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America/USA  Sarah Wodell (October 1644,Tiverton, Rhode Island, USA - 15 December 1680,Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA) gravestone

  Seth Wodhanis (1722, - 22 March 1807,Cornwall, Connecticut, USA)

America/USA  Gretchen Wohlbruck (22 November 1904,Worcester, Massachusetts, USA (Greendale) (Quinsigamond Village) (Tatnuck) (Vernon Hill) - 11 April 1995,Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Theodore Clemens Wohlbruck & Mabel Brown)
America/USA  Theodore Clemens Wohlbruck (11 August 1879,, New Jersey, USA - 26 November 1936,San Jose, California, USA)
America/USA  Theodore Clemens Wohlbruck (2 April 1906,Worcester, Massachusetts, USA (Greendale) (Quinsigamond Village) (Tatnuck) (Vernon Hill) - 22 January 1985,Charlotte, North Carolina, USA) gravestone
(Theodore Clemens Wohlbruck & Mabel Brown)
America/USA  Virginia Wohlbruck (24 January 1903,Worcester, Massachusetts, USA (Greendale) (Quinsigamond Village) (Tatnuck) (Vernon Hill) - 20 September 1994,Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
(Theodore Clemens Wohlbruck & Mabel Brown)

immigrant - US to Canada   Maria Margaret Wohleben (1730,German Flatts, New York, USA - abt. 1760,Markham Township, York County, Ontario, Canada)
(Nicholas Wohleben & Margaret Landt)
America/USA  Nicholas Wohleben (9 February 1698,German Flatts, New York, USA - 11 November 1783,Herkimer, Herkimer, New York, USA)
(Wallrath Wohleben & Anna Catharina Baumann)
immigrant Germany  Wallrath Wohleben (20 October 1648,Saarbrucken, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany - ,, New York, USA)

Poland  Joseph Wojick (abt. 1889,, Poland - aft. 1940,)
 America/USA  Stella E Wojick (18 July 1918,Millville, Massachusetts, USA - 28 June 2011,Webster, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Joseph Wojick & Anna P UNKNOWN)

  Patrick Wolan (1828, - 13 August 1853,Blackstone, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Orson J. Wolcolt (1831,, New York, USA - 13 May 1872,Lansing, Michigan, USA)

America/USA  Allen Wolcott (1794,West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA - 18 February 1865,Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Austin W. Wolcott (1827,, New York, USA - 9 June 1876,Comstock, Michigan, USA (Comstock Charter Township) (Galesburg))
America/USA  Charlotte G. Wolcott (1843,Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA - 25 May 1871,Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA)
America/USA  Elizabeth Wolcott (1821,Springfield, Massachusetts, USA (Indian Orchard) - 8 March 1858,Agawam, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Maria Wolcott (1805,Egremont, Massachusetts, USA - 1 August 1878,Egremont, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant England  William Wolcott (1608,, England - 1637,Salem, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  William F Wolcott (1788,Windsor, Connecticut, USA - 20 May 1869,Agawam, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  William Henry Wolcott (1824,Springfield, Massachusetts, USA (Indian Orchard) - 4 September 1867,Agawam, Massachusetts, USA)

  Soloman A. Wolcut (1819, - 14 November 1865,South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Daseus Wolcutt (1812,Sheffield, Massachusetts, USA - 25 August 1860,Sheffield, Massachusetts, USA)

  Arthur F "Ted" Woldorf (24 March 1930,Wheeling, West Virginia - 12 August 2009,Columbus, Ohio, USA)
(Arthur Frederick Woldorf (Wolschendorf) & Anna Elizabeth Elliott)
America/USA  David Hale Woldorf (25 May 1926,, Ohio, USA - 1 February 2002,Fairfax, Virginia, USA (Providence)) gravestone
(Arthur Frederick Woldorf (Wolschendorf) & Anna Elizabeth Elliott)

Woldorf (Wolschendorf)
America/USA  Arthur Frederick Woldorf (Wolschendorf) (5 March 1890,Halifax, Massachusetts, USA - 4 October 1949,Bloomingdale, Jefferson, Ohio, USA)
(William Wolschendorf & Clara E Hansen)

  James I. Wolf (1839, - 13 February 1872,Tiffin, Ohio, USA)
  Lorence Wolf (1819, - 23 July 1870,Tiffin, Ohio, USA)
  Lowey Wolf (1780, - 13 May 1814,Cheshire, Connecticut, USA)
  Margaret D. Wolf (1831, - 28 September 1860,Northampton, Massachusetts, USA )
America/USA  Spencer Wolf (1798,New Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA (New Marlboro) - 7 May 1855,Sheffield, Massachusetts, USA)

  Henry Wolfe (1780, - 15 April 1857,Cornwall, Connecticut, USA)
  Herbert S Wolfe (, - aft. 1953,)
  Herman Wolfe (1851, - 25 October 1870,South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant Holland/Netherlands  Jacob Wolfe (16 August 1755,Cornwall, Holland - 1822,Hackers Creek, Lewis, West Virginia, USA)
America/USA  John Wolfe (abt. 1783,, Virginia, USA - 1830,Fulton, Illinois, USA)
(Jacob Wolfe & Anna Straley)
America/USA  Joseph Wolfe (abt. 1719,, Maryland, USA - ,)
  Joseph P. Wolfe (1855, - 20 June 1879,Medfield, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Margaret Wolfe (1808,Green, Ohio, USA - 1842,Fulton, Illinois, USA)
(John Wolfe & Mary McCalley)
America/USA  Mary Wolfe (abt. 1740,, Maryland, USA - 1811,Harrison, West Virginia, USA)
(Joseph Wolfe & Mary Ranfrau)

  Henry Wolfram (1825, - 3 July 1865,Cromwell, Connecticut, USA)

  William F Wolken (1796, - 8 May 1851,Lanesborough, Massachusetts, USA (Berkshire))

America/USA  Dorothy Gertrude Wolschendorf (01 July 1909,East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA - 03 October 1997,New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA)
(George Edward Wolschendorf & Alice Mildred Orcutt)
America/USA  Emily Mabel Wolschendorf (17 June 1879,Woburn, Massachusetts, USA - 7 May 1898,Halifax, Massachusetts, USA)
(William Wolschendorf & Clara E Hansen)
America/USA  Emily Marion Wolschendorf (3 December 1901,Abington, Massachusetts, USA - 22 September 1902,East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)
(George Edward Wolschendorf & Alice Mildred Orcutt)
America/USA  Eva Abbie Gertrude Wolschendorf (25 June 1881,Woburn, Massachusetts, USA - aft. 1940,)
(William Wolschendorf & Clara E Hansen)
America/USA  Evelyn Lois Wolschendorf (6 October 1910,East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA - 4 August 2005,Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
(George Edward Wolschendorf & Alice Mildred Orcutt)
 America/USA  Fern Wolschendorf (29 September 1915,West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA - 4 August 2006,Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA (Bliss Corner) (Smith Mills))
(Arthur Frederick Woldorf (Wolschendorf) & Emma Wilhelmine Theinert)
America/USA  George Edward Wolschendorf (19 July 1877,Woburn, Massachusetts, USA - 1950,East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)
(William Wolschendorf & Clara E Hansen)
America/USA  Gloria Wolschendorf (29 January 1917,East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA - July 1983,Jackson, Hinds, Mississippi?)
(Arthur Frederick Woldorf (Wolschendorf) & Emma Wilhelmine Theinert)
America/USA  Harold Orcutt Wolschendorf (6 November 1906,East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA - 1935?,)
(George Edward Wolschendorf & Alice Mildred Orcutt)
America/USA  Irving Quinn Wolschendorf (13 June 1910,East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(William Irving Waldorf (Wolschendorf) & Mary Elizabeth Quinn)
America/USA  Mildred May Wolschendorf (31 January 1903,East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA - aft. 1923,)
(George Edward Wolschendorf & Alice Mildred Orcutt)
America/USA  Walter Clarence Wolschendorf (23 June 1885,Woburn, Massachusetts, USA - 2 October 1918,Manchester, New Hampshire, USA )
(William Wolschendorf & Clara E Hansen)
immigrant Denmark  William Wolschendorf (March 1849,, Denmark - 1 August 1919,East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)

  Lydia Wolstenholme (1805, - 29 April 1871,Johnston, Rhode Island, USA)

  Johann Jürgen Heinrich Friedrich Wolter (1825, - 5 September 1854,Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany (Hannover))

Wolterton (Wilterton)
immigrant England  Susanna Wolterton (Wilterton) (abt. 1610,Wherstead, Suffolk, England - 25 January 1673,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA ) gravestone

  Aaron Wood (1789, - 12 August 1873,Coventry, Rhode Island, USA)
  Aaron Wood (1841, - 11 December 1873,Swansea, Massachusetts, USA (Ocean Grove))
America/USA  Abigail Wood (10 August 1645,Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA (North Plymouth) (White Island Shores) - 17 August 1684,Eastham, Massachusetts, USA )
(Stephen Atwood & Abigail Dunham)
America/USA  Abigail Wood (1666,Swansea, Massachusetts, USA (Ocean Grove) - ,)
(Thomas Atwood & Rebecca Wood)
  Abraham Wood (1795, - 6 October 1875,Scituate, Rhode Island, USA)
  Alba Wood (1797, - 8 December 1873,Swansea, Massachusetts, USA (Ocean Grove))
America/USA  Alvin Wood (29 September 1784 ,Ballston Spa, New York, USA (Ballston) (Milton) - 24 January 1787 ,Ballston Spa, New York, USA (Ballston) (Milton))
(Nathan Wood & Zilpah Sprague)
immigrant England  Ann Wood (1618,, England - 26 July 1684,Bradford, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant England  Ann Wood (2 January 1618,London, England - 26 July 1684,Bradford, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
America/USA  Ann Wood (8 August 1660,Rowley, Massachusetts, USA - 15 January 1687,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA ) gravestone
(Thomas Wood & Ann Hunt)
Ireland  Ann Wood (abt. 1781,, Ireland - ,)
immigrant England  Ann Wood (abt 1817,Manchester, England - 1902,Yonkers, New York, USA)
America/USA  Ann Wood (,, Cayuga County, New York, USA - ,)
(Seneca Wood & Sophia Adeline Burnham)
America/USA  Ann A. Wood (1837,Washington, Massachusetts, USA - 11 January 1863,Lee, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Anstis Wood (7 September 1723,Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA (Bliss Corner) (Smith Mills) - 29 May 1807,Glens Falls, New York, USA) gravestone
  Arthur A. Wood (1859, - 23 April 1877,Easthampton, Massachusetts, USA)
  Benjamin Wood (1803, - 2 August 1872,Coventry, Rhode Island, USA)
America/USA  Betsey Wood (1855,, New York, USA - 17 December 1879,Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Betsey W. Wood (1791,Westhampton, Massachusetts, USA - 5 April 1866,Northampton, Massachusetts, USA )
America/USA  Caroline M Wood (,, Cayuga County, New York, USA - ,)
(Seneca Wood & Sophia Adeline Burnham)
 America/USA  Caroline Matilda Wood (3 July 1789,Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA (Bliss Corner) (Smith Mills) - 27 June 1832,Ledyard, New York, USA (Aurora)) gravestone
(Walter Wood & Paulina Mosher)
America/USA  Charles Sumner Wood (11 March 1856,Lynn, Massachusetts, USA - 6 October 1911,Danvers, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Eugene (Hugues) Wood (Dubois) & Mary Barry Cheever)
America/USA  Charlotte Fidelia Wood (27 March 1806,Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA (Bliss Corner) (Smith Mills) - 18 December 1879,Ledyard, New York, USA (Aurora))
(Walter Wood & Paulina Mosher)
America/USA  Chester Wood (abt. 1789,, New York, USA - ,)
  Chloe Wood (1778,Middleboro - 19 November 1862,Pelham, Massachusetts, USA)
 America/USA  Clarence Arthur Wood (21 February 1888,Lynn, Massachusetts, USA - 14 February 1978,Framingham, Massachusetts, USA)
(Charles Sumner Wood & Alice Addie Clark)
America/USA  Corneluis Wood (1791,, Maryland, USA - 26 February 1873,Battle Creek, Michigan, USA)
America/USA  Cynthia Wood (16 November 1787,, New York, USA - 18 March 1865,Venice, Cayuga, New York, USA) gravestone
immigrant England  Daniel Wood (abt. 1615,, England - 27 March 1643,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Ebenezer Wood (8 September 1698,Bradford, Massachusetts, USA - 13 February 1789,Littleton, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
  Edi Wood (, - ,)
America/USA  Eli Wood (23 March 1796,, Connecticut, USA - 24 November 1855,Benton, New York, USA)
  Eli Wood (1801, - 6 October 1880,Norton, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant England  Elizabeth Wood (14 April 1606,, England - 28 July 1677,New Haven, Connecticut, USA) gravestone
America/USA  Elizabeth Wood (1648,Medfield, Massachusetts, USA - 26 June 1682,Medfield, Massachusetts, USA)
(Nicholas Wood & Mary Pidge? Williams?)
America/USA  Elizabeth D Wood (1822,Springfield, Massachusetts, USA (Indian Orchard) - 12 December 1873,Agawam, Massachusetts, USA)
  Elkanah Wood (1770, - 17 February 1865,Norton, Massachusetts, USA)
  Elkanah Wood (1798, - 27 November 1878,Norton, Massachusetts, USA)
England  Ellen Wood (1593,Cambridge, England - 1627,, England )
America/USA  Elnathan Wood (14 April 1686,Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA (North Plymouth) (White Island Shores) - 20 April 1752,Middleborough, Massachusetts, USA (Middleboro)) gravestone

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