USA - 14 July 1864,Griffin, Spalding, Georgia, USA)
(Abraham Wright & Anna Burtz (Burts))
England  GIDEON WRIGHT (10/09/1788,, Essex County, England - 08/19/1850,Drummondville, Québec, Canada (St-Frédéric-de-Drummondville))
immigrant England  Hannah Wright (1628,, Essex County, England - 1660,Springfield, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Hannah Mary Wright (4 December 1655,Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA - 25 February 1746,Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA)
(Samuel Wright & Mary Butler)
America/USA  Henry Clay Wright (May 20, 1854,Newberry, Indiana, USA - December 30, 1927,Clare more, Rogers, Oklahoma, USA)
Canada/New France  HENRY-LEONARD WRIGHT (3/7/1884,Drummondville, Québec, Canada (St-Frédéric-de-Drummondville) - ,Montréal, Québec, Canada (Ville-Marie) (Montreal))
America/USA  Ira Clay Wright (November 19, 1916,Clare more, Rogers, Oklahoma, USA - November 19, 1916,Clare more, Rogers, Oklahoma, USA)
(Richard Franklin Wright & Lottie Mc Nair)
Canada/New France  JAMES-DOUGLAS WRIGHT (11/19/1914,Montréal, Québec, Canada (Ville-Marie) (Montreal) - 11/28/2009,Longueuil, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-de-Longueuil))
America/USA  John C Wright (4 January 1717,East Nottingham, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA - 17 September 1789,Bush River Newbury District, South Carolina, USA)
America/USA  Joseph Wright (1 July 1660,Springfield, Massachusetts, USA - 14 June 1736,Lebanon, Connecticut, USA)
  Joseph Wright (abt. 1740, - 1794,)
(John C Wright & Rachel Wells)
America/USA  Joseph Wright (1742,, Virginia, USA - 1815,, Virginia, USA)
(Thomas Wright & Mary UNKNOWN)
immigrant England  Joseph Hodge Wright (11 July 1847,Callington, Cornwall, England - 21 August 1931,Huntington, Suffolk, New York, USA)
  Margaret Wright (abt. 1725, - 1792,Spotsylvania, Culpepper, Virginia, USA)
America/USA  Martha Wright (18 June 1659,Concord, Massachusetts, USA - 14 June 1746,Stow, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Mary Wright (abt. 1724,, North Carolina, USA - abt. 1804,, North Carolina, USA)
America/USA  Mary Margaret Wright (September 20, 1922,Clare more, Rogers, Oklahoma, USA - March 27, 2005,Los Angeles, California, USA)
(Richard Franklin Wright & Lottie Mc Nair)
America/USA  Nellie Maria Wright (1 January 1883,Rockingham, Vermont, USA (Bellows Falls) - 9 December 1972,Hanover, New Hampshire, USA)
(Joseph Hodge Wright & Maria Jasper)
America/USA  Patience Wright (3 August 1729,Lebanon, Connecticut, USA - 19 March 1756,Salisbury, Connecticut, USA)
(Abel Wright & Rebecca Terry)
America/USA  Patricia Wright (December 31, 1932,Pike County, Arkansas's, United States - January 30, 2003,Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA)
(Richard Franklin Wright & Lottie Mc Nair)
America/USA  Phineas Wright (7 December 1807,, Maine, USA - ,)
immigrant England  Rachel Wright (1619,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - abt. 27 October 1648 ,Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Richard Franklin Wright (October 27, 1885,Fredonia, Kansas, USA - August 10, 1956,Long Beach, California, USA)
(Henry Clay Wright & Huldah Elizabeth Nichols)
  Samuel Wright (abt. 1635, - 13 February 1688,Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA)
America/USA  Sanford A. Wright (24 October 1826,, New York, USA - 20 August 1903,Ballston Spa, New York, USA (Ballston) (Milton))
America/USA  Sarah Wright (abt. 1664,, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
  Sarah Wright (1765, - ,)
(Joseph Wright & Charity Wells)
immigrant England  Susannah Wright (1620,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - abt. 1677,, Rhode Island, USA)
  Thomas Wright (abt. 1720, - abt. 1762,, Virginia, USA)

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